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IW Articles

Title Publication Date
Ben Affleck: Portrait of Islam's Clueless Apologetics PJ Media October 6, 2014
How Modernity 'Radicalizes' Western Muslims FrontPage Magazine April 16, 2014
Hate Crime Stats Deflate 'Islamophobia' Myth National Review Online January 11, 2013
Islamists Exploiting the Interfaith Racket FrontPage Magazine November 27, 2012
Western Courts Bend to Islamic Practices PJ Media September 28, 2012
More People Must Care about CAIR FrontPage Magazine August 31, 2012
American Islamist Groups Shape Arab Revolutions FrontPage Magazine July 31, 2012
The BBC Broadcasts Its Own Dhimmitude PJ Media May 8, 2012
Keystone Cronies: State Agency Colludes with CAIR-PA PJ Media March 11, 2012
Islamists Demand Counterterrorism Training Censor Ideology FrontPage Magazine December 13, 2011
May Christians Preach Outside a Philadelphia Mosque? American Thinker May 1, 2011
CAIR's Strong-Arm Tactics in the Cradle of Liberty Pajamas Media April 20, 2011
Some Rights Causes Are More Equal Than Others Pajamas Media November 9, 2010
NYT and WaPo: Muhammad Is the Prophet of God American Thinker March 8, 2010
How to Discuss Religion Without Appeasing Tyrants Pajamas Media April 14, 2009
Government Policies Stifle Talk of Islam Pajamas Media January 9, 2009
The United Islamist Nations American Spectator December 4, 2008
Canada vs. Radical Islam Pajamas Media December 1, 2008
Islamist Watch Response to the Federal Election Commission November 15, 2008
Lawful Islamism's Greatest Attack Yet Muslim World Today October 10, 2008
Welcome to 'Lawfare' - A New Type of Jihad Family Security Matters April 14, 2008
Will Europe Resist Islamization? The Jerusalem Post April 3, 2008
Destroying Sculptures of Muhammad FrontPage Magazine February 26, 2008
Mark Steyn Is Not Alone American Spectator January 15, 2008
Portrait of the Artist as a Dhimmified Man Pajamas Media January 10, 2008
Islamists in the Courtroom The New York Sun June 5, 2007

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
IW News Brief: Cartoonophobia, Outspoken Mayor, and More Islamist Watch Blog February 13, 2015
IW News Brief: CAIR's Terror Disaster, Harrods Protest, and More Islamist Watch Blog December 6, 2014
IW News Brief: Rotherham Rape Horror, Shari'a Police, and More Islamist Watch Blog October 31, 2014
IW News Brief: Burqa Ban Victory, Islamic Pants, and More Islamist Watch Blog August 28, 2014
IW News Brief: Niqabs in Court, Jihad in Brussels, and More Islamist Watch Blog June 25, 2014
IW News Brief: NYPD Cop-Out, Brotherhood Probe, and More Islamist Watch Blog April 30, 2014
IW News Brief: Islamist Condos, Vaccine Lawsuit, and More Islamist Watch Blog February 27, 2014
IW News Brief: PC Counterterrorism, Brothers in Exile, and More Islamist Watch Blog January 31, 2014
IW News Brief: CAIR's Top Jew, Vaccine Squabble, and More Islamist Watch Blog December 31, 2013
FBI Stats Further Debunk 'Islamophobia' Myth Islamist Watch Blog November 30, 2013
IW News Brief: Erasing Jihad, U.S. Terror Divide, and More Islamist Watch Blog June 30, 2013
IW News Brief: Shari'a Triangle, Burqa Banditry, and More Islamist Watch Blog June 20, 2013
IW News Brief: Fort Hood Fiasco, UK Jihad Denial, and More Islamist Watch Blog May 31, 2013
IW News Brief: Boston and the Aftermath of Terror Islamist Watch Blog April 30, 2013
IW News Brief: Multicultural Rape, March of Halal, and More Islamist Watch Blog April 17, 2013
IW News Brief: Hitler's Disciples, Islamic Flogging, and More Islamist Watch Blog March 22, 2013
CAIR tells School: Don't Criticize Hamas and the Taliban Islamist Watch Blog March 18, 2013
IW News Brief: Adoption Jihad, Halal Hysteria, and More Islamist Watch Blog March 4, 2013
IW News Brief: Welfare Jihad, Public School Da'wa, and More Islamist Watch Blog February 22, 2013
IW News Brief: Hedegaard Lives, UK's Jihad TV, and More Islamist Watch Blog February 14, 2013
IW News Brief: Jews Leave Brussels, Sex Offender Walks, and More Islamist Watch Blog February 6, 2013
IW News Brief: Muslim Patrol, Halal Housing, and More Islamist Watch Blog January 28, 2013
Debunking the 'Islamophobia' Myth Islamist Watch Blog January 13, 2013
Hate Crime Stats Deflate 'Islamophobia' Myth Islamist Watch Blog January 11, 2013
Western Courts Bend to Islamic Practices Islamist Watch Blog October 1, 2012
American Islamist Groups Shape Arab Revolutions Islamist Watch Blog July 31, 2012
Life Under Sharia Islamist Watch Blog June 21, 2012
Islamism in the News: 05/31/12 - 06/12/12 Islamist Watch Blog June 13, 2012
Fox News: 'BEST BUY-COTT' Islamist Watch Blog May 14, 2012
The BBC Broadcasts Its Own Dhimmitude Islamist Watch Blog May 10, 2012
Islamism in the News: 04/09/12 - 04/25/12 Islamist Watch Blog April 26, 2012
Islamism in the News: 03/14/12 - 04/03/12 Islamist Watch Blog April 11, 2012
Pennsylvania Colludes with Hamas-Linked Islamist Group to Chill Free Speech Islamist Watch Blog March 16, 2012
Islamism in the News: 02/16/12 – 03/14/12 Islamist Watch Blog March 16, 2012
Moderate Muslim Group Backs NYPD Against Onslaught From Islamist Group CAIR and its Liberal Media Enablers. Islamist Watch Blog January 29, 2012
Befogging the Enemy: U.S. Officials as Human Pretzels Islamist Watch Blog December 31, 2011
Male Nurse Claims He Was Fired for Treating Muslim Women Islamist Watch Blog November 30, 2011
Hate Crimes: Muslims No Worse Off Than Jews, Gays, or Blacks Islamist Watch Blog November 25, 2011
Threats to Free Speech: A Tale of Two Terry Joneses Islamist Watch Blog October 14, 2011
'Islamophobia' Defense Succeeds for Shooter of Aussie Cop Islamist Watch Blog October 7, 2011
CAIR's 'Islamophobia' Study Distorts Philly Mosque Case Islamist Watch Blog June 24, 2011
Everybody Remember Molly Norris Day Islamist Watch Blog May 20, 2011
Sexual Slavery in Britain and Its PC Enablers Islamist Watch Blog February 28, 2011
Teachers Physically Assaulted by Islamists Islamist Watch Blog February 26, 2011
Trend: Burn a Koran, Get Arrested Islamist Watch Blog January 31, 2011
Ham and Other Troublesome Topics in Class Islamist Watch Blog December 30, 2010
NPR Cans Juan Williams for Addressing Reality Islamist Watch Blog October 22, 2010
Book Publishers' Continued Cold Feet over Islam Islamist Watch Blog October 15, 2010
Celebrating Free Speech Victories Islamist Watch Blog October 8, 2010
Trend: Christians Preach to Muslims, Get Arrested Islamist Watch Blog September 24, 2010
Self-Censorship: Et Tu, Penn Jillette? Islamist Watch Blog July 12, 2010
Jihad on Camera: Hatred at UCSD, Lars Vilks Attacked Islamist Watch Blog May 14, 2010
Trickle-Down Self-Censorship Islamist Watch Blog May 6, 2010
Bear-Suit Muhammad and the Wages of Cowardice Islamist Watch Blog April 28, 2010
The Cartoon Jihad and the Path to Self-Censorship Islamist Watch Blog March 28, 2010
Amnesty International Mainstreams the Jihad Islamist Watch Blog March 9, 2010
A Brief Taxonomy of Campus Free Speech Foes Islamist Watch Blog February 28, 2010
Criticizing Islamists Can Be Hazardous to Your Health Islamist Watch Blog January 22, 2010
2012: Rated D for Dhimmitude Islamist Watch Blog November 15, 2009
Five Years After Van Gogh's Murder, Free Speech Is Under Attack Islamist Watch Blog November 2, 2009
Test-Driving the ImHalal 'Islamic' Search Engine Islamist Watch Blog October 14, 2009
Some Holy Books Are More Equal Than Others Islamist Watch Blog September 26, 2009
Sonia Sotomayor and the Future of Anti-Islamist Speech Islamist Watch Blog July 20, 2009
BBC: Television for Dhimmis Islamist Watch Blog June 17, 2009
War on Anti-Islamist Speech Heats Up Islamist Watch Blog January 28, 2009
Euphemisms No Match for Radical Islam Islamist Watch Blog November 29, 2008
UN, Saudis Conspire to Stifle Free Speech Islamist Watch Blog November 22, 2008
Free Speech 3, Canadian Islamic Congress 0 Islamist Watch Blog October 13, 2008
They Don't CAIR Much for Free Debate Islamist Watch Blog October 9, 2008
London Mosque Sues Think Tank Islamist Watch Blog September 26, 2008
Fearful Random House Kills 'Racy' Islam Novel Islamist Watch Blog August 13, 2008
Levant Wins Cartoon Case, Trashes Human Rights Court Islamist Watch Blog August 11, 2008
UN to Britain: Stop Being Islamophobic Islamist Watch Blog July 30, 2008
The Inquisition of Mark Steyn and Maclean's Islamist Watch Blog June 11, 2008
Cartoon Chaos! Islamist Watch Blog May 15, 2008
Separatist Islamic Group Can't Be Called 'Separatist Islamic Group' on BBC Islamist Watch Blog May 2, 2008
Critics of Islam Face the Speech Police Islamist Watch Blog April 18, 2008
British Broadcasters Tiptoe Round the Muslims Islamist Watch Blog April 15, 2008
New York Sends Libel Tourists Packing Islamist Watch Blog March 12, 2008

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Protests for visit of Dutch right-winger The Local March 27, 2015
SEPTA to accept anti-Muslim ads, but changes will bar future ads Philadelphia Inquirer March 26, 2015
Hiding still 'indefinite' for Swedish artist Vilks The Local March 25, 2015
France Declares War on Radical Islam Gatestone Institute March 25, 2015
Canadians feel rift growing between Western and Muslim societies: poll Vancouver Sun March 24, 2015
European Jews honour Danish Muslim Copenhagen Post March 24, 2015
Secularism With a Slightly Militant Edge New York Times March 23, 2015
Anger as Home Secretary outlines new proposals to tackle Islamic extremists who 'reject our values' Telegraph & Argus March 23, 2015
Theresa May tells Islamist extremists: 'The game is up' Telegraph March 23, 2015
Radicalization of Europe's Muslims Hits a Crisis Point Investigative Project March 23, 2015
Britain to investigate Sharia courts, crack down on extremist preachers Reuters March 23, 2015
'In Islam, they are all rotten apples': Activist ex-Muslim New York Post March 22, 2015
Activist claims Trinity speech on apostasy and Islam cancelled Irish Times March 22, 2015
Police investigating anti-Muslim hate speech on Facebook Copenhagen Post March 20, 2015
An Islamic Center Comes to Santa Barbara FrontPage Magazine March 20, 2015
Muhammad cartoons editor given press award The Local March 20, 2015
UK: Some Faiths are More Equal than Others Gatestone Institute March 19, 2015
Norway: The Land of Pre-Chosen "Truth" Gatestone Institute March 19, 2015
Richard Perin's Happily Never After banned from Thirroul arts festival Illawarra Mercury March 19, 2015
Jindal: U.S. 'Shouldn't be Blindly Following Europe' by Letting in Muslims Who Promote Sharia PJ Media March 19, 2015
Wilders faces 136 compensation claims for anti-Moroccan remarks Dutch News March 19, 2015
Quest for "French Islam" goes to the classroom Reuters March 18, 2015
French mayor's ban on pork-free option sparks school meal row Radio France March 17, 2015
France blocks websites accused of condoning terrorism Radio France March 17, 2015
Jindal: Reform Immigration Rules To Exclude Islamic Radicals Daily Caller March 17, 2015
Pamela Geller Wins Right to Run Ads in Philly FrontPage Magazine March 17, 2015
Bill aims to keep sharia law from making inroads in South Carolina Post and Courier March 16, 2015
David Cameron prepared to recommend harsher anti-extremist laws Guardian March 16, 2015
Municipalities developing anti-radicalisation plans following Copenhagen attacks Copenhagen Post March 16, 2015
Protest planned for anti-Islam speaker who called Islam a disease Grand Forks Herald March 16, 2015
Copenhagen attack cartoonist Lars Vilks wins award BBC News March 14, 2015
Danes form peace ring at Copenhagen synagogue The Local March 14, 2015
Internet gaffe by US government as UK extremist's sharia law photo used in free speech ad Daily Mail March 14, 2015
ISIS a "Zionist plot" tweet not enough to fire Justice official NL Times March 13, 2015
SiriusXM radio host ousts guest who said Obama 'is a Muslim' Washington Post March 13, 2015
Judge: SEPTA buses can be plastered with Hitler's mug Philadelphia Inquirer March 12, 2015
Google and YouTube to work with ministry The Local March 12, 2015
Nigel Farage: British Muslim 'fifth column' fuels fear of immigration Guardian March 12, 2015
Dead Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists 'Win' Islamophobe Award Clarion Project March 11, 2015
Strache defends inviting Wilders to Hofburg The Local March 11, 2015
British Muslims condemn terror laws for creating 'witch-hunt' against Islam Guardian March 11, 2015
Half of voters want to tighten non-Western immigration Copenhagen Post March 10, 2015
Mosque plans run into difficulties due to public protests Dutch News March 10, 2015
Copenhagen synagogue peace ring gets go-ahead The Local March 10, 2015
Judge tosses Dave Agema's suit after self-professed ex-Muslim terrorist's speech shut down MLive March 9, 2015
Tri-Faith Initiative Rabbi Tries To Sabotage Omaha Pro-Israel Event Daily Caller March 9, 2015
Bloc Québécois website hacked, replaced with Islamist message CBC News March 9, 2015
Extremism in Britain: Now the crackdown is launched Telegraph March 7, 2015
Seven arrests as police target planned Rotherham protest Yorkshire Post March 7, 2015
Islamist Sympathiser Launches 'Muslim Manifesto' in British Parliament Breitbart March 6, 2015
Councillor asked to explain mosque tweet Australian AP March 6, 2015
Teach Muhammad crisis in schools: proposal The Local March 6, 2015
After calling Muslims 'suspect,' radio host is gone Wilmington News Journal March 6, 2015
The E.U. Experiment Has Failed Defining Ideas March 5, 2015
Turkish PM urges US Muslims to unite against Islamophobia Anadolu Agency March 5, 2015
France women's minister expresses support for university headscarf ban Guardian March 5, 2015
How Islamic college plan has split Italian town The Local March 4, 2015
Imam Who Said Ayaan Hirsi Ali Deserved Death Penalty Was Hired By DOJ To Teach Muslim Classes To Federal Prisoners Daily Caller March 3, 2015
The ISIS Beheader Is the Victim FrontPage Magazine March 3, 2015
A Comedy of Terror FrontPage Magazine March 3, 2015
Just four protestors at Sweden anti-Islam rally The Local March 3, 2015
Marks & Spencer forced to remove 'Jesus Christ' from list of words banned in gift messages Daily Express March 2, 2015
Nutella bans 'lesbian' and 'Muslim' from jars The Local March 2, 2015
M&S bans customers using the words 'Christ' and 'Jesus Christ' in messages when they are ordering flowers online - but jihad is okay Daily Mail March 1, 2015
Radicalisation fear forces Danish boy into juvenile home AFP March 1, 2015
Swedes in 'ring of peace' synagogue protest The Local February 28, 2015
Majority would close the border to 'hate preachers' Copenhagen Post February 27, 2015
Disturbing Questions Lurk Behind Dutch "Jihad Galas" Investigative Project February 27, 2015
Islamist seized for praising Paris attacks The Local February 27, 2015
Swedes to form 'ring of peace' at synagogue The Local February 27, 2015
Can't say 'lesbian' with Nutella! Pink News February 26, 2015
Lawmaker accused of 'racist' comments addresses new allegations WKRN February 26, 2015
No charges over Dane's 'Je suis' gunman comment AFP February 26, 2015
Political majority wants Hizb ut-Tahrir banned Copenhagen Post February 26, 2015
Denmark looks to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir The Local February 26, 2015
Lawmaker defends comments Muslim group calls 'racist' WKRN February 25, 2015
France reveals plan to fight Muslim extremism The Local February 25, 2015
Most British Muslims 'oppose Muhammad cartoons reprisals' BBC News February 25, 2015
Poll: Majority fear radicalization of Muslims The Local February 25, 2015
Germans charge Danish imam for anti-Jew threats The Local February 25, 2015
"Bravest Director": Finn Norgaard Gatestone Institute February 25, 2015
'I am Charlie' exhibit forced to close in Helsinki YLE February 24, 2015
CRIF chief Roger Cukierman ripped for defending far right's Marine Le Pen JTA February 24, 2015
France's Jewish and Muslim leaders fall out The Local February 24, 2015
New Islamic law sparks controversy in Austria Deutsche Welle February 24, 2015
Why Obama Won't Call the Jihadis Islamic FrontPage Magazine February 24, 2015
Linz's second Pegida demo rings up €250,000 The Local February 23, 2015
Danish Muslims plan peace vigil after shootings AFP February 23, 2015
Charlie Hebdo team bites back with new issue AFP February 23, 2015
Norway's next peace vigil targets Oslo mosque The Local February 23, 2015
Police say no to Danish Muslims' 'peace ring' The Local February 23, 2015
France Surrenders FrontPage Magazine February 23, 2015
Pegida decides Hitler selfie is no problem The Local February 23, 2015
Muslim preacher who called homosexuality a 'scourge' to speak at university a day before gay pride event Evening Standard February 23, 2015
Islam and Norway's Leaking Fish Tank Gatestone Institute February 22, 2015
Child sex scandal council hires 'mentors' linked to hard-liners Telegraph February 22, 2015
Prime Minister Tony Abbott accused of bullying Muslim leader Ibrahim Abu Muhammad Sydney Morning Herald February 22, 2015
Charlie Hebdo memorial vandalised in Paris four times in two weeks Telegraph February 22, 2015
After Copenhagen shootings, Norway's Muslims and Jews link up AFP February 21, 2015
Muslims respond to violence against women with protection group Copenhagen Post February 20, 2015
Hundreds attend funeral of Copenhagen gunman AFP February 20, 2015
As Jews Go, So Goes Europe FrontPage Magazine February 20, 2015
Terror Apologist Named to Federal Anti-Terror Post FrontPage Magazine February 20, 2015
Fears grow in Denmark of jails as radicalist breeding grounds AFP February 19, 2015
Muslim Immigration Poses Serious National Security Threat Investor's Business Daily February 19, 2015
Rotterdam mayor: being Muslim gives "additional authority" to say what others won't NL Times February 19, 2015
Obama's Summit of Jihad Denial FrontPage Magazine February 19, 2015
Norway prison to send imam to Muslim inmates The Local February 19, 2015
Richard Dawkins says he is 'personally offended' by burqas Independent February 19, 2015
Dutch Muslim Mayor: I can say things my colleagues can't CNN February 18, 2015
Young Danes praise El-Hussein Copenhagen Post February 18, 2015
Teacher fined for posting pro-Hitler image on Facebook aimed at Jews Telegraph February 18, 2015
Obama: 'No Religion Is Responsible for Terrorism' PJ Media February 18, 2015
Obama: countering violent extremism depends on Muslim support Reuters February 18, 2015
Machine guns to help protect synagogues The Local February 17, 2015
Progress grandee warns of 'creeping Islamization' The Local February 17, 2015
Is Criticism of Islam a Hate Crime? FrontPage Magazine February 17, 2015
'Islamic extremism' off limits at White House terrorism summit New York Post February 17, 2015
Most Muslim organisations condemn weekend terror attacks Copenhagen Post February 16, 2015
Heroes of Freedom Died in Copenhagen FrontPage Magazine February 16, 2015
Cartoonist sent into hiding after Copenhagen attacks AFP February 16, 2015
France debates ban on Muslim veils in universities France 24 February 16, 2015
Abbott criticises Aust Muslim leader Sky News February 15, 2015
German city cancels parade over 'Islamist attack' threat AFP February 15, 2015
French PM: West Must Fight Muslim Brotherhood Ideology Clarion Project February 15, 2015
Reclaim Australia rally to be assessed by police Newcastle Herald February 15, 2015
Netanyahu urges Jews to move to Israel after Copenhagen attacks AFP February 15, 2015
'We are all Danish tonight,' says Charlie Hebdo columnist AFP February 14, 2015
One dead in shooting at Danish meeting with artist who drew Mohammad Reuters February 14, 2015
Former far-right man lends Pegida support The Local February 13, 2015
Mainstreaming Jew hatred in America Jerusalem Post February 12, 2015
Groups want Haler to retract statements about Muslim organization Tri-City Herald February 12, 2015
New Muslim party aims for French election wins The Local February 12, 2015
Paris launches lawsuit over Fox News 'no-go zones' AFP February 11, 2015
US firm buys rights to Charlie Hebdo documentary AFP February 10, 2015
Pegida sees 'complete failure' in Norway The Local February 10, 2015
Neo-Nazis arrested as Pegida peters out The Local February 10, 2015
Police from several UK forces seek details of Charlie Hebdo readers Guardian February 10, 2015
Academic defends integration efforts of Danish Muslims Copenhagen Post February 9, 2015
Obama Should Present Fort Hood Purple Hearts, Apologize Investor's Business Daily February 9, 2015
Poll: 'Islam does not belong in Austria' The Local February 9, 2015
Pegida offshoot fails to draw Dresden crowds The Local February 9, 2015
UK police force apologises for taking details of Charlie Hebdo readers Guardian February 9, 2015
Unit aims to 'build bridges' with Muslim community in Ireland Irish Independent February 8, 2015
British Muslims protest in London against Charlie Hebdo cartoons Reuters February 8, 2015
Austria Threatens to Close Saudi-Backed Interfaith Dialogue Center Gatestone Institute February 8, 2015
A month after kosher market attack, French Jews plan an exodus Washington Post February 7, 2015
Teacher quits French school over 'insidious Islamism' France 24 February 6, 2015
Sami Al-Arian: Farewell to a Tenured Terrorist FrontPage Magazine February 6, 2015
More On "No-Go Zones": Displacing What Is Disagreeable Gatestone Institute February 6, 2015
Hebdo Redux: A Second Mohammad Cover Sets the Muslim World Ablaze FrontPage Magazine February 6, 2015
First anti-Islam Pegida rally set for Sweden The Local February 6, 2015
Obama Seeks Alliance With Islamic Groups Daily Caller February 5, 2015
The Genocidal Nature of Jew-Hatred at UC Davis FrontPage Magazine February 5, 2015
Limerick school apologises for upset over Charlie Hebdo Limerick Leader February 5, 2015
Sale of Charlie Hebdo in Ireland will test blasphemy law for first time Guardian February 5, 2015
French artist's call for peace ends in beating The Local February 5, 2015
Danish imam: It's fine to draw Muhammad The Local February 5, 2015
French still hunting for answers one month on The Local February 5, 2015
Italian pushes ahead with Islamic university plan The Local February 5, 2015
Poll: Nearly 40% of Likely Republican Caucus-Goers Consider Islam Inherently Violent Bloomberg February 4, 2015
Next edition of Charlie Hebdo to appear Feb. 25 AFP February 2, 2015
Spanish parties strike pact against jihadism AFP February 2, 2015
Counter-demo dwarfs PEGIDA's Austrian debut AFP February 2, 2015
Pegida offshoot set to demo next week The Local February 2, 2015
UK: Isolating Britain's Phony Moderates Gatestone Institute February 2, 2015
Somali protestors demand teacher resign over Mohammed cartoons Seattle Globalist February 1, 2015
Cathy Newman 'ushered out of mosque' on national open day Telegraph February 1, 2015
Mosques open their doors for the day to reach out and reassure Guardian February 1, 2015
Islamists Seek to Restrict Free Speech Following Jihadist Assault FrontPage Magazine January 30, 2015
Dutch prosecutor acts on anti-Muslim Facebook comments Dutch News January 30, 2015
CAIR asks FBI to withdraw from controversial Texas event Hurriyet January 29, 2015
BNP 'plays on fears' with anti-Islamic leaflets in Hornchurch Romford Recorder January 29, 2015
Police seek man over derogatory Islam slurs on bus Telegraph & Argus January 29, 2015
German carnival drops Charlie Hebdo-inspired float after Paris attack Reuters January 29, 2015
Pegida spokeswoman quits group: report The Local January 28, 2015
Prayer rug artwork pulled due to Muslim concerns The Local January 28, 2015
Teacher suspended for defending Paris attacks The Local January 28, 2015
French Free Speech Victory FrontPage Magazine January 26, 2015
Paris attacks prompt fresh concerns about online Islamophobia BBC News January 26, 2015
Profs on Paris Attacks: Je Suis NOT Charlie! FrontPage Magazine January 26, 2015
Anti-Islam San Francisco Muni ads defaced …. with messages of love San Francisco Chronicle January 26, 2015
Extremists must "fuck off": Rotterdam mayor in Mosque NL Times January 25, 2015
Police warn against behaviour aimed at Muslims as religious leaders call for Australia Day peace Gold Coast Sun January 25, 2015
Thousands join anti-Islam rally as Germany worries about image AFP January 25, 2015
Anti-Muslim rallies 'hurt Germany's image' The Local January 25, 2015
Irvine activist launches moderate Muslim effort Orange County Register January 25, 2015
Paris attacks: Do not call Charlie Hebdo killers 'terrorists', BBC says Independent January 25, 2015
Sydney's Muslim community rallies in Lakemba in response to terror attacks that rocked Paris Daily Telegraph January 24, 2015
V&A in row over self-censorship after Muhammad image is taken down Guardian January 24, 2015
Charlie 'survivors issue' sells more than 7 million The Local January 24, 2015
Austrian protesters support flogged blogger The Local January 23, 2015
Tony Abbott tells Sydney Islamic protesters to 'lighten up' Guardian January 23, 2015
Anti-Islam politician Wilders aims to "paralyse" Dutch govt Reuters January 23, 2015
France's Free Speech Farce FrontPage Magazine January 23, 2015
Vanderbilt Professor Under Attack for Criticizing Islam FrontPage Magazine January 23, 2015
Controversial Danish mosque praised by cops The Local January 23, 2015
Muslims pray for France as reprisals soar The Local January 23, 2015
Hergé Museum cancels Charlie Hebdo exhibition Expatica January 22, 2015
French values key to fight against radical Islamism, Hollande tells teachers Radio France January 22, 2015
Muslims in France - 'They say we're not French' The Local January 22, 2015
Pegida leader steps down over Hitler photo The Local January 22, 2015
Danes want to move further to the right Copenhagen Post January 21, 2015
Germany: Catholic priest muzzled for speaking at anti-Islam protest as further rallies planned Fox News January 21, 2015
Jews, Muslims, Christians tackle religious violence at Davos AFP January 21, 2015
Lack of Integration of Europe's Muslims Is Great Danger: Obama Clarion Project January 21, 2015
Pegida leader's Hitler Facebook photo emerges The Local January 21, 2015
PKP in favour of ban on religious symbols Montreal Gazette January 21, 2015
Wilders' PVV remains largest party but does not benefit from French attacks Dutch News January 21, 2015
'Ethnic apartheid' a reality in France: PM The Local January 20, 2015
Legida expects 60,000 marchers in Leipzig The Local January 20, 2015
Pegida fails to mobilize beyond Dresden The Local January 20, 2015
Anti-Islam group loses support in Norway The Local January 20, 2015
No No-Go Zones? Really? FrontPage Magazine January 20, 2015
Why We Need to Talk About Muslim Anti-Semitism FrontPage Magazine January 20, 2015
France sees 116 anti-Muslim incidents The Local January 20, 2015
Islamic diplomats say Islamophobia is mounting in ČR Prague Post January 19, 2015
Anti-Islam march to go ahead in Oslo The Local January 19, 2015
Tensions high ahead of Danish Pegida events The Local January 19, 2015
Deputy head of Saudi interfaith centre resigns The Local January 19, 2015
UK plea to imams to fight extremism draws charge of Islamophobia Reuters January 19, 2015
Le Pen presses France to condemn 'Islamists' AFP January 18, 2015
OIC weighs legal action against French magazine Arab News January 18, 2015
Almost half French oppose publishing Mohammed cartoons: poll Expatica January 18, 2015
Theresa May says 'without its Jews Britain would not be Britain' Independent January 18, 2015
Charlie Hebdo defends religious freedom: editor AFP January 17, 2015
Pegida marches possible Islamist target: report The Local January 17, 2015
Radical Islam in Europe: No One to Blame But Us Gatestone Institute January 17, 2015
Europe needs to better integrate Muslim communities: Obama AFP January 16, 2015
The Free World Under Siege FrontPage Magazine January 16, 2015
Meet the honor brigade, an organized campaign to silence debate on Islam Washington Post January 16, 2015
Jews Can No Longer be Safe in France FrontPage Magazine January 16, 2015
Duke Reverses Muslim Call to Prayer Decision FrontPage Magazine January 16, 2015
Finns Party juniors: Cartoon competition about Islam to defend freedom of speech YLE January 15, 2015
Sky News camera cuts away as guest tries to show Charlie Hebdo cover Guardian January 15, 2015
The answer to French anti-Semitism Jerusalem Post January 15, 2015
Hooligans join Cologne Pegida demo The Local January 15, 2015
Charlie Hebdo's moment: Why some media outlets are afraid to run the cover Fox News January 15, 2015
Is red-baiting getting a 21st Century makeover in Olympia? Seattle Times January 14, 2015
U.S. Muslim groups denounce French terror, say free speech must be protected Washington Post January 14, 2015
Charlie Hebdo Lost FrontPage Magazine January 14, 2015
Anti-Islam group buys ads on San Francisco buses Reuters January 14, 2015
Does free media have an obligation to Islam? Politico January 14, 2015
With New Charlie Hebdo Cover, News Value Should Have Prevailed New York Times January 14, 2015
Charlie Hebdo attack: Print run for new issue expanded BBC News January 14, 2015
Charlie Hebdo "survivors' edition" sells out in minutes Reuters January 14, 2015
French rush to buy new Charlie Hebdo edition after attacks Reuters January 14, 2015
The Real Scandals of the Paris March FrontPage Magazine January 14, 2015
The Importance of Blasphemy FrontPage Magazine January 14, 2015
Free Speech vs. Fear FrontPage Magazine January 14, 2015
French comedian arrested after Charlie Hebdo gag Reuters January 14, 2015
Pegida movement comes to Denmark The Local January 14, 2015
Muslim Mayor in Netherlands Curses Off Islamists on TV Clarion Project January 14, 2015
Coffee shop boss faces death threats over 'Je suis Charlie' sign outside Brick Lane cafe Evening Standard January 14, 2015
Nigel Farage: Ghettos in French cities have become no-go zones for non-Muslims Telegraph January 13, 2015
MSNBC Blurs Charlie Hebdo Cover During Interview With Magazine Contributor Daily Caller January 13, 2015
'We are all Germany', president tells Muslim rally AFP January 13, 2015
Merkel to join Muslim rally against terror, for tolerance AFP January 13, 2015
French Muslims react to Charlie Hebdo cover The Local January 13, 2015
Austria can't close Saudi-funded IGO The Local January 13, 2015
UK shops to receive Charlie Hebdo magazine despite radical cleric calling it an "act of war" Telegraph January 13, 2015
White House: Obama Will Fight Media To Stop Anti-Jihad Articles Daily Caller January 13, 2015
Which Networks Are Showing the New Charlie Hebdo Cover? Mediaite January 13, 2015
Defiant Charlie cover stirs concern of Muslim anger AFP January 13, 2015
Nancy Pelosi to name first Muslim lawmaker to House intelligence committee Politico January 13, 2015
'France's far right can gain from Paris terror' The Local January 13, 2015
Tearful cartoonist explains new Charlie Hebdo cover CBS News January 13, 2015
Fear of an Anti-Muslim Backlash FrontPage Magazine January 13, 2015
World Unites for Freedom — Obama Stays Home FrontPage Magazine January 13, 2015
Rotterdam's mayor praised in Britain for 'f*** off' jihadi stance Dutch News January 13, 2015
Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam tells fellow Muslims who do not appreciate the 'freedoms' of living in the West to 'pack your bags and f*** off' on live TV Daily Mail January 13, 2015
Al Jazeera guts daily schedule and cuts staff New York Post January 12, 2015
The Kouachi Brothers' Jihad FrontPage Magazine January 12, 2015
Here's Who Is And Isn't Publishing The New Charlie Hebdo Cover Image Buzzfeed January 12, 2015
Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam Tells Islamists To F*** Off On Live Television Breitbart January 12, 2015
BBC scraps ban on depicting Prophet Mohammed Telegraph January 12, 2015
Swiss Pegida wing plans anti-Islam protest The Local January 12, 2015
France sees dozens of anti-Muslim incidents The Local January 12, 2015
UKIP's Nigel Farage urges 'Judeo-Christian' defence after Paris attacks BBC News January 12, 2015
Quenelle comedian Dieudonné praises terrorist killer: 'As far as I am concerned, I feel I am Charlie Coulibaly' Independent January 12, 2015
Charlie Hebdo print run could hit three million after attack Reuters January 12, 2015
German anti-Islamist rally swells after attacks in France Reuters January 12, 2015
'Islam belongs to Germany': Merkel The Local January 12, 2015
Muslim Leader Outrage: Genuine or Taqiyya? FrontPage Magazine January 12, 2015
Western Sleepwalkers and the Paris Massacre FrontPage Magazine January 12, 2015
Hamas-linked terror org CAIR demands that Fox drop those who speak the truth about the jihad threat Jihad Watch January 12, 2015
French caricaturists target Pegida marchers The Local January 12, 2015
French PM Declares War on 'Radical Islam' FrontPage Magazine January 12, 2015
Among some Jews, little faith in French authorities JTA January 11, 2015
Jewish Agency expects far more French Jews to move to Israel Reuters January 11, 2015
Netanyahu to French Jews: 'Come to Israel' The Local January 11, 2015
'France will no longer be France' if Jews leave, prime minister says JTA January 11, 2015
France's National Front marches alone to defend 'liberty' AFP January 11, 2015
Paris attacks boost support for Dutch anti-Islam populist Wilders Reuters January 11, 2015
Attack on German newspaper raises tension before anti-Islam rally Reuters January 11, 2015
French, foreign leaders walk arm-in-arm as millions protest Paris attacks Reuters January 11, 2015
Belgian paper that ran Charlie cartoons evacuated after threat AFP January 11, 2015
Firebombing at German paper that ran Charlie Hebdo cartoons AFP January 11, 2015
35,000 protest in Germany against anti-Islamic rallies: organisers Expatica January 10, 2015
PEGIDA expects record rally on terror fears The Local January 10, 2015
More than 700,000 rally in France after Islamist attacks AFP January 10, 2015
'We vomit' on Charlie's sudden friends: staff cartoonist AFP January 10, 2015
Half of Austrians believe Islam a 'threat' The Local January 10, 2015
German Muslims denounce Paris attack as 'abuse of the religion of peace' Deutsche Welle January 10, 2015
French Jews feel 'huge amount of fear' JTA January 9, 2015
Paris Charlie Hebdo attack: Je Suis Charlie hashtag one of most popular in Twitter history Telegraph January 9, 2015
Bush Was 100% Right After 9/11 FrontPage Magazine January 9, 2015
Laughing at Mohammed FrontPage Magazine January 9, 2015
Charlie Hebdo's Muhammad cartoons - to print or not to print? Deutsche Welle January 9, 2015
Sweden Democrats defend Islam comment The Local January 9, 2015
Right-wing MP calls for ban on Muslim refugees The Local January 9, 2015
As Merkel offers condolences, Pegida to don black armbands The Local January 9, 2015
Danish Muslim cited for cheering Paris attack The Local January 9, 2015
'Every single French Jew I know has left Paris': Editor of Britain's Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing terror-hit French capital Daily Mail January 9, 2015
Muslims Fear Backlash After Paris Shooting Voice of America January 9, 2015
New mosque ban in Padua after Paris attacks The Local January 9, 2015
Pegida plans to hold anti-Islam demo in Vienna The Local January 9, 2015
Danish newspaper says won't print Prophet cartoons Reuters January 9, 2015
Slain Charlie Hebdo editor: 'I prefer to die standing' New York Post January 8, 2015
We Are Charlie: Free Speech v. Self-Censorship Gatestone Institute January 8, 2015
A Close Call on Publication of Charlie Hebdo Cartoons New York Times January 8, 2015
Ostracized by Cowardly West, Charlie Hebdo Faced the Islamists Alone PJ Media January 8, 2015
Washington Post opinions section publishes controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoon Washington Post January 8, 2015
Dutch take to the streets in support of Charlie Hebdo, demonstrations nationwide Dutch News January 8, 2015
Dutch plan demonstrations to protest at Charlie Hebdo killings Dutch News January 8, 2015
Muslims who don't like free speech can "fuck off": Rotterdam Mayor NL Times January 8, 2015
Europe's media differ over publishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons Reuters January 8, 2015
Charlie Hebdo to publish next week despite bloodbath Expatica January 8, 2015
Appeasement Comes Back to Haunt France FrontPage Magazine January 8, 2015
Charlie Hebdo copies draw astronomical prices online AFP January 8, 2015
French far-right 'barred' from national unity rally The Local January 8, 2015
Satirical religious cartoons should be illegal, says Ottawa imam Ottawa Citizen January 8, 2015
Attacked satirical French weekly to print a million copies next week Reuters January 8, 2015
Europe's Islam Debate Erupts as Paris Killers at Large Bloomberg January 8, 2015
Fanning the flames of Pegida activists Deutsche Welle January 8, 2015
57 percent of Germans feel Islam is a threat: poll The Local January 8, 2015
When Will We Wake Up? FrontPage Magazine January 8, 2015
The Charlie Hebdo Jihad Massacre: Time to Stand for Free Speech FrontPage Magazine January 8, 2015
CNN Policy: Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Forbidden, 'Piss Christ' Okay Breitbart January 7, 2015
News organizations wrestle with whether to publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons after attack Washington Post January 7, 2015
Associated Press censored Muhammad cartoons while selling 'Piss Christ' Washington Examiner January 7, 2015
The Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons: Media outlets shy away or take a stand CNN January 7, 2015
Many Outlets Are Censoring Charlie Hebdo's Satirical Cartoons After Attack Buzzfeed January 7, 2015
Swede calls for more controversial cartoons The Local January 7, 2015
Thousands rally in France for attack victims The Local January 7, 2015
White House Questioned French Magazine's 'Judgment' In 2012 For Publishing Naked Muhammad Cartoon CBS Washington January 7, 2015
France on high alert as Muslims fear backlash The Local January 7, 2015
France faces rising tide of Islamophobia Telegraph January 7, 2015
German groups say Paris attack shows Islamist threat Reuters January 7, 2015
New York Times: With A Dozen Parisians Dead, Muslims Hit Hardest Daily Caller January 7, 2015
Muslims on edge after Paris terrorist attack on satirical magazine Washington Post January 7, 2015
CAIR on Paris Attack: Marginalize Both 'ISIS-Type Extremists and Anti-Muslim Bigots' CNS News January 7, 2015
Fox News has 'no plans' to air Charlie Hebdo cartoons Washington Post January 7, 2015
CNN cut off controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoons Washington Post January 7, 2015
News orgs censor Charlie Hebdo cartoons after attack Politico January 7, 2015
Internal CNN memo: 'We are not at this time showing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons' Politico January 7, 2015
CAIR spokesman: 'Shouldn't generalize' about Islam based on Paris terrorists Washington Times January 7, 2015
Police hunt three Frenchmen after 12 killed in Paris attack Reuters January 7, 2015
40% of Dutch mosques have been attacked, daubed with racist graffiti Dutch News January 6, 2015
Muslim community weighs charges against Okamura over anti-Muslim statements Radio Prague January 6, 2015
Whitewashing Islamic Terrorism from Sydney to Jerusalem FrontPage Magazine January 5, 2015
Swedish artist Dan Park attacked in Copenhagen The Local January 4, 2015
A Muslim-run France? Novel sparks Islamophobia row France 24 January 4, 2015
Islamophobia on the rise Prague Post December 31, 2014
Toronto-based Muslim group condemns 'hate speech' on Pakistani channel Metro December 30, 2014
Broadcaster Alan Jones ordered to pay $10,000 for racial vilification Sydney Morning Herald December 29, 2014
19-year-old released on bail after alleged Koran-burning video Yorkshire Standard December 29, 2014
The Top Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes of 2014 FrontPage Magazine December 29, 2014
Wilders tried to claim legal fees from parliament: Volkskrant Dutch News December 28, 2014
ACLU supports free-speech rights of anti-Islam group Detroit Free Press December 26, 2014
French radio station backs polemicist after Muslim row AFP December 23, 2014
Court of Appeal Overturns Conviction of Woman Prosecuted for Insulting Islam Breitbart December 22, 2014
Longreach restaurant in trouble for anti-Islamic sign Brisbane Times December 22, 2014
Obama: Against Free Speech Before He Was For It FrontPage Magazine December 22, 2014
Talking About 'the Moroccan Issue' Is Not a Crime Wall Street Journal December 21, 2014
Ad targeting Islam to go before judge Philadelphia Inquirer December 20, 2014
Controversial French journalist sparks outcry with 'insular Muslim' comments Expatica December 20, 2014
The Muslim Council of Britain on the Peshawar Massacre American Thinker December 20, 2014
French TV station pulls plug on polemicist after Muslim comments Radio France December 20, 2014
Controversial Video Discusses Free Speech Censorship Over Islam Siouxland News December 19, 2014
French right-wing media pundit in 'Muslim deportation' row Radio France December 19, 2014
For Australia's Muslims, Relief Is Shadowed by Fear New York Times December 18, 2014
Dutch MP calls for ban on Muslims working in Schiphol security zone Dutch News December 18, 2014
Geert Wilders faces charges over 'anti-Moroccan' speech BBC News December 18, 2014
Has the West Lost the Will to Live? FrontPage Magazine December 18, 2014
PVV leader Geert Wilders will be prosecuted for inciting hatred Dutch News December 18, 2014
Football fan banned from every stadium after she ripped up the Koran at a match Daily Star December 17, 2014
Muslims rule France in provocative new novel The Local December 15, 2014
Campus turns on Muslim conservative who penned satire Fox News December 15, 2014
NY Jets Player Spoke at Event Hosted by Designated Terrorist Group FrontPage Magazine December 8, 2014
Geert Wilders defends 'fewer Moroccans' chant, quotes Martin Luther King Dutch News December 8, 2014
Britain Unveils World's "Toughest" Counter-Terrorism Law Gatestone Institute December 7, 2014
In German City Rich With History and Tragedy, Tide Rises Against Immigration New York Times December 7, 2014
Hamas-linked CAIR claims businessman who died in 1965 refuted Robert Spencer Jihad Watch December 7, 2014
Congressman's Idea: Hey, Let's Combat the Islamic State's Ideology FrontPage Magazine December 5, 2014
Nigel Farage: Muslims to blame for antisemitism Jewish Chronicle December 5, 2014
Teacher accused of anti-Muslim remarks to resign, get 3 months' pay Houston Chronicle December 4, 2014
Will Germany Abolish Itself and France Commit Suicide? Gatestone Institute December 3, 2014
Activist says teacher's anti-Muslim remarks could make her target of radicals Fox Houston December 2, 2014
Preliminary hearing sides against SEPTA and for Hitler ads NewsWorks December 2, 2014
HISD considers resignation deal with teacher who made controversial comments Houston Chronicle December 1, 2014
Austria launches hotline for extremism The Local December 1, 2014
One Nation vows to save Australia from Islam Sunshine Coast Daily November 30, 2014
Ezra Levant, Sun News Network host, ordered to pay $80,000 in libel case CBC News November 27, 2014
UAE Doubles Down on Designation of CAIR as Terrorists Clarion Project November 26, 2014
The Netherlands' Newest "Accomplishment" Gatestone Institute November 26, 2014
Spain: Fate of Ex-Muslim Critic of Islam Hangs in Balance Gatestone Institute November 26, 2014
Ukip Peer Reported to Lords Speaker for Calling on Muslims to Debate Contents of Koran Breitbart November 26, 2014
Hamas-linked CAIR: A Terror Organization FrontPage Magazine November 21, 2014
The Tyranny of Silence FrontPage Magazine November 20, 2014
War of words over alleged racist comments made by HISD teacher KPRC November 19, 2014
The British Royal Family and the Islamist Terrorists FrontPage Magazine November 18, 2014
Free Speech v. Political Correctness Gatestone Institute November 15, 2014
'Muslims of the Americas' Says Hitler Was Not Enemy of U.S. Clarion Project November 12, 2014
Katie Hopkins arrest website: Over 1000 people sign petition to launch police investigation into 'racist' tweets Daily Mirror November 12, 2014
Katie Hopkins anti-Muslim rant: 78% of Mirror readers think she's gone too far with latest tweets Daily Mirror November 11, 2014
Katie Hopkins anti-Muslim rant calling Palestinians 'filthy rodents' leads to calls for her arrest Daily Mirror November 11, 2014
Germany: Hooligans Declare War on Islamic Radicals Gatestone Institute November 10, 2014
Good relations with Turkey more important than suspect's release: Danish FM Hurriyet November 10, 2014
Police stop hooligan demo over violence fears The Local November 7, 2014
Community service for rapper who threatened Wilders in a video Dutch News November 7, 2014
FPÖ leader gets death threats ahead of demo The Local November 6, 2014
Promoting "British Values" by Curbing Free Speech Gatestone Institute November 6, 2014
Lady Justice, Wilders and the Jews Jerusalem Post November 5, 2014
Jihadists not the only problem Herald Sun November 5, 2014
Wilders claims more violent threats from abroad NL Times November 4, 2014
Turkey and Denmark relations under strain The Local November 4, 2014
Muslims Students Say Bill Maher's Comments Promote Islamophobia On UC Berkeley Campus Huffington Post November 3, 2014
A Lesson on Free Speech and Sharia in Knoxville FrontPage Magazine November 3, 2014
Why online Islamophobia is difficult to stop CBC News November 1, 2014
Europe's Muslims feel under siege Washington Post November 1, 2014
Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded 'extremists' under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn Telegraph October 31, 2014
Will UC Berkeley Nix Maher Commencement? FrontPage Magazine October 30, 2014
Berkeley's Jihad Against Bill Maher FrontPage Magazine October 29, 2014
Netherlands: When the Questions Become the Crime Gatestone Institute October 27, 2014
Muslim Civil Liberties Group Calls on Mesa High School to Cancel Event Featuring Anti-Islamic Speaker Phoenix New Times October 27, 2014
Students spring into opposition after Bill Maher announced as keynote speaker Daily Californian October 26, 2014
Ordeal of OAP who quipped 'I'm not Muslim' at airport security after he was stopped: Man spends six months facing racism charges before case is finally dropped Daily Mail October 26, 2014
Britain to Crack Down on Muslim Brotherhood FrontPage Magazine October 24, 2014
Muslim group blasts Agema's 'camel jockeys' comment Detroit News October 24, 2014
Denmark to cite Turkey's release of Hedegaard suspect at the EU Copenhagen Post October 23, 2014
Swedish PM Criticized for Appointing "Islamist" to Cabinet Algemeiner October 21, 2014
French suicide: 'Racist' author taps into malaise The Local October 21, 2014
Turkey confirms release of Islam critic's assailant The Local October 20, 2014
America's "Most Influential Muslim" Endorses Sharia Law Clarion Project October 19, 2014
Prayer breakfast speech avoids controversy Columbian October 17, 2014
Protest planned outside prayer breakfast Columbian October 16, 2014
Germany: Holy War Erupts in Hamburg Gatestone Institute October 15, 2014
Britain: Muslim Rape Gangs Run Wild FrontPage Magazine October 15, 2014
Sweden: Record amount of political violence, especially against Islam-critical party Jihad Watch October 15, 2014
Danish imam calls Jews 'apes and pigs' in video The Local October 14, 2014
Turks remain mum on Hedegaard case Copenhagen Post October 14, 2014
Denmark: Man threatened with beheading for "support our troops" sticker Jihad Watch October 14, 2014
The Diversity of Islam? FrontPage Magazine October 13, 2014
Lawyer: Suspect in attack on Danish journalist freed in Turkey Today's Zaman October 13, 2014
Islam critic's assailant released in Turkey The Local October 13, 2014
France willing to soften stance on Turkey EU bid The Local October 11, 2014
Did CIA Meet With CAIR to Purge Anti-Muslim Training Material? It's Classified Judicial Watch October 10, 2014
Should police ban Kurdish marches? The Local October 10, 2014
Kurds march against Isis in Copenhagen The Local October 10, 2014
Thank You, ISIS National Review October 9, 2014
The Leftist Jihad Has Nothing To Do with Liberalism FrontPage Magazine October 9, 2014
Salman Rushdie condemns 'hate-filled rhetoric' of Islamic fanaticism Telegraph October 9, 2014
Geert Wilders is a formal 'suspect' for anti-Moroccan chants Dutch News October 9, 2014
Burqa ban helps extremists, says Muslims Australian AP October 8, 2014
Muslims warn anti-terror laws could prevent teaching from Koran Sydney Morning Herald October 8, 2014
State Department Endorses Handbook Calling Jihad 'Noble' Free Beacon October 8, 2014
Tony Abbott plans red-card system to block 'preachers of hate' entering Australia Sydney Morning Herald October 8, 2014
In heavily Muslim Dutch neighborhood, a sukkah stirs controversy JTA October 6, 2014
Maher and Harris Educate Affleck about Islam FrontPage Magazine October 6, 2014
Free Speech: A Motorway Pile-Up of Moral Confusion Gatestone Institute October 2, 2014
Group Sues After MTA Rejects Anti-Islamic Ad CBS New York October 1, 2014
Embrace British values and reject extremism, Theresa May tells Muslims as she warns of sectarianism Evening Standard September 30, 2014
CAIR Gives Award to Extremist Pro-Hamas Group 'Code Pink' Clarion Project September 30, 2014
Islamic booklet aims to help parents recognize risk of radical extremist groups Globe and Mail September 29, 2014
Firefighter's Facebook post about Islam sparks HFD investigation KTRK September 29, 2014
Anti-Islamic Ads Depicting American Journalist James Foley Moments Before His Death Pulled In NYC CBS New York September 29, 2014
CAIR Trains Minnesota Law Enforcement Despite FBI Ban Clarion Project September 28, 2014
Five people detained at Czech demonstration against Islamization Prague Post September 27, 2014
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary released from custody BBC News September 26, 2014
An ISIS Nest Grows in Boston FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2014
France's National Front gaining among Jews with tough stance on Arab anti-Semitism JTA September 23, 2014
Anti-Muslim ads could be headed to a SEPTA vehicle near you NewsWorks September 23, 2014
'Disgust' in Rotherham over anti-Islam comments on police Facebook page Yorkshire Post September 22, 2014
Mayor de Blasio blasts anti-Islamic ad campaign as 'outrageous' New York Daily News September 19, 2014
Labour boots "Zionist plot" tweet member from party NL Times September 19, 2014
Shocking anti-Islam ad campaign coming to MTA buses, subway stations New York Daily News September 19, 2014
Vienna imam tried over teen jihadists The Local September 17, 2014
Rome nixes naming street after journalist Fallaci, citing past statements on Islam Haaretz September 17, 2014
The Buckley Program Stands Up for Free Speech FrontPage Magazine September 17, 2014
Islamic group calls for protection following statements from Oklahoma lawmaker Oklahoman September 16, 2014
German Muslims invite all faiths to day of prayer against Islamic State Reuters September 16, 2014
Birmingham and Rotherham Examples Show How Radical Islam Took Hold in the U.K. National Catholic Register September 15, 2014
Second actor sues Google over 'Innocence of Muslims' movie trailer Reuters September 15, 2014
Jilted Frenchman tells cops wife's a jihadist The Local September 15, 2014
Far-right French party sees sharp rise in popularity among Jewish voters, surveys find JTA September 14, 2014
Isis should be called the 'Un-Islamic State': British Muslims call on David Cameron to stop spread of propaganda Independent September 14, 2014
Oklahoma lawmaker called a bigot for anti-Islamic comments KRMG September 12, 2014
Denmark: No imams want to join anti-Islamic State demonstration Jihad Watch September 12, 2014
Anti-Semitic incidents nearly double in France, watchdog reports JTA September 11, 2014
Criticism mounts following Oklahoma legislator's anti-Muslim remarks Tulsa World September 11, 2014
Terrorist Recruiters in America FrontPage Magazine September 11, 2014
County attorney's training on Muslim 'threat' protested Arizona Republic September 10, 2014
Muslim Leaders Insist Islamic State Not Islamic Investigative Project September 10, 2014
1,400 English Girls Raped by Multiculturalism National Review September 9, 2014
'Shariah Police are testing our rule of law' The Local September 9, 2014
Radical preachers praise Isis in online conference Guardian September 8, 2014
Germany's "Sharia Police" Gatestone Institute September 8, 2014
Dutch Security Official Haifi Champions Libelous "Protocols of Zion" Gatestone Institute September 8, 2014
Atheist Ireland invites Muslim schools in Ireland to be inclusive Irish Times September 7, 2014
John Kerry's Paean to the Religion of Peace FrontPage Magazine September 5, 2014
'Diversity' Re-education for Rotherham Whistleblower FrontPage Magazine September 5, 2014
The Big Picture: ISIS in Context FrontPage Magazine September 4, 2014
CDA wants Muslim group banned NL Times September 4, 2014
French right-wing weekly sparks storm over new Morocco-born minister Expatica September 3, 2014
Muslim advocacy group seeks apology from Oklahoma lawmaker for Facebook post Oklahoman September 3, 2014
The Smearing of Robin Williams FrontPage Magazine September 3, 2014
The FBI's Islamic Terrorism Denial FrontPage Magazine September 2, 2014
Rotherham abuse: Researcher 'faced council hostility' BBC News September 1, 2014
Coachella Valley High drops mascot that offended Arab Americans Los Angeles Times September 1, 2014
UK Muslim leaders issue fatwa condemning Britons who join jihadi extremists Daily Mail August 31, 2014
Rotherham: politics 'imported from Pakistan' fuelled sex abuse cover-up – MP Telegraph August 31, 2014
Poll: 95 Percent of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed Breitbart August 31, 2014
Honor Diaries Star Threatened by Islamic State Supporter Clarion Project August 31, 2014
Islamists Pressure FBI to Drop Training on Muslim Brotherhood Clarion Project August 31, 2014
Senior Muslims call for women to have more say in communities Guardian August 30, 2014
The Vermont Bacon Affair: Is there a there there? Washington Post August 29, 2014
FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism Free Beacon August 29, 2014
Council on American–Islamic Relations: Its Use of Lawfare and Intimidation FrontPage Magazine August 29, 2014
Constitutional court rejects Muslims' complaint against police raid Prague Post August 28, 2014
CAIR Lawyer Ponders Outlandish US/Mossad Conspiracy Theory Investigative Project August 28, 2014
1,400 child sex-assault victims a 'small number' WorldNetDaily August 27, 2014
Winooski cafe hires PR firm after bacon brouhaha Burlington Free Press August 27, 2014
Tory MP claims Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech was right Telegraph August 27, 2014
Tony Abbott warned against dealing with certain Islamic groups Sydney Morning Herald August 26, 2014
Muslim Activists Demand Overhaul of All U.S. Law Enforcement Training Judicial Watch August 26, 2014
Den Haag working with groups for Sept 20 mass protest NL Times August 26, 2014
Muslim asked if Islam demands massacre of Christians WorldNetDaily August 25, 2014
Complaint filed against politician for Islamophobic tweet Swiss Info August 25, 2014
Muslim: I was bullied for criticizing Hamas Arizona Republic August 23, 2014
Advertisement removed after resident expresses offense WPTZ August 23, 2014
Dutch Official Calls ISIS "A Zionist Plot" Gatestone Institute August 23, 2014
ISIS a Jewish Plot? Propaganda and Islamic Jihad Investigative Project August 22, 2014
No Gaza, ISIS rallies & protests in Hague neighborhoods NL Times August 21, 2014
Demos banned throughout The Hague residential areas Dutch News August 21, 2014
Fanatic Uthman Badar loses another forum to spout his brand of hate Daily Telegraph August 20, 2014
Krugerplein, Again Gatestone Institute August 16, 2014
Cory Bernardi to defy PM by co-sponsoring bill aimed at altering 'Bolt laws' Sydney Morning Herald August 15, 2014
'Zionist plot' civil servant will not get her job back Dutch News August 15, 2014
Bendigo mosque permit condition may be unconstitutional, says judge The Age August 15, 2014
American Muslim Organizations Pen Letter Against Surveillance of Islamist Groups Breitbart August 15, 2014
Demonstrations banned in The Hague Schilderswijk district Dutch News August 15, 2014
Proposal to remove words 'offend' and 'insult' from Discrimination Act could divide government Sydney Morning Herald August 14, 2014
New Jersey Man Taken Aback by ISIS Flag Flap, Says He Was 'Expressing My Religion' ABC News August 14, 2014
Dutch Mayor Cancels Anti-ISIS Rally as "Too Provocative" Investigative Project August 14, 2014
Hague Mayor will ban protest NL Times August 14, 2014
Members of League City Muslim community ask city council to revisit resolution Bay Area Citizen August 13, 2014
Wilders to hold Hague anti-ISIS rally in Sept. NL Times August 13, 2014
Civil servant who made zionist plot remarks suspended Dutch News August 13, 2014
Hague councilors to meet on Thursday NL Times August 13, 2014
Wilders calls for anti-Islam march in The Hague; city council to discuss problem district Dutch News August 13, 2014
Dutch Justice Ministry employee: ISIS a Zionist conspiracy JTA August 13, 2014
Hague riot 'unacceptable', city council in panic, mayor on holiday Dutch News August 12, 2014
Racism rising in Australia amid tensions in the Middle East, experts say ABC Australia August 12, 2014
'Freedom X' Takes on CAIR FrontPage Magazine August 12, 2014
Geert Wilders again threatened with death Dutch News August 11, 2014
ISIS rally turns violent; journalist attacked NL Times August 11, 2014
Islamist extremists crack down on street parties in UK ZeeNews August 10, 2014
'German jihadists should not be indulged' Deutsche Welle August 9, 2014
Dutch Jewish group drops far-right politician from petition on anti-Semitism JTA August 8, 2014
We must be intolerant of intolerance Guardian August 8, 2014
IPA supporters pour in cash to fund anti-Abbott ad as race discrimination act fury boils over Sydney Morning Herald August 7, 2014
Va. GOP official resigns after controversial Facebook post Washington Post August 7, 2014
The Twisted Path of Judeophobia FrontPage Magazine August 7, 2014
Gaza protest: Police prepare for riots in Oslo The Local August 7, 2014
Muslim groups slam Abbott government's new counter-terror plans Sydney Morning Herald August 7, 2014
Attorney Fired Over Anti-Palestinian Remarks Fires Back CBS Miami August 6, 2014
Group opposing Shariah law sues Knox County Schools for event cancellation Knoxville News Sentinel August 5, 2014
Prime Minister Tony Abbott dumps changes to Racial Discrimination Act Herald Sun August 5, 2014
Swedish teacher fired for racist Facebook posts The Local August 5, 2014
The New Nazism's First Victim: Truth Gatestone Institute August 4, 2014
'Exodus' – French-Style FrontPage Magazine August 4, 2014
Dutch police to get tough on anti-semitism at pro-Gaza rallies Dutch News August 1, 2014
Swedish police can't protect convert, has to go into hiding, change identity Jihad Watch August 1, 2014
Turkish voters go to the polls in Germany Deutsche Welle July 31, 2014
Profs Blame Pro-Israel Bias for Stereotyping Muslims FrontPage Magazine July 31, 2014
Va. GOP official under fire for questioning Muslim contributions to U.S. history, society Washington Post July 30, 2014
Britain has looked the other way for too long over FGM Telegraph July 30, 2014
Troops told to refrain from eating, drinking in front of Muslims Fox News July 29, 2014
Uproar over sale of 'jihadist book' in France The Local July 29, 2014
Germany's biggest tabloid attacks Islam The Local July 28, 2014
Community Relations Commission chairman Vic Alhadeff resigns after Gaza furore Sydney Morning Herald July 27, 2014
Why Muslims and Arabs are consulting on 'Tyrant,' FX's controversial new drama Washington Post July 25, 2014
Muslims should be treated the same as Hitler, DFer says Copenhagen Post July 25, 2014
The Hague mayor urged to get tough after anti-Jewish chanting at rally Dutch News July 25, 2014
France: Europe's Clockwork Orange State FrontPage Magazine July 24, 2014
Sydney Muslim leaders vow Baird boycott Australian AP July 23, 2014
FX's Tyrant not American "propaganda" says producer Toronto Star July 22, 2014
AMP Official Defends Hamas, Praises Israeli Casualties Investigative Project July 21, 2014
FX's Divisive 'Tyrant' Still Talking With Muslim Groups Hollywood Reporter July 21, 2014
Bendigo woman behind anti-mosque Facebook page loses bid to stay anonymous The Age July 17, 2014
Arab boycott over comments by NSW Community Relations Commission chairman Vic Alhadeff Sydney Morning Herald July 16, 2014
Police intercept Stop The Mosque truck in Bendigo Bendigo Advertiser July 16, 2014
Somali convert in Sweden: Sweden might experience a bloody civil war
 Jihad Watch July 15, 2014
Group Says League City Undocumented Kids Resolution Also Anti-Muslim Houston Press July 14, 2014
Muslim leader moots anti-discrimination law The Local July 14, 2014
UK Bans Pro-Jihad Islamist Groups Gatestone Institute July 12, 2014
Jewish leader Vic Alhadeff slammed over Hamas 'war crimes' remark Sydney Morning Herald July 11, 2014
Did the government really badmouth Greenwald's story on surveillance of Muslim-American leaders? Washington Post July 11, 2014
Hollywood, Islam and Political Correctness Gatestone Institute July 10, 2014
'Malmö has not become safer for Jews': rabbi The Local July 9, 2014
Greenwald's Underwhelming Surveillance Scoop Investigative Project July 9, 2014
Latest Snowden leak: NSA, FBI targeted prominent US Muslims The Hill July 9, 2014
Judge: Residents' free speech threatened by subpoenas in Islamic school lawsuit Detroit Free Press July 9, 2014
League City council approves controversial immigration resolution Galveston Daily News July 8, 2014
Anti-Palestinian Facebook Comments Leads to Firing of Public Defenders NBC Miami July 8, 2014
Edmonton's honour killing cowardice Toronto Sun July 8, 2014
In Canada, Defending Girls from Islamic Honor Killings Is 'Racist' Breitbart July 7, 2014
Hannity hosts epic battle over Islam WorldNetDaily July 7, 2014
Dearborn cleric popular with militants faces travel, social media restrictions Detroit Free Press July 7, 2014
Edmonton Transit faces lawsuit after cancelling anti-honour killing ads Sun News Network July 7, 2014
Female Genital Mutilation? It's Guilty White Liberals Who Make it Possible Breitbart July 4, 2014
Google's right to be forgotten hides Islamic marriage of Osborne's brother Telegraph July 4, 2014
Facebook Post Over Palestinians Puts Public Defenders in Hot Water NBC Miami July 3, 2014
Lars Hedegaard among the producers of new anti-Islam animation Copenhagen Post July 3, 2014
UK: Fundamentalist Fun and Games Gatestone Institute July 3, 2014
Banning the burka is not racist - it's a kindness Telegraph July 2, 2014
Multicultural Relations Turn Sour in Ohio Courthouse News July 2, 2014
Veil ban ruling: A 'tragic precedent' for Europe The Local July 2, 2014
European court upholds France's Muslim veil ban The Local July 1, 2014
Katie Hopkins faces online fury over 'ignorant' tweets claiming Ramadan sparks violence Evening Standard June 30, 2014
'Dialoguing' with the Muslim Brotherhood and the KGB FrontPage Magazine June 30, 2014
Danes want Swedes to break 'spiral of silence' The Local June 29, 2014
Bans on extremist preachers are driving them underground, warns director of the Muslim Council for Wales Wales Online June 29, 2014
Radio presenter Michael Smith dumped after comments about the Prophet Mohammed ABC Australia June 29, 2014
Australian Islamic leaders call for an end to hatred and provocation, claim radical group Hizb ut-Tahrir is tarnishing religion's reputations Daily Telegraph June 27, 2014
Insecurity FrontPage Magazine June 27, 2014
BBC: Institutional fear of speaking truth on Islamism Commentator June 26, 2014
Norway Islamist launches anti-gay pride site The Local June 26, 2014
Radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir says Australia and the US should be labelled terrorists for their Middle Eastern 'invasions' Daily Telegraph June 25, 2014
Muslim activist speaks out after talk ban Australian AP June 25, 2014
'Tyrant,' FX's Middle East drama, draws complaints of Arab and Muslim stereotypes Washington Post June 25, 2014
Refugees 'smell bad' and 'beat children': Progress The Local June 23, 2014
Former FPÖ deputy faces court fines again The Local June 22, 2014
Stealth Jihad Meets PC America FrontPage Magazine June 20, 2014
Muslim Prof: West Leads the World in 'Islamic Values' FrontPage Magazine June 20, 2014
Danish magazine for lawyers: Free speech is only democratic as long as it does not provoke violent people Jihad Watch June 20, 2014
Muslim group wants critics to monitor stereotyping on 'Tyrant' Los Angeles Times June 20, 2014
Yahya Hassan not welcome at grand mosque opening Copenhagen Post June 20, 2014
London's "Largest Mosque in Europe" Closer to Reality Gatestone Institute June 19, 2014
Police rejects anti-Islam group's application to demonstrate outside new mosque Copenhagen Post June 19, 2014
Is Saudi Arabia boycotting the Netherlands or not? No clear answer Dutch News June 19, 2014
Bagley district relents, rents auditorium to anti-Islamic speaker Pioneer Press June 18, 2014
Man says apartment complex called his US flag a 'threat to Muslim community' KHOU June 18, 2014
Witness Intimidation: New London Mega-Mosque Gatestone Institute June 16, 2014
Qurans burned at Dearborn mosque; imams consider new law Press and Guide June 13, 2014
Will Europe keep Wilders immune from prosecution? Dutch News June 13, 2014
'Islamicity' rankings ignore the realities The National June 13, 2014
Was the 1980s Bradford headteacher who criticised multiculturalism right? Guardian June 13, 2014
No action against Euro candidate Paul Weston over Islam remarks BBC News June 12, 2014
Muslim group fights back against Pamela Geller's 'Hitler' bus ads New York Daily News June 12, 2014
The Hypocrisy of the Alarm Over 'Right-Wing Terrorism' FrontPage Magazine June 12, 2014
Criticizing Islam Becomes "Incitement to Imminent Violence" Investigative Project June 11, 2014
Muslim and anti-Muslim bus ads battle heads to Round 3 Washington Post June 11, 2014
Strache seeks distance from NF anti-semitism The Local June 10, 2014
Icelanders Registering as Protest Muslims Iceland Review June 10, 2014
Michigan Rep Doubles Down on Support for Islamist Event Clarion Project June 9, 2014
State Dept. Gives Pass to Islamist Imam - Vetting Process Broken Clarion Project June 8, 2014
Qur'an-burning pastor moves protest to city hall; city prepares security Arab American News June 6, 2014
Spain to Deport Pakistani Refugee for Criticizing Islam Gatestone Institute June 6, 2014
Turkish PM to visit Vienna The Local June 5, 2014
'Islamophobia' Thought Crimes at Berkeley, Part II FrontPage Magazine June 5, 2014
New York Times Censors Ad Decrying Islamist Censorship Daily Caller June 5, 2014
Salafism in Germany: "Something Must Be Done Immediately" Gatestone Institute June 5, 2014
Wilders prepares for prosecution in 'fewer Moroccans' case Dutch News June 5, 2014
Founder of Muslim Association Sues for Hate Speech Iceland Review June 4, 2014
Austria: Muslim Brotherhood's New European Headquarters Gatestone Institute June 4, 2014
Keller school board to address anti-Muslim comments Fort Worth Star-Telegram June 3, 2014
Terrorists and Europe's "Newspeak" Gatestone Institute June 2, 2014
Islamists Deface John Latham Sculpture in Frankfurt Artnet June 2, 2014
Muslim group's concerns about 'Tyrant' addressed, FX and producers say Los Angeles Times June 2, 2014
What's Next for Britain? FrontPage Magazine June 2, 2014
Anti-Islam ad sparks US free speech debate The National May 31, 2014
Anti-Islam sticker was posted in parliamentary envelope: Volkskrant Dutch News May 30, 2014
'Truth About CAIR' Posters Vandalized in New York Subway Stations Breitbart May 29, 2014
Guardian Copy Editor Brags About Joining Islamist Censorship Campaign Investigative Project May 29, 2014
Obama's Absurd West Point Speech FrontPage Magazine May 29, 2014
Charge over row at Auckland mosque New Zealand Herald May 28, 2014
European Elections and Geert Wilders Gatestone Institute May 27, 2014
Leicester man jailed for 16 months over racist rants Leicester Mercury May 27, 2014
Muslim group proceeds with libel suit against Stephen Harper and spokesman over 'terrorist' comment Toronto Star May 26, 2014
An open invitation to visit city's mosques Telegraph & Argus May 26, 2014
Muslim group sues PM, spokesman for defamation Toronto Sun May 26, 2014
Imam at centre of mosque ruckus kept under police surveillance New Zealand Herald May 24, 2014
Thousands protest at Erdogan German rally The Local May 24, 2014
Scandinavian anti-immigrant parties face mixed fortunes The Local May 23, 2014
Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office won't partner on anti-terrorism training by controversial speaker Wichita Eagle May 23, 2014
Erdogan visit brings Turkey's divisions to streets of Cologne Reuters May 23, 2014
PVV election loss may soothe Saudi Arabian anger: minister Dutch News May 23, 2014
Hedegaard shooter wants extradition to Denmark Copenhagen Post May 22, 2014
'Muslimsplaining' Islamic Terrorism Away FrontPage Magazine May 22, 2014
UKIP probes Preston candidate's comments on Facebook Lancashire Evening Post May 22, 2014
Second evangelical Christian minister joins James McConnell row as he compares Islamists to Hitler Belfast Telegraph May 22, 2014
James McConnell row: Police probe firebrand pastor who called Islam 'spawn of the devil' Belfast Telegraph May 22, 2014
Belfast pastor James McConnell denounces Islam as the devil's doctrine at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle church sermon Belfast Telegraph May 21, 2014
Ex-FBI agent to train Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office how to ID threats; Muslim group protests Wichita Eagle May 21, 2014
Muslim and anti-Muslim groups go to war in bus, print ads Washington Post May 21, 2014
Arab Spring or Winter of Discontent? FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2014
Vienna mayor wants right-wing group banned The Local May 20, 2014
EU's sceptics shun each other for fear of being tainted Reuters May 20, 2014
Danish-Iranian Artist Shreds the Koran FrontPage Magazine May 20, 2014
The Brunei Moment FrontPage Magazine May 19, 2014
BNP European election leaflets 'illegal' Morning Star May 19, 2014
Diplomatic moves to smooth over Saudi Arabia Wilders sticker row Dutch News May 19, 2014
Lee Rigby memorial: 'All I want is to know my son will not be forgotten' Telegraph May 17, 2014
Imam who ripped 9/11 museum film could get jail in 140G tax scheme New York Daily News May 17, 2014
Dutch firms no longer welcome in KSA Arab News May 17, 2014
New Hitler ads on Metrobuses stir up controversy WJLA May 16, 2014
Reza Aslan's Ugly Rape Fantasies FrontPage Magazine May 16, 2014
BBC in fresh race row as Harry Enfield blacks up and pokes fun at girl in a burka in his latest comedy sketch show Daily Mail May 15, 2014
Danish-Iranian artist poses nude in anti-Islam video Copenhagen Post May 15, 2014
In Metrobus ads, pro-Israel group features photo of Hitler Washington Post May 15, 2014
9/11 Museum documentary stirs controversy on eve of opening CNN May 15, 2014
9/11 Museum Film's Critic Says Jews Killed Jesus Investigative Project May 14, 2014
9/11 Museum Refuses to Censor Al-Qaeda Film FrontPage Magazine May 14, 2014
Britain's Two Set of Books Gatestone Institute May 14, 2014
NUS condemns 'anti-Islam' group Student Rights Independent May 14, 2014
Are Sharia-Tainted Businesses on the Ropes? FrontPage Magazine May 13, 2014
Dutch populist targets 'Brussels monster' from within AFP May 12, 2014
Muslim advocates amplify 9/11 museum film concerns Associated Press May 12, 2014
US Muslim Groups Won't Move To Excommunicate Boko Haram Daily Caller May 12, 2014
France Submits to Islam Gatestone Institute May 12, 2014
From jail to jihad? The threat of prison radicalisation BBC News May 11, 2014
Complaint lodged over broadcaster's 'xenophobic raving' against Chechens, Roma, Africans Radio France May 9, 2014
Anti-Islam leader appears in court Sky News May 9, 2014
The 'Brave German Woman' and Europe's Islam Question FrontPage Magazine May 9, 2014
Deceptive Islamist Support for Nigerian Girls Investigative Project May 9, 2014
The War on Former Muslim Women FrontPage Magazine May 9, 2014
My compulsory halal pizza is hard to swallow Telegraph May 8, 2014
UC Berkeley "Islamophobia" Conference: Pseudo-Scholarship at Taxpayer Expense FrontPage Magazine May 8, 2014
Yes, ICANN FrontPage Magazine May 7, 2014
Imam Pushing to Sanitize 9/11 Museum's Al-Qaida Film Slurs Jews Investigative Project May 7, 2014
Dutch Jewish lobby criticises Wilders for far-right anti-semitic links Dutch News May 7, 2014
Anti-Islamic posts on state rep candidate's page KRQE May 6, 2014
European states 'should recognize Islam' Turkish Press May 5, 2014
Arab Winter Comes to America FrontPage Magazine May 5, 2014
Tory candidate quits over homophobic and anti-Islamic tweets BBC News May 4, 2014
Radio host cleared over 'scumbag' tweet jibe to Musilm campaigner Birmingham Mail May 4, 2014
'Muslims of the Americas' Depositions Reveal New Enclaves Clarion Project May 4, 2014
UKIP suspends 'Islam is evil' tweet candidate BBC News May 3, 2014
The Muslim Council of Britain Linked to School Takeover Plot American Thinker May 2, 2014
PVV under fire for Front National links in first European debate Dutch News May 2, 2014
Arresting Churchill FrontPage Magazine May 2, 2014
Muslims to protest in Prague Prague Post May 2, 2014
Dutch Muslim rapper: I hate Jews more than Nazis JTA May 2, 2014
'Deplorable' tweets posted by UKIP candidate were 'banter' Surrey Herald May 1, 2014
Inhofe says Oklahomans believe Obama promotes Islam Tulsa World May 1, 2014
MEP Daniel Hannan believes opposing candidate's arrest was wrong Southern Daily Echo May 1, 2014
Two football fans in court over tearing up of Koran at Blues match Birmingham Mail May 1, 2014
"Pro-American" Bills On The Verge Of Passage WFSU April 30, 2014
Saudi Arabia slams Norway on human rights The Local April 29, 2014
Muslim Leaders Denounce Police Over Raids in Czech Capital New York Times April 28, 2014
Suspect in Hedegaard shooting case may never stand trial in Denmark Copenhagen Post April 28, 2014
Euro candidate Paul Weston arrested over Islam remarks BBC News April 28, 2014
5 Truths the 9/11 Museum Should Tell About 9/11 PJ Media April 27, 2014
CAIR, Allies Campaign to Cleanse Truth From 9/11 Museum Clarion Project April 27, 2014
High street lawyers to get formal training in Islamic Sharia law Telegraph April 26, 2014
Police accuse man over Islamic book after Prague mosque raid Prague Post April 26, 2014
9/11 museum film draws heat for portrayal of Islam Associated Press April 25, 2014
Islamist PC Police Seek To Bury Truth At 9/11 Museum Investor's Business Daily April 25, 2014
New York Muslim group's libel lawsuit is dismissed Associated Press April 25, 2014
Obama's Muslim Easter and Willful Ignorance FrontPage Magazine April 25, 2014
Who is in More Trouble: Wilders or The Netherlands? Gatestone Institute April 24, 2014
CAIR, MPAC, Religious Leaders: Don't Mention Jihad at Ground Zero Investigative Project April 24, 2014
PVV leader Wilders loses key aide over anti-Moroccan chanting Dutch News April 23, 2014
Who are the Victims and Who Are the Victimizers? Gatestone Institute April 23, 2014
The Moroccans That Infuriate the Dutch Gatestone Institute April 23, 2014
The feisty baroness defending 'voiceless' Muslim women Telegraph April 22, 2014
De Hond defends poll as 43% say they want fewer Moroccans in NL Dutch News April 22, 2014
PVV: 43 percent agree with fewer Moroccans NL Times April 22, 2014
Muslim cleric in UK probe after 'vile' Fadak TV rants Al-Arabiya April 22, 2014
The Mosque Missing from the Media's Boston Marathon Bombing Remembrances Breitbart April 22, 2014
Brandeis's Dishonor Diaries Jewish Press April 20, 2014
Britain's Establishment Muslim Organization Defends Pakistan and Iran American Thinker April 19, 2014
Muslim group posits harmony with Western values Orange County Register April 19, 2014
Where Does Naomi Wolf's Hypocrisy End, Or Does It? FrontPage Magazine April 18, 2014
Naomi Wolf Attacks Me as a Zionist Agent for Criticizing Brandeis Feminists Breitbart April 17, 2014
CAIR-Canada Directors Praise Muslim Brotherhood Clarion Project April 17, 2014
Brandeis University bows to Islamism Toronto Sun April 17, 2014
When Muslims renounce their faith Deutsche Welle April 17, 2014
Chicago ABC Station, Financial Institutions Co-Sponsor CAIR Banquet Investigative Project April 17, 2014
Film Spotlighting 'Honor Abuse' Called Islamophobic CBN News April 17, 2014
Freedom to Offend Everyone New York Times April 17, 2014
A return to Londonistan? BBC News April 16, 2014
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NYPD Stands Down on Anniversary of Boston Marathon Bombing Breitbart April 15, 2014
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Brandeis, Female Mutilation and the Falsehoods of a Faculty Petition FrontPage Magazine April 15, 2014
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Swedish state goes pro-FGM to avoid being racist Jihad Watch April 15, 2014
US Government Promoting Islam in Czech Republic Gatestone Institute April 14, 2014
Pork is the latest front in Europe's culture wars Guardian April 14, 2014
How Salman Rushdie Survived the Satanic Verses Fatwa Vanity Fair April 14, 2014
Adelaide-based Shiekh Sharif Hussein free to preach race hate Adelaide Advertiser April 13, 2014
U.S. Muslims cite progress but say they still fight bias Detroit News April 13, 2014
Journalists' guide to Islam called cave-in to political correctness Fox News April 12, 2014
Dissenting opinions? 'Drown them out, drum them out' Globe and Mail April 12, 2014
Facebook Exec to Headline Muslim Advocates' 'Countering Hate on the Internet' Dinner Breitbart April 11, 2014
Brandeis Backs Arsonists, Dumps Firefighter Gatestone Institute April 11, 2014
Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brandeis' Double Standards FrontPage Magazine April 11, 2014
Sweden's Totalitarian Face FrontPage Magazine April 11, 2014
Muslim advocacy group calls for investigation by Oberlin College into lecturer's 'bigotry' Chronicle-Telegram April 11, 2014
Former CST boss will help Muslim group battle Islamophobia Jewish Chronicle April 10, 2014
Forgetting freedom at Passover Jerusalem Post April 10, 2014
Approval rescinded for Shari'a Law event at Farragut High School WATE April 10, 2014
An Open Letter to Brandeis President Frederick Lawrence FrontPage Magazine April 10, 2014
Omaha 'Tri-Faith' project has links to Muslim Brotherhood Daily Caller April 10, 2014
Brandeis Caves to Islamic Supremacist Thuggery FrontPage Magazine April 10, 2014
Brandeis Caves to Pressure, Withdraws Honor to Ayaan Hirsi Ali Jewish Press April 9, 2014
The case of Ayaan Hirsi Ali: cowardly Brandeis University capitulates to Islamist pressure Telegraph April 9, 2014
The New 'Islam For Journalists' Whitewashes Jihad Investor's Business Daily April 9, 2014
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: 'They Simply Wanted Me to be Silenced' Time April 9, 2014
Brandeis University withdraws planned honorary degree for Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali Fox News April 9, 2014
Sailors sacked over racist and anti-Muslim Facebook posts Sydney Morning Herald April 8, 2014
Brandeis Cancels Plan to Give Honorary Degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Critic of Islam New York Times April 8, 2014
The United Kingdom's Continuing Koran Censorship FrontPage Magazine April 8, 2014
'Tell Mama' did exaggerate anti-Muslim attacks: PCC rejects all Fiyaz Mughal's complaints against us Telegraph April 8, 2014
'Jinn' – Supernatural Thriller versus Real Life Horror FrontPage Magazine April 7, 2014
Taqiyya and Blasphemy Laws in the UK FrontPage Magazine April 7, 2014
'Extremist' working as psychiatrist for NHS Telegraph April 6, 2014
CAIR's Jihad against Honor Diaries National Review April 5, 2014
Mohammed delegation met with Hamas and Hezbollah Copenhagen Post April 4, 2014
Honor Diaries: Silencing Speaks Volumes National Review April 4, 2014
There is a reason the niqab covers the mouth National Post April 4, 2014
Britain's Free Speech Dilemma FrontPage Magazine April 4, 2014
Anti-Islamic extremist group member targeted in shooting Sydney Morning Herald April 4, 2014
Spain's 'racist' food banks hard to swallow The Local April 3, 2014
What 'Alice in Arabia' teaches us about how to make Hollywood more diverse Washington Post April 3, 2014
More than 5,000 complaints about Wilders' anti-Moroccan chant Dutch News April 3, 2014
One in three French say they are racist: survey The Local April 2, 2014
Islamizing Britain's Schools FrontPage Magazine April 1, 2014
Protester gets 9 months for promoting hatred against Muslims Toronto Star April 1, 2014
CAIR Attacks 'Honor Diaries' Film as Anti-Muslim Jewish Press April 1, 2014
UK's Muslim Brotherhood inquiry looks like response to pressure from allies Guardian April 1, 2014
War Over Wilders FrontPage Magazine March 31, 2014
Wayne Bennett's tweets about Muslims threaten leadership bid CBC News March 29, 2014
Prime minister tells Dutch Moroccan kids ' you won't be deported' Dutch News March 28, 2014
Judge allows word 'terrorist' at Osmakac trial in Tampa Tampa Bay Times March 27, 2014
NATO's Next Secretary General: Jens Stoltenberg? FrontPage Magazine March 27, 2014
Trouble with the Law? Just Plead "Islam" Gatestone Institute March 27, 2014
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So now we know – the BBC is more scared of offending Muslims than gay people Spectator March 22, 2014
Unrepentant Wilders refuses to apologise for anti-Moroccan chant Dutch News March 22, 2014
ABC Family Scraps 'Alice in Arabia' Following Muslim Outcry Hollywood Reporter March 21, 2014
Dutch media round on Wilders' 'deeply menacing' message Dutch News March 21, 2014
ABC Family Pulls Plug on 'Alice in Arabia' After Muslim Org Backlash Variety March 21, 2014
Dutch politician Wilders accused of discrimination BBC News March 20, 2014
Birmingham mosque leader in gay comments row: 'I was misinterpreted' Birmingham Mail March 20, 2014
Wilders under fire over Moroccan chanting, 40,000 like Facebook page Dutch News March 20, 2014
The Cowardly BBC Bows to Islam Israel National News March 19, 2014
ABC Family's 'Alice in Arabia' Draws Concern from Muslim Advocates Variety March 19, 2014
ABC Family's 'Alice in Arabia' sparks outrage Entertainment Weekly March 19, 2014
Why I'm turning The Infidel into my first musical Guardian March 18, 2014
Geert Wilders to take legal action against rapper over video Dutch News March 18, 2014
Alarmed by anti-Semitism, French Jews consider flight Deutsche Welle March 17, 2014
Cleric's hate sermons from the village hall: Firebrand can broadcast to Middle East on his satellite channel because Ofcom is powerless to act Daily Mail March 17, 2014
Media bias: Robert Spencer unedited interview with SBS Australia, & what actually ran on the news Jihad Watch March 17, 2014
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Muslim extremists, and a worrying lesson for us all Telegraph March 16, 2014
Public prosecutor challenged to act on Wilders' Moroccan comments Dutch News March 15, 2014
Bid to boost feminism among Muslim women Guardian March 15, 2014
'Åkesson must tell Swedes if he plans to join the National Front' The Local March 14, 2014
Indivisible anti-Semitism Jerusalem Post March 14, 2014
Leftist Press Frets: Jihad Truth-Tellers 'Still Popular' FrontPage Magazine March 14, 2014
When Democracy and Multi-Culturalism Collide Investigative Project March 13, 2014
Parti Quebecois candidate resigns after posting 'F— Islam' photo on Facebook National Post March 13, 2014
BBC criticised for preventing debate on homosexuality in Islam to take place in Birmingham mosque Independent March 13, 2014
Professor speaks out after CAIR's anti-Muslim accusations Central Florida Future March 12, 2014
Anti-Muslim speakers still popular in law enforcement training Washington Post March 12, 2014
France's Problem Bigger Than One Comic Commentary March 11, 2014
Ukip faces questions about its far-right friends in Europe Guardian March 10, 2014
Extremists and the 'Trojan Horse' approach in state schools Telegraph March 9, 2014
Stand firm on slaughter ban, urges architect of the Cartoon Crisis Copenhagen Post March 8, 2014
Islamic college chief did not incite hatred, public prosecutor says Dutch News March 7, 2014
Right-Wing Extremism: Germany's New Islamophobia Boom Der Spiegel March 5, 2014
Pim and Theo: the kids' theatre show about zealots and murder Guardian March 5, 2014
Preaching 'Islamophobia' to the Choir at Saudi-Funded Georgetown FrontPage Magazine March 5, 2014
Radical Muslims Threaten Leaders of Islamic Party Bad News from the Netherlands March 5, 2014
Muslim Group Calls for Cancellation of Controversial Speaker at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University WMFE March 5, 2014
US appeals court permits YouTube to display anti-Muslim video with changes PC World March 3, 2014
Boy, 9, 'showed signs of extremism' as British Muslims claim to be targeted by authorities Daily Star March 2, 2014
Head of Free Press Society steps down Copenhagen Post February 28, 2014
Britain: Islamists Create Climate of Fear to Curb Free Speech Gatestone Institute February 28, 2014
Islamic group asks Embry-Riddle to cancel event featuring UCF Professor Jonathan Matusitz Orlando Sentinel February 27, 2014
Islamaphobia row Tory kicked out of party Enfield Advertiser February 27, 2014
Katy Perry Dark Horse video edited BBC News February 27, 2014
Secret 'Innocence of Muslims' Order Caused Google to Go Ballistic Hollywood Reporter February 26, 2014
Katy Perry Dark Horse video 'portrays blasphemy' BBC News February 26, 2014
Google ordered to remove anti-Islamic film from YouTube Reuters February 26, 2014
CAIR Picks Hamas-Linked Official to Lead NJ Chapter Clarion Project February 26, 2014
The Southern Poverty Law Center's Ridiculous 'Hate Group' List FrontPage Magazine February 26, 2014
The Real Agenda Behind the Push for "Islamophobia" Gatestone Institute February 25, 2014
Quebec values charter tossed back at Canadian envoy in Turkey CTV News February 25, 2014
Counterterrorism classes quiet Free Lance-Star February 25, 2014
Training a go, sheriff insists Free Lance-Star February 24, 2014
Czech Muslims call for ban on book by apostate Prague Post February 24, 2014
Who Is to Blame for "Islamophobia" in the UK? Gatestone Institute February 24, 2014
Danish 'halal' ban stuns Muslims Arab News February 24, 2014
Arab American girl demands ban for man who racially insulted her at Dearborn library Arab American News February 21, 2014
Calling someone 'foreign pig' not racist: Swiss court AFP February 21, 2014
Sheriff says Culpeper counterterrorism training will go on Free Lance-Star February 21, 2014
Muslim groups accuse the Daily Mail of inciting hatred after Richard Littlejohn 'Jolly Jihadi' column The Drum February 21, 2014
France Satirical Mag Charlie Hebdo Sued by Islamists for 'Blasphemy' International Business Times February 19, 2014
Anger as preacher who supports FGM speaks at SOAS campus debate Evening Standard February 19, 2014
CAIR Lies in Smear Campaign Against Zuhdi Jasser FrontPage Magazine February 19, 2014
Academia Legitimizes Extremist Speakers Gatestone Institute February 19, 2014
Counterterrorism conference threatens to blow up on VA sheriff Watchdog February 18, 2014
Muslims sue satirical paper for blasphemy, MP for hate speech Radio France February 17, 2014
Far Right targets Legoland after park hired by Muslim cleric for kids' halal fun day Daily Express February 16, 2014
U.S. Lifts Ban on Immigrants With Links to Terrorism Clarion Project February 16, 2014
Converts to Islam jailed for terrorising streets as 'Muslim Patrol' are banned from promoting Sharia law for five years Daily Mail February 14, 2014
Dhimmitude in Tennessee FrontPage Magazine February 13, 2014
CAIR Again Shows It Can't Stand Other Muslim Viewpoints Investigative Project February 11, 2014
Doublethink in Norway FrontPage Magazine February 11, 2014
Williamson Co. Students Upset Over Anti-Muslim Pamphlets WZTV February 10, 2014
New Figures Reveal Extremist Preachers Widespread on UK Campuses Breitbart February 10, 2014
Revisiting the Neighborhood PJ Media February 9, 2014
Islamic preachers: the pied pipers of sexual apartheid? Telegraph February 9, 2014
CAIR-MD Welcome Article Removal Decision Muslim Link February 8, 2014
Man charged after 'Koran ripped up at football match' BBC News February 8, 2014
Muslims, Our Natural Allies? FrontPage Magazine February 6, 2014
UT-Knoxville's Newest Student Anti-Israel Hate Group FrontPage Magazine February 5, 2014
Bomb squad sent to home of Lars Vilks The Local February 4, 2014
Free Speech Wars: The Blasphemy Fashion Police Gatestone Institute February 4, 2014
Canada: CAIR-CAN, The NCCM and "The Islamic Victimhood Narrative" Gatestone Institute February 4, 2014
Islamic Society backs call to ban Fringe show Come Heckle Christ Adelaide Advertiser February 3, 2014
Christian college drops 'Crusaders' nickname in bow to 'global society' Fox News February 2, 2014
Islamic extremism on the rise in Sweden: study The Local January 31, 2014
Radical Islamist faces prison term Views and News from Norway January 30, 2014
Media 'sensationalism' slammed in terror report by Victoria Police and Victoria Uni The Age January 30, 2014
Let court decide Muslim complaint Toronto Sun January 29, 2014
First-Class Islam: Eric Holder Puts Muslims Above Terror Suspicion PJ Media January 28, 2014
Muslim group threatens Canada PM with libel suit AFP January 28, 2014
Radical Islamist defends alleged threats Views and News from Norway January 27, 2014
Lying about Norway's Progress Party FrontPage Magazine January 27, 2014
Muslims Vote Labour, Anglicans Are Tories, New Study Into Religion And Politics Concludes Huffington Post January 26, 2014
Sweden: Campaign against Islam critics: stab them and rape their children Jihad Watch January 26, 2014
Hollywood's Muslim Lies FrontPage Magazine January 24, 2014
Republicans criticize party member Dave Agema for recent controversial remarks Arab American News January 23, 2014
Quilliam Foundation removed from awards shortlist Asian Image January 23, 2014
Yard's plea to Muslims: Help stop children turning to terror Evening Standard January 23, 2014
Washington Governor Speaks at Islamist Event Clarion Project January 23, 2014
French National Front focuses on Islam in third phase of far-right strategy Irish Times January 23, 2014
Hairy hijabs cut from Platform art exhibit in Melbourne The Age January 23, 2014
Leader of group accused of plotting against Turkey calls Pennsylvania home CNN January 21, 2014
UK Islamic group condemns website featuring cartoons of Prophet Mohamed and Jesus Al-Ahram January 21, 2014
Harris Zafar and His Straw Man FrontPage Magazine January 20, 2014
Mosque comments at secular charter hearing raises questions CBC News January 20, 2014
Muslim comments were 'jokes', 'Irish voice' Facebook claims Irish Independent January 18, 2014
Anti-Muslim 'Irish voice' page to be reported to Gardaí, Facebook Irish Journal January 18, 2014
Police race-hate probe leads to Boro fan's arrest Evening Gazette January 18, 2014
Almost two Sydney women a week are converting to Islam Daily Telegraph January 18, 2014
Anti-Muslim Attacks Nearly Double in Britain Voice of America January 17, 2014
Michigan Republican condemned for questioning Muslims' contributions to the nation Arab American News January 17, 2014
Muslim group wants rabbi tossed from Harper's Israel trip Toronto Sun January 16, 2014
Competing Human Rights in Canada Gatestone Institute January 16, 2014
Radical Syrian Cleric Secures US Visa Despite Endorsing Suicide Bombings Investigative Project January 14, 2014
Europe's New Crowd-Pleasing Jew-Hate Gatestone Institute January 13, 2014
Let 'Europe fall flat on its face,' Le Pen says The Local January 10, 2014
Turkish Scandal Shines Light On 'Shadowy' Muslim Leader NPR January 10, 2014
Councillor Chris Joannides will not face legal action for 'anti-Islamic' Facebook post Enfield Independent January 10, 2014
UK Charity Commission Fails to Regulate Extremist Charities Gatestone Institute January 9, 2014
Federal Court upholds government stopping funding to Canadian Arab Federation over concerns it appears to support terrorist organizations National Post January 7, 2014
America's 'Jihad Jane' jailed for 10 years AFP January 6, 2014
Rewarding thuggery in Nassau County WorldNetDaily January 5, 2014
Ugly end to debate on free speech Copenhagen Post January 5, 2014
Get outraged over radical Islam Toronto Sun January 4, 2014
Jihad Jane faces 'decades' in prison The Local January 4, 2014
Obsessing Over the 'Other' FrontPage Magazine January 3, 2014
The Boston Jewish Establishment's War on Dissent Jewish Russian Telegraph January 2, 2014
Danish Muslim Apostate Faces Hate Speech Charges FrontPage Magazine January 2, 2014
Ibn Warraq Takes on Fact, Fiction, and Freedom FrontPage Magazine January 1, 2014
Red Star over Scandinavia FrontPage Magazine December 31, 2013
France: The Looming Battle over Muslim Integration Gatestone Institute December 31, 2013
Russia should do more to combat radical Islamic ideology - Orthodox Church spokesman Interfax December 31, 2013 won't follow Gmail on Wilders Anti-Islam Stickers NL Times December 30, 2013
Samir Nasri and Mamadou Sakho pictured performing same controversial 'quenelle' gesture as Nicolas Anelka Telegraph December 30, 2013
Five Signs of Hope (Maybe) for Europe FrontPage Magazine December 30, 2013
Nicolas Anelka's 'quenelle' gesture in support of 'racist' friend Dieudonné causes outrage in France Telegraph December 29, 2013
Nicolas Anelka should be banned by Premier League, urge political, Muslim and Jewish groups in France Telegraph December 29, 2013
You can't parody Islam, says Palin Daily Mail December 29, 2013
Gmail 'blocks' Wilders' anti-Islam sticker mail account Dutch News December 27, 2013
UK anti-Muslim hate crime soars, police figures show Guardian December 26, 2013
Muslim community leader Keysar Trad loses defamation case against 2GB's Jason Morrison Daily Telegraph December 24, 2013
Global Muslim Bloc Launches War On Free Speech In West Investor's Business Daily December 23, 2013
Islamophobia or what? Hurriyet December 20, 2013
Sweden's March Into Oblivion FrontPage Magazine December 20, 2013
LSE apologises to students asked to cover Jesus and Muhammad T-shirts Guardian December 20, 2013
House speaker removes painted breasts The Local December 19, 2013
Christianity vs Islam: what future awaits Europe? Voice of Russia December 19, 2013
UK Government Crackdown on Muslim Radicals Obstructed by Islamists Gatestone Institute December 18, 2013
Denial that 1915 killings of Armenians was genocide constitutes freedom of expression: ECHR Hurriyet December 17, 2013
DF says no to more Danish Muslims Copenhagen Post December 17, 2013
Laws against inciting hatred: funny how an Islamist hate preacher is never prosecuted Telegraph December 17, 2013
The Hypocrisy of the 'Islamophobia' Scam PJ Media December 16, 2013
Europe: Islamic Fundamentalism is Widespread Gatestone Institute December 16, 2013
The Alarming Rise of Campus Anti-Semitism FrontPage Magazine December 16, 2013
Segregation by gender has no place in our public realm Guardian December 14, 2013
London shopkeepers threatened with 40 lashes for selling alcohol The Way December 14, 2013
Universities UK withdraws advice on gender segregation in lectures Guardian December 13, 2013
Foreign-born Swedes join anti-immigration party The Local December 13, 2013
France should allow headscarves, Arabic in schools: report to PM Reuters December 13, 2013
Downing Street joins university segregation row BBC News December 13, 2013
Middlesbrough suspends two fans from matches after claims Qur'an ripped up at game Daily Mirror December 13, 2013
Gender segregation not 'alien to our culture', says Universities UK chief Guardian December 12, 2013
University segregation advice may need court ruling BBC News December 12, 2013
Chilling Effect for Me, But Not for Thee Jihad Watch December 12, 2013
Do You Think The Wrong Thing?! Gatestone Institute December 12, 2013
Danish rap poet Yahya Hassan faces racism charge for knocking Muslims Guardian December 12, 2013
'Gender apartheid' is real in UK universities. So why aren't more people fighting it? Telegraph December 11, 2013
Outcry at 'gender apartheid' in new guidance for UK universities Independent December 11, 2013
Students demonstrate against 'gender apartheid' as Universities UK refuses to ban the separation of sexes during visits by speakers Daily Mail December 11, 2013
French ban on Islamic face veil challenged in court Telegraph December 11, 2013
French veil ban on trial in new challenge AFP December 11, 2013
CAIR Intimidates Opponents With New Tactic: 'Lawfare' Clarion Project December 11, 2013
OIC Blames Free Speech for "Islamophobia" in West Gatestone Institute December 11, 2013
'I hope they starve' post fells Sweden Democrat The Local December 10, 2013
New Miss France proud of 'mixed' country The Local December 9, 2013
Yahya Hassan's attacker found guilty Copenhagen Post December 9, 2013
Even the Arabs Have Turned "Injun" FrontPage Magazine December 9, 2013
Jew in a jam Philadelphia Daily News December 7, 2013
DFer acquitted of racism Copenhagen Post December 6, 2013
Sharia's War on Music FrontPage Magazine December 6, 2013
France: Muslim Woman Sues Over Burqa Ban Gatestone Institute December 6, 2013
Hate speech taskforce to fight rise in Holocaust denial and Islamophobia in Camden Hampstead and Highgate Express December 5, 2013
France: Muslims take Charlie Hebdo magazine to court for "blasphemy" Islam versus Europe December 5, 2013
Theresa May to 'address gaps' in anti-extremism powers BBC News December 4, 2013
Government crackdown on radicals 'will lead to attacks on Muslims' Independent December 4, 2013
New Threats Against "Pig" Wilders NL Times December 4, 2013
Spencer and Geller Banned from Britain for Supporting Israel FrontPage Magazine December 4, 2013
The Court Battle Over 'Pro-Israel' Billboards Could Be a 'Tough Win' For the MBTA Boston Magazine December 3, 2013
Feinstein: Jihadists Will Stop Hating the West Only When They Achieve Shariah Law Breitbart December 2, 2013
Yahya Hassan not worried about racism charge Copenhagen Post December 2, 2013
Italian politician fined for staging anti-burqa protest Europe Online December 2, 2013
Georgetown's Interfaith Sham FrontPage Magazine December 2, 2013
Documents reveal British banned Geller and Spencer because of their 'pro-Israeli views' Daily Caller December 1, 2013
Local couple taunted over flags hanging outside home WDIV November 30, 2013
Charges filed for threats against Yahya Hassan Copenhagen Post November 29, 2013
A victim, but of his own talent Copenhagen Post November 28, 2013
Million kroner poetry reading goes off without hitch Copenhagen Post November 27, 2013
German coalition agrees on limited dual citizenship, Turks demand more Today's Zaman November 27, 2013
France reaffirms limits on Muslim headscarves, veils Reuters November 27, 2013
French veil law: Muslim woman's challenge in Strasbourg BBC News November 27, 2013
What If Islamists Took Control of the White House? FrontPage Magazine November 25, 2013
Charlie Hebdo employee was ordered out of taxi by Muslim taxi driver because he was angry about Mohammed cartoons Islam versus Europe November 24, 2013
Dozens of lawsuits used to hide 'Islamic realities' WorldNetDaily November 23, 2013
'Allowing university speakers to segregate genders is outrageous' Telegraph November 22, 2013
Universities advised on managing radical speakers BBC News November 22, 2013
Universities 'can segregate men and women for debates' Telegraph November 22, 2013
Poet's Vollsmose event going forward despite police concerns Copenhagen Post November 22, 2013
Event with high-profile poet cancelled over safety concerns Copenhagen Post November 22, 2013
Labour's shadow justice minister severs links with Muslim extremists Telegraph November 22, 2013
Incoming NYC Mayor Taps Pro-Censorship Imam for Transition Investigative Project November 21, 2013
The Right's attitude to radical Islam is as bad as the Left's Spectator November 20, 2013
Italy: Month's jail requested for Berlusconi lawmaker over anti-burqa protest Adnkronos International November 19, 2013
Italian politician faces jail for anti-burqa protest The Local November 19, 2013
Yahya Hassan assaulted at Central Station Copenhagen Post November 19, 2013
Court Date Set For Arguments Over 'Demeaning' Pro-Israel Ads On the MBTA Boston Magazine November 18, 2013
Volusia schools will keep using history book Daytona Beach News-Journal November 18, 2013
Battle over 36 pages of Islam in Fla. textbook about to explode; Dems back CAIR BizPac Review November 18, 2013
MBTA's advertising dispute: Speech without name-calling Boston Globe November 17, 2013
Islamist Inciter of Violence Found Guilty, CAIR Cries 'Setup' Clarion Project November 17, 2013
Islam-critical art exhibition survived despite threats Jihad Watch November 15, 2013
Mehanna Ruling Draws Line Between Speech and Material Support Investigative Project November 14, 2013
'Muslim Brotherhood' protesters storm London university lecture on Egypt Evening Standard November 14, 2013
Nude paintings blocked in German school spark debate AFP November 13, 2013
French, Dutch far-right launch eurosceptic alliance AFP November 13, 2013
CAIR demands Washington Redskins change 'derogatory' name, mascot Daily Caller November 13, 2013
Whitewashing Amsterdam's Islamization FrontPage Magazine November 13, 2013
PVV, Front National announce alliance to combat Brussels monster Dutch News November 13, 2013
Many Things Rotten in Denmark FrontPage Magazine November 13, 2013
Coachella Valley Unified to hold special meeting on Arabs mascot Desert Sun November 12, 2013
ACLU Honors CAIR With Civil Libertarian Award Clarion Project November 12, 2013
When Opposing Jihad Is 'Racist' FrontPage Magazine November 12, 2013
Germany's Sharia No-Go Zones FrontPage Magazine November 11, 2013
Conan O'Brien Discovers: Muslim Polygamy Is No Joke PJ Media November 11, 2013
Kristallnacht speaker receives death threats The Local November 11, 2013
Islamic converts threatened to 'kill non-believers' in vigilante patrol Telegraph November 11, 2013
Students, administration respond to divisive Halloween posting Student Life November 11, 2013
The State Department should Leave the Istanbul Process American Thinker November 10, 2013
Berlin: Artist not allowed to show nude sketches "out of respect for Muslims" Islam versus Europe November 10, 2013
Islamic Thugismo at Work PJ Media November 9, 2013
Coachella Valley High Arabs mascot performs at rivalry football game Desert Sun November 9, 2013
Why can't we admit we're scared of Islamism? Spectator November 9, 2013
Right Wing's Surge in Europe Has the Establishment Rattled New York Times November 8, 2013
Ending the War on Terror FrontPage Magazine November 8, 2013
Convicted in Bangladesh - what it means in the UK Jewish Chronicle November 7, 2013
Coachella Valley High School Arab mascot stirs controversy Desert Sun November 7, 2013
Photo of student Halloween costumes sparks controversy at Washington University St. Louis Post-Dispatch November 7, 2013
Pro-Israel group sues MBTA over proposed ads Boston Globe November 7, 2013
Victimized by Muslims? You Deserve It FrontPage Magazine November 6, 2013
Shahina Siddiqui's Muslim Contribution to Canada FrontPage Magazine November 4, 2013
Muslim leader living in Britain sentenced to death by hanging for war crimes in Bangladesh Daily Mail November 3, 2013
Ford Interfaith Network Embraces CAIR-Michigan Clarion Project November 3, 2013
CAIR Tries to Stop Counter-Terror Training Sessions Clarion Project November 3, 2013
Islamic group's leader attends anti-terrorism seminar despite efforts to keep him out Tulsa World November 2, 2013
Only a God Can Save Us Now PJ Media November 1, 2013
Controversial Edmonton ads targeting Muslims won't be reviewed after being pulled Sun News Network November 1, 2013
Efforts to keep Muslim leader from attending anti-terrorism seminar fall short Tulsa World November 1, 2013
Mohamed Elibiary Declares Victory Over the Constitution FrontPage Magazine November 1, 2013
Islamic group's leader barred from terrorism seminar Tulsa World November 1, 2013
Who's the Real Iron Lady of Norway? FrontPage Magazine October 31, 2013
Lawyer challenges French burka ban, woman's trial postponed Radio France October 30, 2013
Bus ad controversy is outrageous political correctness Edmonton Sun October 30, 2013
Organization that had controversial Edmonton bus signs pulled will be refunded Edmonton Sun October 30, 2013
Counterterrorism Caucus Issues Second Response to CAIR Daily Ardmoreite October 30, 2013
Islam critic refuses to back down despite rock-throwing incident Copenhagen Post October 30, 2013
Freedom of speech and the burqa Otago Daily Times October 30, 2013
Islamerica, Eurabia and Eurasia FrontPage Magazine October 30, 2013
EU Unveils Crackdown on Free Speech FrontPage Magazine October 30, 2013
Edmonton Transit removes anti-Muslim bus ads Edmonton Journal October 29, 2013
Islamic bookshop shuts, blaming extremism 'lies' Sydney Morning Herald October 29, 2013
Ten Years of Jihad Watch FrontPage Magazine October 29, 2013
Islamic History Month Comes to Manitoba, Canada FrontPage Magazine October 29, 2013
EU Proposal to Monitor "Intolerant" Citizens Gatestone Institute October 28, 2013
American-Islamic group angry over "anti-Muslim" speakers coming to State Capitol KFOR October 28, 2013
Spies in the Classroom: CAIR vs. Campus Watch FrontPage Magazine October 28, 2013
Fine for burqa remarks questioned Otago Daily Times October 26, 2013
Christianity Under Attack in America American Thinker October 25, 2013
Obama's War on the Christian 'Extremist' Threat FrontPage Magazine October 25, 2013
The Western Left's Fatwa Against Muslim Liberals FrontPage Magazine October 24, 2013
Fined for ordering woman to remove burqa Otago Daily Times October 24, 2013
Continued death threats against poet Copenhagen Post October 23, 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood's Man in the White House FrontPage Magazine October 23, 2013
Documentary Shines a Light on Honor Killing FrontPage Magazine October 23, 2013
Is this the proper American Muslim response to jihad in America? American Thinker October 23, 2013
Lawyer wants Wilders' inciting hatred case reconsidered Dutch News October 22, 2013
Geneva Conference Moves Toward Criminalizing "Islamophobia" FrontPage Magazine October 22, 2013
Islamists Target Islamists Gatestone Institute October 21, 2013
The Danger of Populism in France and Elsewhere American Thinker October 20, 2013
'Erotic video' displayed in Greek mosque angers Turk society Hurriyet October 20, 2013
CAIR Appoints Jew to Head Philadelphia Chapter Clarion Project October 20, 2013
UK Muslims who spoke out against Lee Rigby's murder in Woolwich named as terror targets News Shopper October 19, 2013
The Muslim Patrol enforcer: Ginger-haired Bin Laden disciple admits mob attacks on 'non-believers' Daily Mail October 18, 2013
The truth about Robert Spencer: Rebuttals to false charges Jihad Watch October 15, 2013
The Muslims Are Coming, Part II FrontPage Magazine October 15, 2013
Al-Hiwar TV: Islamists' Loudspeaker in Europe Gatestone Institute October 14, 2013
UN's naked male sculpture hidden ahead of Iran talks AFP October 14, 2013
Designer Louboutin wins court ban on anti-Islam ad AFP October 14, 2013
Her film about an 'honour' killing won an Emmy. Now it's being used to train police Guardian October 12, 2013
Coptic Leaders Condemn Obama Adviser's Anti-Coptic Tweets Investigative Project October 11, 2013
Passage to Marseille FrontPage Magazine October 11, 2013
Bulgaria bans Spanish professor for defending Ottomans World Bulletin October 10, 2013
Young poet threatened after TV appearance Copenhagen Post October 10, 2013
UCF professor accuses Muslim civil rights group of spying on class WFTV October 9, 2013
French journalist is prosecuted under 19th century press law for questioning Islam during a radio debate Daily Mail October 9, 2013
Group sues to post anti-jihadi ads on Metro buses Seattle Times October 8, 2013
Ezra Levant in court Oct. 15 to answer for calling Canadian Islamic Rights activist a liar Globe and Mail October 7, 2013
UK Islamist group gets aggressive after speaker ban Trending Central October 5, 2013
Glenn Greenwald, Journalist Who Reported on NSA Surveillance Leaks, to Address Islamic Event CNS News October 3, 2013
Throw gays off a mountain imams to speak at London conference Gay Star News October 3, 2013
The Pam and Robert Show PJ Media October 1, 2013
CAIR's Islamophobia Meltdown FrontPage Magazine September 30, 2013
American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) Counters Hamas-tied CAIR in Tampa Breitbart September 28, 2013
Louboutin turns heel on anti-Islamist ad AFP September 25, 2013
CAIR's Money Laundering Scheme FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2013
After Nairobi Attack, CAIR Still Minimizing Shabaab's Somali-American Recruitment Investigative Project September 24, 2013
Is 'INF1DL' OK for a vanity plate? CNN September 23, 2013
CAIR Impeded FBI Probe of Somali Terrorist Group in Kenya Attack Judicial Watch September 23, 2013
DoJ Slams FBI for Ties with CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) Clarion Project September 22, 2013
Russian Muslim clerics warn of unrest over ban of translation of Koran Reuters September 20, 2013
Revealed: The Obama FBI's Illicit Partnership with CAIR FrontPage Magazine September 20, 2013
Muslims name 37 groups that fuel Islamophobia Religion News Service September 19, 2013
Clinton Muslim Brotherhood Operative Arrested in Egypt FrontPage Magazine September 19, 2013
Danish-Iranian artist convicted of racism Copenhagen Post September 18, 2013
John Jamason: Palm Beach County public information officer won't be disciplined after Islam post WPTV September 18, 2013
Does the Qur'an Teach Hate? FrontPage Magazine September 18, 2013
Quebec's proposed charter an echo of European views Vancouver Sun September 17, 2013
Denmark: Iranian Artist Convicted of Racism for Criticising Islam Islam versus Europe September 17, 2013
Islamists Launch New Offensive Against NYPD Clarion Project September 16, 2013
Islamist Showdown American Thinker September 16, 2013
Lawsuit over controversial DF advert moves forward Copenhagen Post September 13, 2013
Canadian Muslim leaders worried U.S. speakers will spread 'hate' about Islam Global Post September 13, 2013
Islamophobia conf. calls for int'l effort to tackle anti-Islam leanings KUNA September 13, 2013
Muslim group demands public records after county communications staffer posts anti-Islamic message Palm Beach Post September 13, 2013
Infiltrating CAIR: Propaganda, Lawfare, Media Manipulation Clarion Project September 12, 2013
Muslim group asks Walmart to re-hire manager fired over Facebook posting Buffalo News September 12, 2013
Destroying Norway's Socialist Paradise? FrontPage Magazine September 12, 2013
The Muslims Are Coming! FrontPage Magazine September 12, 2013
EDL leaders deny Lee Rigby march charges BBC News September 11, 2013
Muslim millennials 12 years after 9/11 Santa Monica College Corsair September 11, 2013
Iraq war vet sues Mich. for denying 'Infidel' license plate Army Times September 11, 2013
'Far too few dare criticize Islam': Abba star The Local September 11, 2013
Fla. pastor arrested before he could burn Qurans Associated Press September 11, 2013
9/11: Twelve Years Later FrontPage Magazine September 11, 2013
More Than a Memorial Day FrontPage Magazine September 11, 2013
Airport Security & Double Standards FrontPage Magazine September 11, 2013
Obama Judge: Hijab Ban Violates Muslim Civil Rights Judicial Watch September 10, 2013
The Biggest Mega-Mosque in Scandinavia Gatestone Institute September 9, 2013
France unveils 'secular charter' for all schools The Local September 9, 2013
EDL marchers scuffle with anti-racist protesters near East London mosque Guardian September 7, 2013
Violence fear for east London as EDL insists tomorrow's anti-Muslim march still on Daily Express September 6, 2013
EDL lose appeal over 'Sharia' march Daily Express September 6, 2013
United Nations' War on Free Speech Continues FrontPage Magazine September 6, 2013
Hamas TV to broadcast from Copenhagen Copenhagen Post September 5, 2013
Sacked cop posted anti-immigrant jokes The Local September 4, 2013
Hamburg Walmart manager fired over anti-Muslim posting Buffalo News September 4, 2013
'Politicians must follow 'hijab outcry' with action' The Local September 3, 2013
Moderate Muslims Oppose 'Islamophobia' Tactic Clarion Project September 3, 2013
Federal judge rules in favor of Terry Jones, says two Dearborn ordinances are unconstitutional Press and Guide September 3, 2013
Million Muslim March Organizers Delete Extremist Posts Clarion Project September 3, 2013
The Billionaire and the Terrorist FrontPage Magazine September 2, 2013
Stephen Fry hits back at accusations of Islamophobia Independent September 1, 2013
Britain 'giving in to sharia councils' says Norway's anti-immigration leader Telegraph September 1, 2013
Abbott fires up burqa debate Sydney Morning Herald September 1, 2013
Muslim youth conference cancelled in Montreal after 'security review' Canadian Press August 31, 2013
MPs call for ban on EDL march in Muslim area Channel 4 August 31, 2013
France: A "Secularism Charter" in Every School Gatestone Institute August 30, 2013
Muslims paying Aborigines to convert to Islam, Rise Up candidate claims Brisbane Times August 30, 2013
The FBI and the Muslim Brotherhood FrontPage Magazine August 30, 2013
Burqa 'a sign of oppression' Sydney Morning Herald August 30, 2013
A young Swedish Muslim inspired by Wallenberg The Local August 29, 2013
Muslim group fails to convince hotel to cancel speakers Canadian Jewish News August 29, 2013
Stoning is good for your soul, says Canadian cleric Sun News Network August 28, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Groups and Their Jewish Friends FrontPage Magazine August 28, 2013
Islamists point their guns at Danish critics Copenhagen Post August 27, 2013
Quebec Muslims speak out against French Islamists France 24 August 27, 2013
Britain: Muslim TV Hate Preachers "Inciting Murder" Gatestone Institute August 26, 2013
A Muhammad Cartoon Rioter Repents FrontPage Magazine August 26, 2013
Fort Hood Trial: Don't Say the "T" Word FrontPage Magazine August 22, 2013
Camille Paglia and the Clash of Cultures FrontPage Magazine August 22, 2013
Scandinavian Rape, Scandinavian Blinders FrontPage Magazine August 22, 2013
Airing inconvenient truths Detroit News August 21, 2013
Islamic TV channel fined £85,000 for inciting violence BBC News August 21, 2013
ICNA-MAS Linked Professor Attacks Christians on Facebook Investigative Project August 21, 2013
Spain's New "Fornicators" Gatestone Institute August 20, 2013
Democratic Maryland Governor Prepares 2016 Presidential Bid FrontPage Magazine August 20, 2013
U.S. Islamists Press to Block Anti-Sharia Legislation Clarion Project August 19, 2013
Judge Says Courts Must Accept Shariah Influence Investor's Business Daily August 19, 2013
Get Ready for Al Jazeera America FrontPage Magazine August 19, 2013
Seattle Transit Refuses AFDI FBI 'Faces of Global Terrorism' Ad Breitbart August 18, 2013
Mehdi Hasan Smears Douglas Murray & Robert Spencer American Thinker August 18, 2013
Egyptian Americans and Muslim group condemn killings in Egypt New Haven Register August 16, 2013
Police anti-terrorism class canceled amid concerns from Muslim group Chicago Tribune August 16, 2013
Islamic group protests police trainer coming to Lombard Daily Herald August 16, 2013
Sharia Law Hot Topic At Upcoming Veto Session Webster-Kirkwood Times August 16, 2013
Obama's War of Word Games FrontPage Magazine August 14, 2013
Freedom of Speech does not mean accepting voices of incivility Detroit News August 13, 2013
Controversial UCF prof talks 'civilization jihad' to Viera audience Florida Today August 13, 2013
California man behind anti-Islam film released to halfway house Reuters August 13, 2013
In politics and on the streets, French far right surges Christian Science Monitor August 13, 2013
'Islamophobia' in the Bay Area? American Thinker August 13, 2013
Reactions against Dawkins' Islamophobic Eid tweet World Bulletin August 13, 2013
Huma Abedin, Alger Hiss, Huma Abedin, Alger Hiss, Huma Abedin, Alger… PJ Media August 12, 2013
Extremism Found in Journal During Huma Abedin's Tenure Clarion Project August 12, 2013
Pro-Morsi Demonstrations Make MB Ties Harder to Hide Investigative Project August 12, 2013
State Dept. Spokeswoman Psaki Denounces 'Enemies of Islam' PJ Media August 11, 2013
Controversial speaker draws criticism from national Islamic advocacy group Florida Today August 10, 2013
'Muslims peaked in the Dark Ages. But since then?': Richard Dawkins embroiled in Twitter row over controversial comments Daily Mail August 9, 2013
Rally Organizers Deny Ties with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Investigative Project August 9, 2013
When failure carries no cost Jerusalem Post August 8, 2013
Europe: Ramadan Wrap-Up, 2013 Gatestone Institute August 8, 2013
Controversial speaker planned at symposium on Islam in Ypsilanti Detroit News August 7, 2013
Freedom to Criticize Gatestone Institute August 6, 2013
Police investigating hate speech allegations at anti-Israel rally Sun News Network August 6, 2013
Canadian Muslim Leader: Zionism Will be Eternally Shamed Israel National News August 5, 2013
The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact with Hitler FrontPage Magazine August 5, 2013
Rise Up Australia Party announces policy to ban burka ABC Australia August 5, 2013
Al-Qaeda linked UK Muslim activist calls for Taliban to storm Guantanamo Jihad Watch August 2, 2013
Nobel chair warns of giving voice to Fjordman The Local August 1, 2013
Egypt MB Protests Underscore Hypocrisy of America's Islamists Investigative Project July 31, 2013
Obama urged to restore Muslim Brotherhood WorldNetDaily July 30, 2013
France, secular and increasingly diverse, struggles with separation of Islam and the state Fox News July 29, 2013
Notes on 'Counterjihad' FrontPage Magazine July 29, 2013
Little Falls school district says tea party has agreed to building use policies St. Cloud Times July 25, 2013
Jihadist Camps in America: A Ticking Time Bomb FrontPage Magazine July 25, 2013
FBI ignored warnings about Boston bombers' radical mosque Daily Caller July 25, 2013
Liberal media love new Jesus book 'Zealot', fail to mention author is Muslim Fox News July 24, 2013
Halal Google Gives Muslims An Internet Free Of Vice Huffington Post July 24, 2013
'Abandoned' French Muslims say they don't see themselves as French The National July 24, 2013
Islamic civil rights group asks Little Falls school to drop tea party speaker St. Cloud Times July 24, 2013
French cops probed over racist Facebook posts The Local July 23, 2013
Rep. Louie Gohmert's Challenge to America FrontPage Magazine July 23, 2013
'Racism in Norway survived the 22/7 attack' The Local July 22, 2013
The Fatal Fallacy of Muslim Outreach American Thinker July 22, 2013
Understanding Dhimmitude FrontPage Magazine July 19, 2013
France: Slouching Toward Totalitarianism Gatestone Institute July 18, 2013
Controversial bus ads reveal Metro's quiet policy change Seattle Times July 18, 2013
The PC-ification Of The FBI Investor's Business Daily July 17, 2013
France's Marianne muse stirs pot with anti-Islam tweet France 24 July 17, 2013
The Islamist Ties of 'Religions for Peace USA' FrontPage Magazine July 17, 2013
Islam's Cartoon Jihad Strikes Again FrontPage Magazine July 16, 2013
What's in a Word? FrontPage Magazine July 16, 2013
Former Dansk Folkeparti MP charged with racism for Facebook content Copenhagen Post July 15, 2013
Denmark: Muslim leader to female politician telling extreme Muslim immigrants to "go home": Allah will punish you in Hell Islam versus Europe July 13, 2013
A Leftist's Harsh Words for the Unholy Alliance FrontPage Magazine July 12, 2013
CAIR and Student Prayer American Spectator July 12, 2013
The Islamist Wind in Britain FrontPage Magazine July 11, 2013
Italy: "Fighting in the Name of Allah" Gatestone Institute July 9, 2013
Venstre to unhappy Muslims: "Find somewhere else to live" Copenhagen Post July 8, 2013
Britain's Powerful Enemies of Freedom FrontPage Magazine July 8, 2013
Muslim student in Germany destroys Israeli exhibit Jerusalem Post July 6, 2013
UKIP councillor Eric Kitson faces no 'racist cartoon' charges BBC News July 5, 2013
Undaunted: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff's Fight for Free Speech FrontPage Magazine July 5, 2013
DM Digital fined £105,000 over speech that condoned murder for blasphemy Guardian July 5, 2013
Moderate Muslims Oppose UK Ban on Anti-Islamic Speakers Clarion Project July 4, 2013
Location moved after bishop cancels appearance of Jihad Watch blogger Napa Valley Register July 3, 2013
Anti-Muslim acts rising in France, rights group says Reuters July 3, 2013
'It was a mistake to strip Le Pen of her immunity' The Local July 2, 2013
France's Marine Le Pen loses immunity as MEP BBC News July 2, 2013
American Islamists Rally Behind MB Amid Egypt Protests Investigative Project July 2, 2013
Living in a Backwards World FrontPage Magazine July 2, 2013
Obama Marginalizes Christianity, Mainstreams Islam Investor's Business Daily July 1, 2013
Islamism's Tactical Advantage FrontPage Magazine July 1, 2013
America faces challenges to religious pluralism Lebanon Daily Star July 1, 2013
Hollywood's Islam-Free Terrorism FrontPage Magazine July 1, 2013
Tennessee imam: Jews and Christians filthy, their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims Jihad Watch June 30, 2013
Director of Jihad Watch blog stirs controversy Napa Valley Register June 29, 2013
EDL Leader Robinson Arrested Amid Tribute Bid Sky News June 29, 2013
Germany Faced with "Loudspeaker Jihad" Gatestone Institute June 28, 2013
Erasing the 'Faces of Global Terrorism' FrontPage Magazine June 28, 2013
Official confirms, defends White House meeting with controversial Muslim scholar Fox News June 27, 2013
Indiana prison warden: Muslims can pray in pairs Associated Press June 27, 2013
Imran Firasat Still Faces Possible Deportation from Spain Breitbart June 27, 2013
Islamophilia Unmasked FrontPage Magazine June 27, 2013
FBI's Most-Wanted Ads Blocked by Muslim Brotherhood Group Clarion Project June 27, 2013
Britain Embraces Jihad Terror FrontPage Magazine June 27, 2013
Smoking Gun: The IRS's Abuse of Obama's Pro-Israel Enemies FrontPage Magazine June 27, 2013
Shooting the Messenger FrontPage Magazine June 26, 2013
My Life as a Public Enemy FrontPage Magazine June 26, 2013
Anti-Muslim US bloggers barred from Britain AFP June 26, 2013
France's soaring anti-Semitism lures Jewish Defense League vigilantes out of shadows JTA June 25, 2013
Muslim Leader, Huckabee Disagree With Rep. McDermott's Criticism of 'Faces of Global Terror' Ad Christian Post June 25, 2013
FBI's bus ads taken down over Muslim/terrorist stereotyping Seattle Times June 25, 2013
Tony Lloyd's plea: Don't let hate preachers into UK Manchester Gazette June 25, 2013
"Grand Deception" Wins Special NYC Film Festival Honor Investigative Project June 24, 2013
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em? FrontPage Magazine June 24, 2013
McDonald's drops halal items from U.S. menu after problems in Dearborn Detroit Free Press June 24, 2013
German mosque groups raising funds for Hezbollah Jerusalem Post June 23, 2013
Spain: "Soon the Muslims Will Be the Kings of the World" Gatestone Institute June 21, 2013
Topless Femen accost Hollande at Paris show The Local June 21, 2013
EDL rally: Theresa May considers banning US bloggers from UK BBC News June 21, 2013
Goldman Sachs loan runs afoul of 'fatwa,' opponent claims Reuters June 21, 2013
Far right's Le Pen faces prospect of prosecution The Local June 20, 2013
Islamic group says UCF professor promotes "raw, anti-Muslim hate" Orlando Sentinel June 20, 2013
Manchester protesters stood for free speech Manchester Times June 19, 2013
Bombing victim calls suspects' mom 'vile' Boston Herald June 19, 2013
Is This Ad Campaign Racist? Seattle Weekly June 19, 2013
Civil rights groups sue NYPD over Muslim spying Associated Press June 18, 2013
German Left Ramps Up Attacks on Islam Critics FrontPage Magazine June 18, 2013
Prominent British Charity "Linked to Hamas" Gatestone Institute June 17, 2013
Documents Obtained by JW Reveal FBI Training Curricula Purged of Material Deemed 'Offensive' to Muslims Breitbart June 17, 2013
National Defense vs. the Ideology of Jihad Gatestone Institute June 14, 2013
Woolwich outrage: we are too weak to face up to the extremism in our midst Telegraph June 14, 2013
"Islamic Science" or Islamic Propaganda? FrontPage Magazine June 14, 2013
Turning a noble Turk into a dodgy Russian: issues in updating Mozart's Die Entfuhrung as they've done at Garsington Telegraph June 13, 2013
Islamizing the Public Schools FrontPage Magazine June 13, 2013
Islamic Supremacist Nominated as UC Student Regent FrontPage Magazine June 13, 2013
Obama Outreach Overview Investigative Project June 12, 2013
The Dumb Police State FrontPage Magazine June 12, 2013
German author in hiding after receiving Islamist death threats Deutsche Welle June 11, 2013
NYPD's Counterterrorism Ops Under Attack Clarion Project June 10, 2013
Muslim Riots and Leftist Willful Blindness FrontPage Magazine June 10, 2013
Free Speech Battle in Small-Town Tennessee FrontPage Magazine June 10, 2013
English Defence League rally bomb plotters jailed BBC News June 10, 2013
The Center for American Progress' Willful Blindness American Thinker June 9, 2013
Muslim hate monitor to lose backing Telegraph June 9, 2013
Obama Official to Share Stage With Three Islamists Clarion Project June 9, 2013
Topless protesters rally outside Merkel office Expatica June 7, 2013
Anti-EDL bomb plot 'a reaction to calculated insults' BBC News June 7, 2013
The Not-So-Veiled Threat to Non-Muslims in Tennessee American Thinker June 7, 2013
Bassam Tibi: Islamism Is Incompatible With Democracy Clarion Project June 6, 2013
No Free Speech for Exposers of Campus Anti-Semitism FrontPage Magazine June 6, 2013
Europe's Last Stand? FrontPage Magazine June 6, 2013
Danish PM: Media should use free speech "respectfully", we need new demands on how to use free speech Islam versus Europe June 5, 2013
Banned: British shopkeeper forced to stop selling 'obey our laws or get out' T-shirt Daily Express June 5, 2013
By Their Bloody Hands FrontPage Magazine June 5, 2013
The Muslim hate preacher and the T-shirt salesman: a bizarre study in double standards Telegraph June 5, 2013
Mohammad Sarwar: Lock up the hate preachers The Sun June 5, 2013
Obama's Years of Collaboration with Terror Supporters FrontPage Magazine June 5, 2013
Muslim group's TN forum with feds disrupted by heckling Tennessean June 5, 2013
'They are afraid of being killed by Muslims.' American Thinker June 4, 2013
Western feminists ignore Muslim issues Toronto Sun June 4, 2013
The Immoderate Moderation of the "Moderates" FrontPage Magazine June 3, 2013
Vienna: Teachers Told Not to Cover the Topic of Turkish Sieges in Class In Case Immigrant Children Feel Offended Islam versus Europe June 3, 2013
Muslim Days of Rage FrontPage Magazine June 3, 2013
Another Obama Assault on Free Speech FrontPage Magazine June 3, 2013
Justice Dept Official: Criticism of Islam Not Protected Free Speech Clarion Project June 2, 2013
Stabbed MP urges Google and YouTube to remove extremist sites Telegraph June 2, 2013
The truth about the 'wave of attacks on Muslims' after Woolwich murder Telegraph June 1, 2013
European parliament committee backs lifting Le Pen's immunity Expatica June 1, 2013
French far-right leader loses immunity, faces charges BBC News June 1, 2013
Tony Blair says murder of Lee Rigby proves 'there is a problem within Islam' Daily Mail June 1, 2013
The View from Londonistan FrontPage Magazine May 31, 2013
Feds suggest anti-Muslim speech can be punished Politico May 31, 2013
ISNA Redefines 'Sharia' for Western Consumption Clarion Project May 30, 2013
Motion filed to throw out Alomari termination lawsuit Investigative Project May 30, 2013
Sharia Reigns in District of The Hague Clarion Project May 30, 2013
DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights Judicial Watch May 30, 2013
Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror FrontPage Magazine May 30, 2013
"Danish Hateparty" advert condemned Copenhagen Post May 29, 2013
Islamist Media Mavens Sabotage OurWar On Terror Investor's Business Daily May 29, 2013
Radical Muslim clerics like Anjem Choudary 'should not be banned from TV' Daily Express May 29, 2013
Send us your violent bigots, yearning to butcher our citizens Human Events May 29, 2013
Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin vs. NYC FrontPage Magazine May 29, 2013
Screening New Citizens for Radical Beliefs is the Responsibility of Our Government Christian Post May 28, 2013
The Fear of Causing Offense Gatestone Institute May 28, 2013
Woolwich murder: 200 Islamophobic incidents since Lee Rigby's killing Guardian May 28, 2013
Islam's rule of numbers and the beheading in London Fox News May 28, 2013
They'll Take Sweden FrontPage Magazine May 27, 2013
Memorial Day 2013: Jihad Is Stronger Than Ever FrontPage Magazine May 27, 2013
Cartoon satirising Islam pulled from student newspaper website Canberra Times May 27, 2013
Berkeley Profs: 'Islamophobia' Greater Threat Than Islamic Terrorism FrontPage Magazine May 27, 2013
Woolwich attack: Calls for Anjem Choudary to be placed under a new terror control order Telegraph May 26, 2013
Woolwich attack: Extremist preachers should be banned from TV Telegraph May 26, 2013
The Khafir is Always to Blame American Thinker May 26, 2013
Woolwich murder: Theresa May vows to get tough on extremist websites Guardian May 26, 2013
'I will gag the hate clerics': Cameron to launch new terror task force to bring an end to religious extremism Daily Mail May 25, 2013
Britain Braced For Anti-Muslim Backlash after Woolwich Beheading International Business Times May 25, 2013
Jumping To Conclusions PJ Media May 25, 2013
Die Freiheit: the German Freedom & Anti-Islam​isation Party American Thinker May 25, 2013
Eleven people across UK arrested for making 'racist or anti-religious' comments on Facebook and Twitter about British soldier's death Daily Mail May 25, 2013
Poll reveals rising fears of clashes in wake of Woolwich killing Guardian May 25, 2013
Far-right marchers rally amid tensions over Woolwich killing CNN May 25, 2013
How the Media Solves a Problem Like the Woolwich Attack Jihad Watch May 24, 2013
Media Analysts Dodge Jihad Connection in Boston, London Investigative Project May 24, 2013
Woolwich Attack: French MP Warns of "Civil War" and "Islamist Assassins ... a Fifth Column Present in All the Suburbs of Europe" Islam versus Europe May 24, 2013
The London Horror and Jihad Denial FrontPage Magazine May 24, 2013
U.S. Praises Sharia Censorship FrontPage Magazine May 24, 2013
Network Evening Shows Don't Name Islam in London Terror Attack Newsbusters May 23, 2013
Woolwich attack prompts fears of backlash against British Muslims Guardian May 23, 2013
German Government Ramps Up Monitoring of Conservatives FrontPage Magazine May 23, 2013
Newly released docs show inconsistencies in FBI training manual censorship Washington Examiner May 22, 2013
Gangs of 'Youths' Overrun Stockholm FrontPage Magazine May 22, 2013
Texas Mega-Church Welcomes Islamists to 'Global Faith Forum' FrontPage Magazine May 22, 2013
Obama: Serial Liar FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2013
Top Norwegian Prof: Critics of Mass Immigration Mentally Ill FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2013
Muni Plans to Keep "Israeli Apartheid" Ad Money After Surrendering "Jihad" Ad Funds SF Weekly May 21, 2013
Group sets meeting to increase tolerance of Muslims, culture Tullahoma News May 21, 2013
What's Wrong with Sweden? FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2013
Catholic Cardinal Calls for End to Blasphemy Laws FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2013
Jihad in America FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2013
France's Growing Islamist Problem FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2013
Turkey Stakes Claim in America With $100 Million Mega-Mosque Clarion Project May 21, 2013
U.S.-approved 'Muslims' Trentonian May 21, 2013
Filmmaker Hillary & Obama Framed Still Rots in Prison FrontPage Magazine May 20, 2013
Interfaith Event Teaches That U.S. Is 'Aiding' Oppression FrontPage Magazine May 20, 2013
US denounces waves against Muslims, Jews AFP May 20, 2013
Accused rioter Mohammed Issai Issaka berated in court after refusing to stand for Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge Daily Telegraph May 20, 2013
No place for Islamophobia in Norway- ambassador World Bulletin May 17, 2013
Obama Uses Terror-Finance Group to Push Gun Control FrontPage Magazine May 17, 2013
Homeland Security guidelines advise deference to pro-Shariah Muslim supremacists Daily Caller May 17, 2013
Pipes is tolerated, Geller is not Toronto Sun May 16, 2013
UN Pressures Germany to Bow to 'Hate Speech' Hysteria FrontPage Magazine May 16, 2013
Obama and the 'official truth' Jerusalem Post May 16, 2013
'Racism' probe UKIP councillor Eric Kitson to resign BBC News May 14, 2013
Geller takes on Toronto Board of Rabbis Jewish Tribune May 14, 2013
UKIP councillor Eric Kitson's 'racist' Facebook posts probed BBC News May 13, 2013
Muslim Students' Anger At Student Rights' Extremism On Campus Claims Huffington Post May 13, 2013
How Many Americans Has Obama Killed? FrontPage Magazine May 13, 2013
CAIR Books Radicals for Fundraising Banquets Clarion Project May 12, 2013
Protest not the agenda as Daniel Pipes comes to Ottawa Ottawa Citizen May 12, 2013
Boston bombers' mosque recommended men beat their wives Daily Caller May 12, 2013
The Media's Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam FrontPage Magazine May 10, 2013
Magistrate reads the riot act to Mahmoud Eid Daily Telegraph May 10, 2013
Islam Got Your Tongue? FrontPage Magazine May 10, 2013
Jailed for blasphemy — in America New York Post May 9, 2013
CAIR Lashes Out at non-Islamist Muslim Group Clarion Project May 9, 2013
Even a doll mocking Muslim women in US can prove dangerous Arab News May 9, 2013
Iran Declares War on Hollywood FrontPage Magazine May 9, 2013
The Mecca Metric PJ Media May 8, 2013
How Obama Betrayed America FrontPage Magazine May 8, 2013
Conversions to Islam FrontPage Magazine May 8, 2013
Mayoral Candidates Weigh in on Muslim Issues Voices of NY May 6, 2013
'The Innocent Prophet' Narrator and Christian Convert Defeats Islamists' Hate Speech Charge The Blaze May 6, 2013
Muslim group urges supporters to call company behind 'terrorist girl' greeting card Daily Caller May 6, 2013
Rotterdam: Hate Sheikh to Preach on Remembrance Day Islam versus Europe May 5, 2013
Local Muslims Outraged By Card Depicting Muslim Girl Doll Terrorist CBS Chicago May 5, 2013
Free speech? It appears guest speakers at synagogues now have to register their opinions in advance with police Toronto Sun May 4, 2013
Finns Party MP wants fines for covering up YLE May 3, 2013
Islam — Silence, Please PJ Media May 3, 2013
A Tale of Two Synagogues FrontPage Magazine May 3, 2013
Policing speech Ottawa Citizen May 3, 2013
The New York Times Erases Islam from Existence FrontPage Magazine May 3, 2013
Coke leaves Muhammad out of Sweden PR drive The Local May 3, 2013
Illinois AG Fights CAIR in Court, Lauds it in Public Investigative Project May 2, 2013
The Human Cost of Jihad Denial FrontPage Magazine May 2, 2013
Pro-Hezbollah, Pro-Hamas Stations Broadcasting in America in Possible Violation of the Law The Blaze May 1, 2013
Belgian Weatherman Sacked and May be Prosecuted for 'Racist' Remarks About Muslims Islam versus Europe May 1, 2013
Bring it on: Author says Muslim group's $30M libel suit will expose terror ties Fox News May 1, 2013
Who We Must Blame For Boston FrontPage Magazine May 1, 2013
Middle TN commissioner's Facebook post frightens Muslims Tennessean May 1, 2013
York Regional Police threaten rabbi's role as chaplain over Pamela Geller speech Toronto Sun May 1, 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood's Hollywood Awards Gala FrontPage Magazine May 1, 2013
National Security at Risk with Left at Helm FrontPage Magazine April 30, 2013
We're just too British to talk about this outrage, says female genital mutilation survivor Evening Standard April 30, 2013
So Long, Queen Beatrix FrontPage Magazine April 30, 2013
AP Scrubs 'Muslim' from Obama's Self-Referential Joke FrontPage Magazine April 30, 2013
Dearborn Arab festival being moved after attendees antagonized Detroit Free Press April 29, 2013
Leftists Defend Radical Islam — Conservatives Befriend Secular Muslims FrontPage Magazine April 29, 2013
ASUCD Senate passes resolution against Islamophobia UCD Aggie April 29, 2013
New York Times Whitewashes Islamist Zaytuna College FrontPage Magazine April 29, 2013
AP Omits 'Muslim' from Obama WHCD Joke Breitbart April 28, 2013
Top brass crush career of Army officer who warned of jihadists Washington Times April 28, 2013
Germany: Islam Critics Prosecuted for Comparing Islam to Nazism Islam versus Europe April 27, 2013
Did Radical Islamic Leadership in Boston Influence Marathon Bombers? Americans for Peace and Tolerance April 26, 2013
Bill Maher Exposes the Leftist Islamophobia Ruse for Even Leftists to See American Thinker April 25, 2013
'Anti-Muslim' leaflets sent to Lancashire councillors Lancashire Evening Post April 25, 2013
Obama's scrub of Muslim terms under question; common links in attacks Washington Times April 25, 2013
CAIR Denies Islamic Motive for Terrorism Clarion Project April 25, 2013
"Allah Made Me Do It" FrontPage Magazine April 24, 2013
Boston Bomber Exposes Islamist Secret Investigative Project April 23, 2013
Blind Eye Free Beacon April 23, 2013
Calling Islam "Islam" FrontPage Magazine April 23, 2013
Thousands rally in UK to demand end to anti-Islam speeches Pakistan News April 23, 2013
Terrorism comments got me charged: Gaynor Brisbane Times April 22, 2013
Sleeper Cell in America? FrontPage Magazine April 22, 2013
Sanctioning Iran's American Allies Free Beacon April 22, 2013
Boston Bomber's Mosque Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties Clarion Project April 20, 2013
Breivik becoming a 'cult figure', lawyer warns The Local April 19, 2013
Illusions About Why Muslim Brothers Kill FrontPage Magazine April 19, 2013
Will Obama Really Bring Boston Terrorists to Justice? FrontPage Magazine April 19, 2013
UN takes Germany to task for 'racist' Sarrazin The Local April 19, 2013
Muslims 'victims' in marathon-bombing aftermath WorldNetDaily April 18, 2013
Predatory Lawsuit Rebounds Back on Iranian Front Group Breitbart April 16, 2013
CUNY's Despicable Anti-Pinkwashing Conference FrontPage Magazine April 15, 2013
Imam tries to set the record straight on Islam Philadelphia Inquirer April 15, 2013
Who Tried to Silence Pamela Geller? Israel National News April 15, 2013
Shul Axes Pamela Geller, and 2 Others Invite Her Forward April 14, 2013
The Muslims with No Name: Islamists Cover Up Their Existence in the Media American Thinker April 14, 2013
A Muslim College Mixes Subjects to Achieve an American Feel New York Times April 12, 2013
Radical Islam watchdog Geller gets two speaking engagements after NY synagogue cancels JNS April 12, 2013
Florida and Oklahoma Vote for Freedom FrontPage Magazine April 12, 2013
Moral relativism and jihad Jerusalem Post April 11, 2013
McDonald's non-halal settlement headed for final approval Arab American News April 11, 2013
National Islamic group calls on GOP to rebut NC lawmaker WRAL April 10, 2013
L.I. Synagogue Cancels Controversial Pamela Geller Speech CBS New York April 10, 2013
Academics or Agitprop Artists? FrontPage Magazine April 10, 2013
Outrage Brews Over Firebrand Pamela Geller's Planned Speech At Synagogue CBS New York April 9, 2013
None Dare Call It Islamism FrontPage Magazine April 9, 2013
U.S. Army Equates Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity with al-Qaeda and Hamas FrontPage Magazine April 8, 2013
The AP Capitulates to the Muslim Brotherhood American Thinker April 7, 2013
Dr. Jamie Glazov Re. Benghazi: "Obama & Hillary Clearly Have Blood On Their Hands" Politichicks April 6, 2013
Resistance Movement Growing to Islamization of France American Thinker April 6, 2013
The Messenger and the Message New York Times April 5, 2013
After Pressure From CAIR, the Associated Press Revises the Term 'Islamist' The Blaze April 5, 2013
Europe: Mosque Building Shifts into High Gear Gatestone Institute April 5, 2013
Gays for Sharia? American Thinker April 5, 2013
CAIR Claims Victory Over AP Stylebook's Restrictions on Word 'Islamist' CNS News April 5, 2013
Hack a Bank for Muhammad FrontPage Magazine April 4, 2013
The Associated Press Revises Another Politically Charged Term U.S. News and World Report April 4, 2013
The New 'Gender Gap' FrontPage Magazine April 3, 2013
Importing Islamic Nightmares — While Denying Them FrontPage Magazine April 2, 2013
Russian Court Bans 'How to Accept Islam' Book RIA Novosti April 2, 2013
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Promotes Jihad With Your Money FrontPage Magazine April 2, 2013
Lego denies discontinuing Jabba's Palace over race claims Telegraph April 1, 2013
Attorney files objection over who's getting money in non-halal McDonald's settlement Press and Guide April 1, 2013
The racist menace? Muslims declare victory in fight over 'anti-Islamic' Lego Independent March 31, 2013
Islamism's No-Show at CPAC FrontPage Magazine March 29, 2013
Report: Official Tries to Block Speech by Anti-Islamic Activist Plainview Patch March 29, 2013
'Non-halal' McDonald's is target of boycott Press and Guide March 29, 2013
Europe: The Submission That Dare Not Speak Its Name Gatestone Institute March 28, 2013
The Spiritual Journey of Magdi Allam FrontPage Magazine March 28, 2013
Rottener and Rottener in Denmark FrontPage Magazine March 28, 2013
Pro-Israel group launches new 'Islamic apartheid' ad compaign New York Post March 27, 2013
Will Pope Francis Become a Dupe of the Islamists? FrontPage Magazine March 27, 2013
A Muslim 'Reformer's' Idea of Free Speech FrontPage Magazine March 27, 2013
UC stands up to Islamophobia Socialist Worker March 27, 2013
The Obama Administration's Disgraceful Muslim Brotherhood Policy FrontPage Magazine March 27, 2013
"American Muslims for Palestine" launches anti-Israel poster in New York train stations Commentator March 26, 2013
Obama's Religious Freedom Appointee Involved in Muslim Event Calling for Limiting Freedom of Speech CNS News March 26, 2013
The Near-Martyrdom of Lars Hedegaard American Thinker March 25, 2013
Resisting jihad violence is defending freedom, not spreading hate San Francisco Examiner March 24, 2013
Local Imam, Interfaithers: 'Block Pamela Geller's L.I. Shul Talk' Jewish Press March 23, 2013
France: Convicted for 'Racist' Posters that Said "No to Islam" and "No Minaret in Our Districts" Islam versus Europe March 22, 2013
Spanish Government Charges Imran Firasat with Hate Crimes Breitbart March 22, 2013
Obama and the Jihad FrontPage Magazine March 21, 2013
San Fran Media Attacks Pamela Geller over New Anti-Jihad Bus Ads Breitbart March 21, 2013
Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press Digital Journal March 20, 2013
Germany: Leftist Mob Beats up Leading Anti-Islam Politician Islam versus Europe March 19, 2013
'Uninvited': Spencer: Where is Opposition to Jihadis? Breitbart March 19, 2013
San Francisco Muni buses getting more anti-Islamic ads, this time with anti-gay message San Francisco Examiner March 19, 2013
The Media's Character Assassination of Lars Hedegaard FrontPage Magazine March 19, 2013
Lord Ahmed: Disgrace to Britain Gatestone Institute March 18, 2013
Top prosecutor takes on Islamist murder plot The Local March 18, 2013
Minister calls for crackdown on extremism The Local March 17, 2013
Lille: Miss Burka Parade Float Cancelled Islam versus Europe March 16, 2013
Why I Am Not a CPAC Conservative FrontPage Magazine March 15, 2013
Britons afraid to challenge radical Islam, says former Obama adviser Telegraph March 15, 2013
From #MeinKampf to #MyJihad FrontPage Magazine March 15, 2013
Chicago Public School Bans 'Islamophobic' Novel — and Now Parents & Teachers Are Protesting The Blaze March 15, 2013
'Extremism in Germany is still safely on sidelines' The Local March 14, 2013
Labour peer Lord Ahmed suspended over claims he blamed imprisonment on 'Jewish conspiracy' Telegraph March 14, 2013
Islamists 'plotted to kill far-right politician' The Local March 13, 2013
Islamic Council defends planned Muslim peace conference Herald Sun March 13, 2013
Thrown in Prison for Shredding the Koran FrontPage Magazine March 13, 2013
Racism, xenophobia, hate crime common concern for EU New Europe March 12, 2013
Ray Kelly Won't Say If He'll Read 'Mapping Muslims' NYPD Surveillance Report Huffington Post March 12, 2013
Wise As Serpents? FrontPage Magazine March 12, 2013
Through These Blues FrontPage Magazine March 12, 2013
UCL adopts sharia law for public debate, separating women from men Archbishop Cranmer March 11, 2013
'Killing Jews Is Worship' Ad Campaign Rolled Out On SF Muni Buses CBS San Francisco March 11, 2013
San Francisco leaders denounce Muni ads as anti-Muslim ABC San Francisco March 11, 2013
Media Try to Report Lars Hedegaard's New Address FrontPage Magazine March 11, 2013
Brussels: European Capital or Islamic Center? American Thinker March 10, 2013
Muslim discrimination 'too common' in Sweden The Local March 8, 2013
Ad Remembering Victims of Islamic Apartheid Deemed 'Hateful' by U.S. Campuses PJ Media March 8, 2013
Despite CAIR Push-Back, Controversial Anti-Jihad Ads Launch in DC Metro Stations The Blaze March 8, 2013
Belgium: 4 Months in Prison for Tearing a Koran Islam versus Europe March 6, 2013
Using Billboards to Stake Claim Over 'Jihad' New York Times March 6, 2013
Another Islam critic snubbed by CPAC WorldNetDaily March 6, 2013
'A Stew of Anti-Muslim Bile and Conspiracy-Laden Forecasts' FrontPage Magazine March 6, 2013
Denmark: Gallery owner who exhibited Muhammed drawings threatened by men of "exotic" appearence armed with guns and baseball bat Islam versus Europe March 5, 2013
Lars Vilks on Al-Qaeda 'wanted dead or alive' list The Local March 3, 2013
'Girt' Wilders on al Qaeda death list Dutch News March 1, 2013
CPAC Turns Away Pamela Geller Breitbart March 1, 2013
John Kerry Learns from the Enemy FrontPage Magazine March 1, 2013
Israel Apartheid Week: A Tale of Two Brothers FrontPage Magazine March 1, 2013
Suspected terrorist pleads guilty to threatening Dearborn attorney Detroit Free Press February 28, 2013
Anti-gay Muslim cleric's Reading university talk cancelled BBC News February 28, 2013
OIC Ramps Up 'Islamophobia' Campaign FrontPage Magazine February 28, 2013
Australian Muslim activists lose free speech case Associated Press February 27, 2013
Danish Opponent of Islam Is Attacked, and Muslims Defend His Right to Speak New York Times February 27, 2013
Inside the Muslim Student Association Conference, Part 3 FrontPage Magazine February 27, 2013
US imam calls on Muslims in US to wage jihad Daily Caller February 26, 2013
How Sickening Will Sweden Get? Gatestone Institute February 26, 2013
Twenty Years after the WTC Bombing National Review February 26, 2013
Ignore Vilks' Muhammad show: religious heads The Local February 26, 2013
Inside the Muslim Student Association Conference, Part 2 FrontPage Magazine February 26, 2013
Cops halt hate preacher Choudary's rally over jihad call The Sun February 25, 2013
Inside the Muslim Student Association Conference, Part 1 FrontPage Magazine February 25, 2013
City University London locks Muslim prayer room on Fridays BBC News February 22, 2013
Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilder's Melbourne visit a calm one Herald Sun February 21, 2013
The Assassin at the Door Wall Street Journal February 20, 2013
Malmö mayor concerned about Islam-critical show The Local February 20, 2013
Swedish artist to paint Mohammed after death threats AFP February 20, 2013
Protests against Geert Wilders show no tolerance Daily Telegraph February 20, 2013
Anti-Islam campaigner 'lost' his freedom Australian AP February 20, 2013
CAIR: War on Terror Is Made Up FrontPage Magazine February 20, 2013
Mona Eltahawy's illiberal liberalism New York Daily News February 19, 2013
Islamists Demand Imran Firasat's Deportation Over YouTube Video Breitbart February 19, 2013
Scuffles break out in Melbourne as Dutch MP Geert Wilders delivers anti-multiculturalism message TNT Magazine February 19, 2013
SNL's 'Djesus Uncrossed' Skit Really Offended Muslims, Too Atlantic Wire February 19, 2013
Jacksonville council panel backs returning Parvez Ahmed to Human Rights Commission Florida Times-Union February 19, 2013
The Islamic cloud over Brennan and Hagel Washington Times February 19, 2013
Wilders' Australia trip in trouble: no speech location in Perth Dutch News February 19, 2013
Geert Wilders offered multiculturalism lesson SBS February 19, 2013
Teacher allegedly tells students Muslims, Arabs are 'just like Hitler' Q13 Fox February 18, 2013
American Muslim Jurists: Offensive Jihad -- Not Yet Radical Islam February 18, 2013
Blaming the Victim Gatestone Institute February 18, 2013
"A Culture of Cowards" FrontPage Magazine February 18, 2013
"A Few Minutes To Twelve": Wilders Warns FrontPage Magazine February 18, 2013
OIC gears up to get denigration of religions criminalized Saudi Gazette February 18, 2013
Protests likely as controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders changes venue Herald Sun February 18, 2013
Fringe parties hope to cut it in Canberra The Age February 17, 2013
Jihad Watch site jihad update Jihad Watch February 16, 2013
Muslim dad breaks silence about passing religious materials at local school WTHI February 15, 2013
Judge rejects local attorney's intervention into McDonald's non-halal lawsuit Arab American News February 15, 2013
Pamela Geller Bringing D.C. Metro New Round Of Anti-Islam Ads? Huffington Post February 15, 2013
UK Charity Commission Whitewashes Questionable Charities Gatestone Institute February 15, 2013
Saving the Neighborhood FrontPage Magazine February 15, 2013
Muslims Claim Christian Group Defamed Them Courthouse News February 15, 2013
74-Year-Old German Woman Convicted of 'Hate Speech' Against Muslims FrontPage Magazine February 14, 2013
Belgium: Muslim Politician Negotiates Suppression of "Offensive" Word Islam versus Europe February 14, 2013
Councillor barred from Conservative group for 'Islamophobic' Facebook posts calls for online code of conduct Enfield Independent February 14, 2013
Enfield Conservative councillor Chris Joannides kicked out of party for 'anti-Islamic' Facebook posts Enfield Independent February 13, 2013
Ottawa Catholic School Board hacked by anti-cupid CTV News February 13, 2013
Coward-Journalists: Lars Hedegaard is guilty in the murder attempt on himself Jihad Watch February 13, 2013
Islamic leaders regret Cartoon Crisis role Copenhagen Post February 12, 2013
Parent defends security at elem. school WTHI February 12, 2013
NZ First MP: Ban Muslims from flights New Zealand Herald February 12, 2013
Judge Smacks CAIR's "Careless" Lawsuit Management Investigative Project February 12, 2013
Islamic Apartheid Week FrontPage Magazine February 12, 2013
Muslim family's school visit prompts investigation WTHI February 11, 2013
New party seeks to curb Muslim immigration SBS February 11, 2013
Hedegaard lashes out following failed assassination attempt Copenhagen Post February 11, 2013
Defending Our Country FrontPage Magazine February 11, 2013
Savage summit and its 'Islamophobia' problem WorldNetDaily February 10, 2013
Munich: Woman Condemned for Placard Warning of Turkish and Muslim Threat to Europe Islam versus Europe February 10, 2013
Building Bridges Between Christians and Muslims: A Case Study PJ Media February 10, 2013
Preachers of hate on British TV: what they said that broke the broadcasting rules Telegraph February 9, 2013
Preachers of hate who spread their violent word on British TV channels Telegraph February 9, 2013
The cowardly and hypocritical media abandons Lars Hedegaard Spectator February 8, 2013
Brennan Letter: FBI Training 'Substandard and Offensive' to Muslims Breitbart February 8, 2013
2nd St. Paul cop in Muslim hijab prompts investigation, training Pioneer Press February 8, 2013
Fact-Busters and the "Mosque-Buster" FrontPage Magazine February 8, 2013
The Control Factor: Our Struggle to See the True Threat FrontPage Magazine February 8, 2013
Talk opposing hijab draws objection Washington Post February 8, 2013
Saudi Hypocrisy At Its Best FrontPage Magazine February 8, 2013
Second St. Paul cop photographed wearing hijab Star Tribune February 8, 2013
New Round of "Anti-Jihad" Ads Headed to Metro Washington City Paper February 8, 2013
Raking Brennan Over the Coals FrontPage Magazine February 8, 2013
The Jihad On Free Speech Investor's Business Daily February 7, 2013
The far-left and the attempted assassination of Lars Hedegaard Spectator February 6, 2013
Conversation Reopened on Moving Dearborn's Arab International Festival Dearborn Patch February 6, 2013
Imran Firasat Appeal Rejected by Spanish High Court Islam versus Europe February 6, 2013
Spain: Former Muslim Could Face Deportation for Speaking Against Islam Breitbart February 6, 2013
Lars Hedegaard Escapes Jihadist Assassination Attempt FrontPage Magazine February 6, 2013
Gunman tries to shoot anti-Islam writer in Denmark Fox News February 5, 2013
St. Paul cop apologizes for photo of him dressed as Muslim woman Star Tribune February 5, 2013
Sergio Redegalli's latest mural: "Stop the Cover Up Muslim Riots" Jihad Watch February 5, 2013
Islam critic survives assassination attempt Copenhagen Post February 5, 2013
Jihad in the Free Beacon February 4, 2013
Lawsuit forces Chicago to accept anti-jihad bus ads Daily Caller February 4, 2013
Anti-mosque lawyer speaks in Ottawa despite protests CBC News February 4, 2013
Free Austrian daily rapped for Islamophobic article Global Post February 4, 2013
St. Paul police join Muslims in denouncing photo Star Tribune February 4, 2013
Muslim group seeks to stop speech by British "mosquebuster" Ottawa Citizen February 3, 2013
Dutch MP sparks call for face-off Sydney Morning Herald February 3, 2013
Headteacher abused over lesson on Islam The Local February 1, 2013
Speaker disinvited by Worcester Diocese says he'll have his say anyway Worcester Telegram & Gazette February 1, 2013
Conservative councillor suspended for alleged racism against Muslims Guardian February 1, 2013
Diocese of Worcester canceled Robert Spencer talk at insistence of self-proclaimed "friend and supporter" of convicted jihad terrorist Tarek Mehanna Jihad Watch February 1, 2013
Catholic event cancels talk by Islam critic Boston Globe January 31, 2013
Arab-American groups call Coke Super Bowl ad "racist" Reuters January 31, 2013
Conservative's Anti-Muhammad Ad Rejected by Detroit Transit System — But Can You Guess Which Ad Was Accepted? The Blaze January 30, 2013
Catholic diocese capitulates to Islamic supremacists and Leftist media, cancels Robert Spencer conference appearance Jihad Watch January 30, 2013
State Dept. Recruits Muslim Foreign Service Officers at Jihadist Conf. Judicial Watch January 30, 2013
Muslim businessman told to remove sign from home proclaiming Allah is the only god Telegraph January 29, 2013
Behzti playwright accuses BBC of 'extraordinary' censorship of 'honour killings' episode Independent January 29, 2013
'I feel like a stranger where I live' Telegraph January 29, 2013
Refreshing Candor on Islamist Violence in Congressional Report Investigative Project January 29, 2013
Former ISF president turns focus to Md chapter of CAIR Frederick News-Post January 26, 2013
Jihad Rising — on The Glazov Gang FrontPage Magazine January 25, 2013
Muslim Gangs Enforce Sharia Law in London Gatestone Institute January 25, 2013
Manufacturing 'Islamophobia' at UC Berkeley FrontPage Magazine January 25, 2013
Katter candidate's halal post sparks new storm Sydney Morning Herald January 25, 2013
For a Jailed Filmmaker, Clinton's Benghazi Lies Make a Difference FrontPage Magazine January 24, 2013
Hillary Lets the Jihadist Cat Out of the Bag FrontPage Magazine January 24, 2013
Lego accused of racism with Star Wars set Telegraph January 23, 2013
Muslim Patrol: thugs abuse man in second 'vigilante' video Telegraph January 22, 2013
Spanish Artist Receives Threats After Eating Koran Islam versus Europe January 22, 2013
Why Germans distrust Islam Deutsche Welle January 21, 2013
Free speech dogged by politics of difference Sydney Morning Herald January 21, 2013
Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West FrontPage Magazine January 21, 2013
Harris Zafar's Islamic Intellectual Incoherence American Thinker January 20, 2013
Anti-Islamic film protester escapes jail Australian AP January 18, 2013
Campus Jihad, British Style FrontPage Magazine January 18, 2013
Hooded 'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes remove alcohol from drinkers and tell women to cover up as they stalk London suburb Daily Mail January 17, 2013
Author: I'm targeted by Muslim terrorists OneNewsNow January 17, 2013
Muslim advocates rally against subway pushing and NYPD racial profiling Amsterdam News January 17, 2013
UCI Muslim students host Islam Awareness week Orange County Register January 17, 2013
The Center for American Progress and Islamist Influences over the White House FrontPage Magazine January 17, 2013
'People For the American Way' Smears Michele Bachmann FrontPage Magazine January 16, 2013
Über-Stealth Jihad in America American Thinker January 16, 2013
UC Irvine's 'Islam Awareness Week': A CAIR Convention FrontPage Magazine January 16, 2013
'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes attempt to control London streets Commentator January 16, 2013
Church caught up in row over uni mosque The Age January 16, 2013
Anti-Islam campaigner to visit in February Australian AP January 16, 2013
EDL's Kevin Carroll arrested over race hate crime BBC News January 15, 2013
A controversial speaker's right to speak Baltimore Sun January 15, 2013
'No Blank Check for Israel' March Coming to DC on January 19 FrontPage Magazine January 15, 2013
Lady Gaga offends with Muslim outfit after gun uproar Examiner January 15, 2013
Norway's Happy Lies on Muslim Immigration FrontPage Magazine January 14, 2013
Is Homeland Islamophobic? The National January 14, 2013
One of Germany's Leading Critics of Islam Due to Appear in Court Islam versus Europe January 13, 2013
Multi-faith group protests Pamela Geller, conservative conference WJLA January 12, 2013
Muslim Group Plans to Protest 'Islamophobic' Speaker Annapolis Patch January 11, 2013
CAIR's Thought Police: At It Again FrontPage Magazine January 11, 2013
CAIR's Ayloush Seeks California Democratic Party Post Investigative Project January 11, 2013
Kipke rejects group's call to boycott speech by 'Islamaphobe' Maryland Gazette January 10, 2013
Salon wonders if "jihad" can survive Pamela Geller Jihad Watch January 10, 2013
American Muslims deliver petition to UN The Nation January 10, 2013
Too Cowardly To Print Muhammad Cartoons? PJ Media January 10, 2013
Anti-Muslim Ads Return to NYC Subways Time January 10, 2013
Further evidence of Islamic influence in the U.S. Washington Times January 10, 2013
Islam 'Helped to Shape' CIA Nominee John Brennan's World View CNS News January 9, 2013
A Nasty Neologism Wall Street Journal January 9, 2013
A Response to NIAC's Deceitful Fundraising Letter FrontPage Magazine January 9, 2013
Grappling With Muslim Sex Gangs in Britain FrontPage Magazine January 9, 2013
The Formidable Islamist Minority in America FrontPage Magazine January 9, 2013
Group's ads link Islam to terrorism New York Daily News January 8, 2013
More Ads With Inflammatory Messages About Islam Appear In NYC Subway CBS New York January 8, 2013
How Muslims Created Islamophobia Huffington Post January 8, 2013
Jihad-Denialist Nominated to Head CIA FrontPage Magazine January 8, 2013
French Muslims join opposition to same-sex marriage Reuters January 7, 2013
No Hebrew, Please — This Is Europe FrontPage Magazine January 7, 2013
CAIR vs. the truth WorldNetDaily January 6, 2013
CAIR to Media: 'Stop Using the Term Islamist' Radical Islam January 6, 2013
Daily Mail wimps out, pixelates Charlie Hebdo cartoon of Muhammad Jihad Watch January 5, 2013
Fdesouche Website Editor Given Court Summons Islam versus Europe January 4, 2013
Islamist Group Tries to Kill Use of "Islamist" Investigative Project January 4, 2013
CAIR chief claims Muslims discovered America first Daily Caller January 4, 2013
Bus ads aim to explain the meaning of 'jihad' USA Today January 4, 2013
The backlash to al-Jazeera begins Politico January 4, 2013
Unholy Alliance Comes Out of the Shadows and Into Your Living Room FrontPage Magazine January 4, 2013
'My Jihad' Ad Campaign Launched on SF Buses KQED January 3, 2013
Media Urged to Drop Term 'Islamist' in New Year Lake Forest Patch January 3, 2013
'Limit Muslims' birth rate': Sweden Democrat The Local January 3, 2013
OIC Urges France to Act Against Muhammad Cartoon Magazine Businessweek January 3, 2013
MPAC-Linked All Saints Church: 'Evangelical Zionism' Is 'Evil' FrontPage Magazine January 3, 2013
French magazine prints 'halal' Mohammed comic AFP January 2, 2013
Iran Urges OIC to Move to Harness Insult to Islam Fars News Agency January 1, 2013
Muslims Burn About 1,200 cars on New Year's Eve in France Conservative Papers January 1, 2013
Did European Governments Overreact to a New 'Anti-Islam' Film? The Blaze December 31, 2012
The Freedom Cliff FrontPage Magazine December 31, 2012
Geert Wilders' Courageous Journey FrontPage Magazine December 31, 2012
Raquel Evita Saraswati: Combating Abuse of Women Radical Islam December 30, 2012
French paper to publish comic book life of Mohammed AFP December 30, 2012
Draft of new U.S. Army handbook must be scrapped Washington Times December 28, 2012
Losing Our Sons FrontPage Magazine December 28, 2012
More Baseless Israel Vilification From CAIR Rep Investigative Project December 28, 2012
The Sharia Threat to America American Thinker December 28, 2012
CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad: Islam and the U.S. Are Twins, Linked by Common Values, There Are Accounts that Muslims Discovered America before Columbus MEMRI December 27, 2012
Spain revokes asylum status of anti-Islam filmmaker El Pais December 27, 2012
The ACLU's Islamist Connections Radical Islam December 26, 2012
The Heart of the Unholy Alliance's Darkness FrontPage Magazine December 26, 2012
Spain to Deport Christian Refugee over Mohammed Film FrontPage Magazine December 26, 2012
Huffington Post's jihad against freedom WorldNetDaily December 25, 2012
Colorado Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders launch love campaign Denver Post December 24, 2012
Mona Eltahawy links her vandalism of AFDI ads to a sexual revolution, or something Jihad Watch December 23, 2012
Nude demo in Stockholm against Egyptian leader The Local December 20, 2012
Atheist Peter Crawford in court for ripping up Koran at stall in Leicester Leicester Mercury December 20, 2012
Justin Trudeau's Islamist Revival Investigative Project December 20, 2012
Stakelbeck on Terror Show: An Unholy Alliance--Islamists and the Left CBN News December 18, 2012
Chicago media go Tokyo Rose over jihad truth ads WorldNetDaily December 18, 2012
Danish Muslim group supports Syrian hate preacher Copenhagen Post December 18, 2012
State Department's Continued Outreach to Radicals Investigative Project December 18, 2012
PC Insanity Cripples Our Military FrontPage Magazine December 18, 2012
Document vindicates Army officer's teaching on Islam OneNewsNow December 17, 2012
Spain Threatens to Deport Filmmaker for Anti-Islam Documentary Gatestone Institute December 17, 2012
'MyJihad' campaign hits Chicago buses, along with opposition Chicago Tribune December 17, 2012
The Islamization of Copenhagen FrontPage Magazine December 17, 2012
Ad war erupts over meaning of 'jihad' in U.S. WorldNetDaily December 16, 2012
Islamist group lashes think tank study Australian AP December 16, 2012
Legislative aide resigns after anti-Islamic agenda crosses into public role Anchorage Daily News December 14, 2012
Local Muslim group reclaiming 'Islam' with 'MyJihad' campaign Chicago Sun-Times December 14, 2012
Debate on Islam and evolution has to be called off after revolt by student societies Independent December 14, 2012
Controversial Group Plans More Ads in Subway Stations New York Times December 13, 2012
Muslims call for 'denazification' of state The Local December 13, 2012
Justin Trudeau defends his decision to attend Islamic conference sponsored by organization linked to Hamas National Post December 12, 2012
New Army Manual Orders Soldiers Not To Criticize Taliban Judicial Watch December 11, 2012
U.S. Muslims back Morsi's power grab WorldNetDaily December 11, 2012
Netherlands 'halal homes' ignite religious row BBC News December 11, 2012
France asks European Parliament to lift Le Pen immunity Expatica December 11, 2012
Protest group offended by YouTube video of Prophet Muhammad again targets PNC Bank Pittsburgh Post-Gazette December 11, 2012
Mishandling Morsi FrontPage Magazine December 10, 2012
Fatal Attraction: US Flirts with International Speech Codes American Thinker December 9, 2012
Pamela Geller Buys More Subway Ad Space For 'Anti-Jihad' Posters CBS New York December 8, 2012
Imminent Release of Anti-Islam Film Causes Terrorism Alert Level to be Raised in Belgium Islam versus Europe December 7, 2012
New Anti-Islam Ads to Debut This Month, Now With 25% More MTA Disclaimer New York Observer December 7, 2012
America – Worse Than Europe on Islam? FrontPage Magazine December 7, 2012
French Muslim groups sue magazine over cartoons France 24 December 7, 2012
Stanley Cohen's New Client: Vandal and Jihad Apologist Mona Eltahawy FrontPage Magazine December 7, 2012
University students quit after 'toxic' antisemitism in Edinburgh Jewish Chronicle December 6, 2012
Silent Conquest – The End of Freedom of Expression in the West FrontPage Magazine December 6, 2012
German poll indicates a widespread fear of Muslims and Islam National Secular Society December 6, 2012
Walk-outs over 'Islamophobia' at antisemitism symposium Jewish Chronicle December 6, 2012
Internet Hate and Double Standards FrontPage Magazine December 5, 2012
CAIR Targets Morsi/Brotherhood Critics Investigative Project December 5, 2012
A Sharia Financier in the TN Governor's Office FrontPage Magazine December 4, 2012
Brother stabbed over 'prophet insult' Australian AP December 3, 2012
Former Sharia4Belgium spokesman gets prison sentence Expatica November 30, 2012
Muslims Pressing for Blasphemy Laws in Europe Gatestone Institute November 30, 2012
Pentagon report defends ouster of military instructor Washington Times November 29, 2012
Mona Eltahawy in court over defacing posters: 'I'm proud of what I did' Guardian November 29, 2012
American Islamic group repudiates death sentence on Gainesville pastor Orlando Sentinel November 29, 2012
Activist busted for spray-painting anti-jihad subway poster promises to take case to trial New York Post November 29, 2012
Dutch Parliament To Revoke Blasphemy Law Radio Free Europe November 29, 2012
Anti-American Hate in a Canadian Classroom FrontPage Magazine November 28, 2012
Fighting Anti-Muslim Ads Cost Metro $35K in Attorney Fees Washington City Paper November 28, 2012
Saudi King Opens Religious Tolerance Center in Europe to 'Spread the Message of Islam' CNS News November 27, 2012
Saudi 'Propaganda Center' Opens in Vienna Gatestone Institute November 27, 2012
'Radical' Muslim Cleric Abu Usamah's Brunel University Speech Prompts Student Protest Huffington Post November 26, 2012
Army Sticks 'War on Islam' Teacher in Bureaucratic Depths Wired November 26, 2012
Is Islamic Jihad Not "Savagery"? FrontPage Magazine November 26, 2012
From Man Who Insulted Muhammad, No Regret New York Times November 25, 2012
Mona Eltahawy Coulda Been A Contender FrontPage Magazine November 23, 2012
Sweden Democrats send members anti-Islam mag The Local November 22, 2012
'Islam is like Nazism': top Sweden Democrat The Local November 22, 2012
Opposing Sharia Law Is a Defence of the Rights of Muslims Huffington Post November 20, 2012
France sees 'alarming' rise in Islamophobia France 24 November 20, 2012
The Norwegian Left's KGB Romance FrontPage Magazine November 20, 2012
Wacky Saudi preacher sparks Swiss dispute The Local November 20, 2012
FBI to Honor CAIR-Linked Group FrontPage Magazine November 19, 2012
State Dept. Official to Attend OIC Meeting Today on Banning 'Defamation of Islam' PJ Media November 18, 2012
France: Muslim Student Attacks Professor Who Didn't Respect Islam Islam versus Europe November 18, 2012
Gay activists have met their match with Muslim barbers Toronto Sun November 17, 2012
Bubba the Love Sponge vows political revenge for Buckhorn's calling him a 'moron' Tampa Bay Times November 17, 2012
Jill Kelley emails say Petraeus, Allen asked her to stop shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge from desecrating a Koran New York Daily News November 17, 2012
Clarissa Dickson Wright would return to 'frightening' Leicester city Leicester Mercury November 17, 2012
Fury at TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright's comments about Muslims in Leicester Leicester Mercury November 17, 2012
Petraeus asked socialite to avert anti-Islam stunt AFP November 17, 2012
UC Irvine Student Government Approves Anti-Israel Boycott FrontPage Magazine November 16, 2012
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia? FrontPage Magazine November 16, 2012
A Palestinian in Texas American Spectator November 2012
Fighting Islamist extremism on university campuses Public Service Europe November 15, 2012
Artists are worried about Islam Dispatch International November 15, 2012
Some Call Ads On RTD Buses Offensive CBS Denver November 15, 2012
Four Islamists on Gov. Christie's Muslim Outreach Committee Radical Islam November 15, 2012
Christmas Lights Go Out in Europe FrontPage Magazine November 15, 2012
'Jihad' ads on CTA buses spark outrage Chicago Tribune November 14, 2012
Norwegian 'King's Medal' to Go to Radical Anti-Semite FrontPage Magazine November 14, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Convention Comes to Chicago FrontPage Magazine November 14, 2012
Muslims call for change in UK blasphemy laws Pakistan News November 14, 2012
Tale of 2 surveys: What U.S. Muslims believe WorldNetDaily November 13, 2012
Louvre's new Islamic wing aims to bridge cultural divide Global Post November 13, 2012
French Media Ignores Protest against Radical Islam CBN News November 13, 2012
When Obama's Mask Comes Off — on The Glazov Gang FrontPage Magazine November 12, 2012
Exposé: Qatar's takeover of Europe Israel National News November 12, 2012
Despite outcry, Cape Coral man continues to teach law enforcement Fort Myers News-Press November 12, 2012
Judge: DMV can't yank plates with anti-Arab term Virginian-Pilot November 10, 2012
Cross Landmark Removed From Bavarian Tourist Leaflet to Appease Muslims Islam versus Europe November 10, 2012
What's in a name? Investigative Project November 9, 2012
Obama's America: Jailed for Blaspheming Against Islam FrontPage Magazine November 9, 2012
Military investigates video of racially charged skit CBC News November 8, 2012
Nationalist acquitted over anti-minaret stunt The Local November 8, 2012
Not a dime's worth of difference Jihad Watch November 7, 2012
'Terrorist,' 'violent jihad' among words prosecutors want to use in Portland terrorism trial Columbus Republic November 7, 2012
Innocence of Muslims film officially branded extremist in Russia Interfax November 7, 2012
California man behind anti-Muslim film sentenced to prison Fox News November 7, 2012
Town delays decision on bus ad policy Herald-Sun November 6, 2012
Gardai hunt Irish racists who burned the Koran The Sun November 6, 2012
Australia and Malaysia to exchange Muslim youth to push understanding Bikya Masr November 5, 2012
Why Major Art Museums Are Going Gaga For Islamic Art Business Insider November 5, 2012
The Threat Doctrine that Cries 'Blasphemy' American Thinker November 4, 2012
Obama's National Security 'Not Top 10′ of 2012 PJ Media November 4, 2012
City apologises for Zionist flag flap Copenhagen Post November 3, 2012
UK government told anti-Islam film incites terrorism Pakistan News November 3, 2012
A message from the Texas professor who was fired for offending Muslim students Jihad Watch November 2, 2012
Benghazi Investigator Slams America and 'Islamophobes' FrontPage Magazine November 2, 2012
Dems Tap Radical Islamists for Cash Investigative Project November 1, 2012
Something's Rotten in Denmark Schools FrontPage Magazine November 1, 2012
2013: The Death of Free Speech PJ Media October 31, 2012
Reza Aslan refuses to speak out for Islamic "moderation," says bin Laden's version of Islam is valid Jihad Watch October 31, 2012
Serb man detained after photos on Facebook appear to show him burning the Quran Fox News October 31, 2012
Geert Wilders Still Going Strong FrontPage Magazine October 31, 2012
Ohio college group leads campaign against 'racially insensitive' Halloween costumes Fox News October 31, 2012
Guess who U.S. Muslims are voting for WorldNetDaily October 30, 2012
Wilders speaks up for banned lawyer Moszkowicz Dutch News October 30, 2012
Heated 'Muslim' outburst earns headteacher reprimand Copenhagen Post October 30, 2012
The Real Islamophobia Gatestone Institute October 29, 2012
Anti-Wilders Mob Goes Mad FrontPage Magazine October 29, 2012
France Euromillions site hit by religious hackers BBC News October 28, 2012
Showdown With Islamists: Interview With Jamie Glazov Radical Islam October 28, 2012
The European Left and Its Trouble With Jews New York Times October 27, 2012
Saudi king urges UN action against religious insults AFP October 27, 2012
Muted protests greet Wilders Malmö visit The Local October 27, 2012
A German Victory for Free Speech American Thinker October 27, 2012
Jewish groups angered at absence of Israeli flag at diversity festival Copenhagen Post October 26, 2012
American Infidel FrontPage Magazine October 26, 2012
Darkness Descending in England American Thinker October 26, 2012
Women stage topless demo at Ikea in Germany The Local October 25, 2012
Great Britain – a police state? Dispatch International October 25, 2012
A New Attack on Islam's Critics FrontPage Magazine October 25, 2012
Parents voice support for teacher facing racism charges Copenhagen Post October 24, 2012
Pillay: Hatred, free speech don't mix UPI October 24, 2012
Obama's Benghazi Investigator: An Iran Sympathizer FrontPage Magazine October 24, 2012
Romney tags jihadists as enemy, marking shift from Obama, Bush Daily Caller October 23, 2012
Michigan Cops Stop Driver for Waving Israeli Flags Israel National News October 22, 2012
Chapel Hill Transit Could See Even More Controversial Ad WCHL October 22, 2012
WMATA to add disclaimers to ads amid controversial campaigns Washington Examiner October 22, 2012
A Tale of Two Rowans FrontPage Magazine October 22, 2012
The War Against Free Speech Rages On FrontPage Magazine October 22, 2012
Headscarf debate highlights Russian Muslims' grievances Reuters October 21, 2012
France's racism watchdogs demand action after mosque stormed France 24 October 21, 2012
Free Speech Victory in America's Capital American Thinker October 20, 2012
Racism charges against teacher dropped Copenhagen Post October 19, 2012
Open Mosque Day FrontPage Magazine October 19, 2012
Islam: Qatar designs a law against offending religions ANSAmed October 19, 2012
Railway ad war spreads New York Post October 19, 2012
It's Not Just Obama's Lies — It's the Premise of Obama's Lies PJ Media October 18, 2012
Army Bows to Islamists, Sacks Lt. Colonel Radical Islam October 18, 2012
Protect Free Speech on Campus–For Jewish Students Too Commentary October 17, 2012
CAIR Official: Mention of Islamists is 'Politics of Fear' Radical Islam October 17, 2012
NatGeo TV on terror alert New York Post October 17, 2012
We must be free to insult each other: Rowan Atkinson attacks new rules that outlaw 'insulting words and behaviour' Daily Mail October 17, 2012
Metro considering new round of anti-jihad ads WTOP October 17, 2012
Chief rabbi criticises compromise on ritual slaughter Dutch News October 17, 2012
'Defeat jihad' ad appears on Portland trains, buses KOMO October 16, 2012
Pro-Israel ads to run on TriMet vehicles in response to pro-Palestinian ads KPTV October 16, 2012
Defending Homeland FrontPage Magazine October 16, 2012
New 9/11 Ads Headed to Metro Washington City Paper October 16, 2012
Swiss makes Muslims cross over billboard ads The Local October 16, 2012
Wake up, Europe Jerusalem Post October 15, 2012
Meet an Obama Muslim Favorite: Israel a 9/11 Suspect Israel National News October 15, 2012
Faith groups demand Metro donate 'jihad' ad profits to charity Washington Post October 15, 2012
CAIR: 'Not Acceptable' to Portray Jihadists As 'Savage' CNS News October 15, 2012
Ahmadiyya Muslim spiritual leader condemns anti-Islam video Contra Costa Times October 15, 2012
West's free speech stand bars blasphemy ban: OIC Reuters October 15, 2012
Cardinal causes uproar with "Muslim scare" video at Vatican Reuters October 15, 2012
Kevin James Calls Out Hollywood for Not Defending 'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker's Free Speech Breitbart October 15, 2012
Mr. Obama, the Future Belongs to Truth Tellers FrontPage Magazine October 15, 2012
California CAIR: Bring Blasphemy Laws to the U.S. FrontPage Magazine October 15, 2012
Colonel's class on radical Islam leaves career in limbo Washington Times October 14, 2012
Muslims protest 'age of mockery' as thousands descend on Google HQ Telegraph October 14, 2012
Muslim group plans to combat pro-Israel Metro ads with more ads WTOP October 13, 2012
Six Sure Signs Someone You Know Is an Islamophobe FrontPage Magazine October 12, 2012
Judge Explains Decision On Anti-Jihad Ads In D.C. CBS Baltimore October 12, 2012
Islamic Terrorism Caused by Poverty? FrontPage Magazine October 12, 2012
Anti-jihad ads raise controversy on DC subway AFP October 11, 2012
Al-Marayati's Dangerous "Diplomatic" Ideas Investigative Project October 11, 2012
France's Anti-Jewish Terrorism Epidemic FrontPage Magazine October 11, 2012
Pro-Muslim Ads In NYC Subway Counter Message Of Ads Against Jihad Radio Free Europe October 10, 2012
U.S. Qur'an-burning pastor to speak in Toronto about freedom of speech Toronto Star October 10, 2012
Anti-Islam group under fire over leaflet drop ABC Australia October 10, 2012
Is the Election Delaying Nidal Hasan's Trial? FrontPage Magazine October 10, 2012
Man accused of driving at Christian protesters accepts plea, gets probation Source Newspapers October 9, 2012
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 'Favela' Map Prompts Complaints Over Islamic Script In Bathroom Huffington Post October 9, 2012
Obama's Islamic Supremacist Human Rights Rep PJ Media October 9, 2012
Qur'an-burning pastor faces possible border trouble Toronto Sun October 8, 2012
The Arrest of a Filmmaker — on The Glazov Gang FrontPage Magazine October 8, 2012
Islamophobia or Islamo-Reality? FrontPage Magazine October 8, 2012
Muslim-American Interfaith Group Calls for Blasphemy Laws FrontPage Magazine October 8, 2012
Metro Displays Controversial "Defeat Jihad" Ads in Four Stations NBC Washington October 8, 2012
Madonna backs down from wearing Muslim bridal dress Contactmusic October 8, 2012
Anti-Muslim ad creates more controversy WTOP October 8, 2012
Lineker's 'eating grass' gaffe leaves Muslims fuming DNA India October 7, 2012
Ahmadi Muslims in UK call for urgent action against hate Guardian October 7, 2012
Legal group comes to aid of Army instructor ousted over Muslim groups' complaints Fox News October 5, 2012
Faith groups launch campaign to counter controversial 'Defeat Jihad' ad CNN October 5, 2012
Europe's fight over free speech flares up again USA Today October 5, 2012
Arrested for Blasphemy in America? FrontPage Magazine October 5, 2012
Judge: DC Metro must allow anti-jihad ads CBS News October 5, 2012
Islamic group to 'ignore' Wilders visit West Australian October 4, 2012
Reading University Union ejects atheist society over 'blasphemous' pineapple Student Rights October 4, 2012
The First Amendment vs. Multiculturalism National Review October 4, 2012
State Stands by its Man Free Beacon October 4, 2012
The Consequences of 'Slandering' the Prophet of Islam FrontPage Magazine October 3, 2012
Feds investigate claims of anti-Semitism at UC Berkeley Los Angeles Times October 3, 2012
Toulouse: Muslims Riot Because Woman Steps on Arabic Calligraphy on Street Islam versus Europe October 3, 2012
High U.N. Official Calls Free Speech a 'Gift' FrontPage Magazine October 3, 2012
French art exhibit pulled after near riot over Koran verses Expatica October 3, 2012
Anti-Israel Advocate Reps U.S. at Rights Conference Free Beacon October 3, 2012
Groups call for Lewiston mayor's resignation in wake of Somali comments Lewiston Sun Journal October 2, 2012
'Provocateur' Geert Wilders will get Australian visa, says minister Dutch News October 2, 2012
Anti-Islam Dutch MP postpones visit on the day Australian Government says it won't block visa Australian AP October 2, 2012
'Defeat Jihad' ads cause stir in D.C. Politico October 2, 2012
The Obama Administration and the OIC: The Anti-Free Speech Coalition FrontPage Magazine October 2, 2012
Denmark still largely in support of 'blasphemy' law Ice News October 2, 2012
Irrational Fear of Islam? FrontPage Magazine October 2, 2012
Islamic hackers deface emergency web pages Sydney Morning Herald October 2, 2012
Criticizing Islam taboo in academia: ex-Yale expert says Canadian Jewish News October 2, 2012
Islam: I don't like the word Islamophobia, Rushdie ANSAmed October 2, 2012
Ikea 'sorry' for erasing women in Saudi book The Local October 1, 2012
Ikea 'erases' women from Saudi catalogue The Local October 1, 2012
A Future Without Criticism of the Prophet Muhammad — on The Glazov Gang FrontPage Magazine October 1, 2012
Norwegian blogger posts Muhammad cartoon The Local October 1, 2012
Joe Lhota wimps out New York Post October 1, 2012
Filmmakers asking imams to vet movies WorldNetDaily September 30, 2012
Anti-Islam filmmaker held at Los Angeles federal jail Reuters September 29, 2012
Saudi envoy: Brussels Islamic fair comes at right time KUNA September 29, 2012
Alan Dershowitz Calls Amended M.T.A. Advertising Rules "Plain Dumb" and "Unconstitutional" Algemeiner September 28, 2012
Facebook trouble for a Montana company Billings Gazette September 28, 2012
Denouncing Jihad Is 'Hate Speech'? FrontPage Magazine September 28, 2012
Dearborn Muslims rally against the First Amendment Detroit News September 28, 2012
At U.N., Muslim world questions Western freedom of speech Reuters September 28, 2012
Muslim 'Offenses' Are About Power, Not Words FrontPage Magazine September 27, 2012
Valls pledges hard line against Islamists The Local September 27, 2012
Poster gal released from jail, proud of color scheme New York Post September 27, 2012
M.T.A. Amends Rules After Pro-Israel Ads Draw Controversy New York Times September 27, 2012
Spanish Magazine Publishes Controversial Muhammad Cartoon Business Insider September 27, 2012
The Hague Refuses to Supervise Imam's Prayer Services NIS News September 27, 2012
Mohammed cartoons 'provocation': Kanoute Radio Netherlands September 26, 2012
Mona Eltahawy arrested for vandalizing pro-Israel, anti-"Jihad" NYC subway ad CBS News September 26, 2012
The Islamization Of The ACLU Investor's Business Daily September 26, 2012
Obama Rebuilds Mosques While Churches Burn FrontPage Magazine September 26, 2012
Obama Hits Some Stale Notes at U.N. FrontPage Magazine September 26, 2012
Obama's U.N. Speech Hits and Misses the Mark FrontPage Magazine September 26, 2012
Armstrong & Getty absent from Sacramento live radio amid controversy over Muslims Sacramento Bee September 26, 2012
Muslim-Americans call for 'deterrent legal measures' over anti-Islam video Washington Examiner September 26, 2012
Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future FrontPage Magazine September 26, 2012
Did you know: Hollywood wants Muslim cleric to vet script Express Tribune September 25, 2012
Swiss federal court - Public request against Islamic expansion is no verbal racism Europe News September 25, 2012
Anti-Muslim posters spark subway fears New York Post September 25, 2012
Bowing and Scraping, Scandinavia-Style FrontPage Magazine September 25, 2012
'Sweden must do more to combat racism' The Local September 25, 2012
World Muslim group demands laws against "Islamophobia" Reuters September 25, 2012
Woman defaces 'anti-jihad' ad in Times Square station New York Post September 25, 2012
Muslim advocacy groups influence heavily on U.S. national security protocol and lexicon Washington Times September 24, 2012
Mr. Obama, stop praising Islam Washington Times September 24, 2012
Serbia: Radical Islam 'latent threat' in Muslim-majority region Adnkronos International September 24, 2012
Surrendering to Sharia — on The Glazov Gang FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2012
Metro should end its delay of running 'Defeat Jihad' ad Washington Post September 24, 2012
"Savage" jihad ad debuts in New York City subway Reuters September 24, 2012
Court in Moscow to hear ban on anti-Muslim film on Oct 1 Interfax September 24, 2012
World Leaders Rally for Blasphemy Laws FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2012
U.S. Imams Call for Restricting Free Speech PJ Media September 24, 2012
Will Geert Wilders Be Denied a Visa to Australia? FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2012
French Muslims ignore calls for cartoon protest Independent September 24, 2012
Interior minister rules out blasphemy law The Local September 23, 2012
German Muslims stage peaceful protest The Local September 22, 2012
How Are American Muslims Responding To The Anti-Islam Film? NPR September 22, 2012
Chicago group launches ads to counter anti-Islam video WBEZ September 21, 2012
France's Le Pen calls for ban on Muslim, Jewish headwear Expatica September 21, 2012
Oslo Muslims protest against anti-Islam film The Local September 21, 2012
Hundreds rally at Islamic Center in Dearborn 'to show our unity' Detroit Free Press September 21, 2012
Framed Filmmaker in Hiding to Escape Muslim Head Hunters FrontPage Magazine September 21, 2012
Pamela Geller Censored About Hamas-CAIR on CNN's @ErinBurnett FrontPage Magazine September 21, 2012
Protests against US anti-Islam film reach Scottish Parliament Scotsman September 21, 2012
France bans protests over Prophet Mohammad cartoons Reuters September 21, 2012
Magazine pokes fun at Islam video row The Local September 21, 2012
Free Speech That Mocks Islam Is National Security Threat for U.S., Prominent NJ Imam Tells TheBlaze The Blaze September 20, 2012
Islamists Seek to Settle Score by Framing Filmmaker FrontPage Magazine September 20, 2012
Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley Fired for Criticizing Islam at Joint Forces Staff College Breitbart September 20, 2012
Danish 'Mohammed' Cartoonist: No Regrets and No Censors Israel National News September 20, 2012
Anti-Islam film continues to make waves around the world Radio Netherlands September 20, 2012
Is It Time for 'Make Your Own Mohammed Movie Month'? FrontPage Magazine September 20, 2012
Charlie Hebdo Prepares For Violent Backlash FrontPage Magazine September 20, 2012
Germany postpones posters aimed at countering radical Islam Reuters September 20, 2012
The word 'behead' went over Muslim mother's head Daily Telegraph September 20, 2012
The Fantasy of the 'Fragile Muslim' PJ Media September 19, 2012
Head of Paris Mosque: Prophet cartoon an 'act of cowardice' ITV September 19, 2012
White House slams French cartoons, amid election-time threats from Islamists Daily Caller September 19, 2012
Islamic states to reopen quest for global blasphemy law Reuters September 19, 2012
Are Radical Imams Going to Redefine Freedom of Speech? Gatestone Institute September 19, 2012
U.N. chief says anti-Islam filmmaker abused freedom of expression Reuters September 19, 2012
Controversial 'Defeat Jihad' ad to appear in NYC subways CNN September 19, 2012
Actress in anti-Muslim film sues for its removal online Fox News September 19, 2012
Turkey PM Pushes International Blasphemy Laws FrontPage Magazine September 19, 2012
The anti-Muslim MP not allowed to visit Australia Sydney Morning Herald September 19, 2012
Muslim Riots Reach Europe Gatestone Institute September 19, 2012
Cartoons in French weekly fuel Mohammad furor Reuters September 19, 2012
Group to defend O-5 who taught anti-Islam class Army Times September 18, 2012
Sept. 11 terrorist attacks awakened us to a 'battle for the soul of Islam' Washington Post September 18, 2012
French calls to defy ban on demos over anti-Islam film Expatica September 18, 2012
French Mag to Publish Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed ABC News September 18, 2012
Islamic Violence Needs No Spark FrontPage Magazine September 18, 2012
Muslims plan Bern rally against US video The Local September 18, 2012
CAIR Rep: Violence Shows It's America That Needs to Change Investigative Project September 18, 2012
Rotterdam mayor relaxed about controversial Muslim film Dutch News September 18, 2012
Drawing a 'Red Line' to Protect Free Speech FrontPage Magazine September 18, 2012
Europe's Multicultural Nightmare FrontPage Magazine September 18, 2012
German Muslims split over film's screening Deutsche Welle September 18, 2012
MP suggests removing child protester from parents The Age September 17, 2012
Muslims, Mormons and Liberals Wall Street Journal September 17, 2012
Satanic Verses 'would not be published now' Asian Image September 17, 2012
Death threats, petitions swirl online after anti-Islam filmmaker's identity is revealed Daily Caller September 17, 2012
Dutch Muslim protests at film pass off peacefully Dutch News September 17, 2012
Centre-left opposes ban on anti-Islam film The Local September 17, 2012
'Hate preacher' hits back at Tony Abbott ABC Australia September 17, 2012
Germany Bars US Pastor Terry Jones Der Spiegel September 17, 2012
Muslim group refuses to condemn rioters Sydney Morning Herald September 17, 2012
The Freedom to be Silenced FrontPage Magazine September 17, 2012
A Setback for Geert Wilders FrontPage Magazine September 17, 2012
West should denounce vicious, primitive hatred Daily Telegraph September 17, 2012
French Leftist Attacked by Muslims at Communist Festival Islam versus Europe September 16, 2012
PM Erdoğan: Islamophobia should be recognized as crime against humanity Today's Zaman September 16, 2012
France moves to block anti-US protests over film France 24 September 16, 2012
Paris police detain 100 at US embassy protest France 24 September 16, 2012
Hundreds In London Anti-Islam Film Protest Sky News September 16, 2012
Belgian police detain 230 protesting anti-Islam film Expatica September 16, 2012
Minister: I'll fight attempt to show anti-Islam film The Local September 16, 2012
EU Parliament President denounces attempts to ridicule Islam KUNA September 15, 2012
Police gas Sydney protesters Sydney Morning Herald September 15, 2012
Dearborn imam: Violence not what Islam preaches Detroit Free Press September 15, 2012
It's time for Islamophobic evangelicals to choose CNN September 15, 2012
The Sharia-zation of Hollywood Breitbart September 15, 2012
DC Comics Mainstreaming 'Islamophobia' PJ Media September 15, 2012
Mitt Romney On 'Innocence Of Muslims' Video: They Have A Right To Make It, But It's Not Right Huffington Post September 14, 2012
The True Face of Facebook FrontPage Magazine September 14, 2012
Germany condemns film as mob burns embassy The Local September 14, 2012
The Futility of Apology FrontPage Magazine September 14, 2012
Google rejects White House request to pull Mohammad film clip Reuters September 14, 2012
Muslim group says Australian military action incites terrorism Sydney Morning Herald September 14, 2012
Anti-Islam Film Linked to 'Islamophobic Industry' Voice of America September 14, 2012
White House asked YouTube to 'review' anti-Muslim film Politico September 14, 2012
Writer quits French publishing post over Breivik essay AFP September 13, 2012
Police Sent to California Home of 'Innocence of Muslims' Producer, Who is 'Scared of Retaliation' ABC News September 13, 2012
U.S. identifies anti-Muslim filmmaker CBS Washington September 13, 2012
French Muslim leaders call for calm after US Islam film Expatica September 13, 2012
U.S. Muslim lobby blames 'right-wing extremist' for Libya attack WorldNetDaily September 13, 2012
'Innocence of Muslims': Administration asks YouTube to review video Los Angeles Times September 13, 2012
Islamist Atrocities and Double Standards FrontPage Magazine September 13, 2012
White House: anti-Islam film 'truly abhorrent' Politico September 13, 2012
Anti-Muslim group, protesters face off outside Hillsborough school district offices Tampa Bay Times September 12, 2012
Call for cameras at every mosque in France after new attack Expatica September 12, 2012
BBC is full of liberals afraid to mock Islam (says veteran of the BBC) Daily Mail September 12, 2012
Change in Tone or Tactic? Investigative Project September 12, 2012
Daily Caller barred from CAIR press conference on Islamist attacks in Egypt, Libya Daily Caller September 12, 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration FrontPage Magazine September 12, 2012
Top U.S. military officer calls pastor over anti-Islam film Reuters September 12, 2012
US Muslims wary of possible retaliatory attacks NBC News September 12, 2012
Opponents of Radical Islam Call For Tougher Guest Speaker Policy in Schools WTSP September 11, 2012
Getting Over 9/11 FrontPage Magazine September 11, 2012
U.S. Embassy Favors Religious Feelings over Free Speech, Attacked Anyway National Review September 11, 2012
Russia's biggest social network accused of extremism propaganda Russia Today September 11, 2012
Channel 4 cancels Islam documentary screening after presenter threatened Telegraph September 11, 2012
World Community Takes On 'Islamophobia' FrontPage Magazine September 11, 2012
9/11 - We Said We Never Would Forget Radical Islam September 10, 2012
The Pro-Islamic Aspects of Breivik's Manifesto FrontPage Magazine September 10, 2012
U.S. groups helped fund Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders Reuters September 10, 2012
Germany: Professor Under Criminal Investigation for Book About Mohammed's Mental Illness Islam versus Europe September 8, 2012
Reflections of a Diaspora Jew on Zionism, America and the Fate of the Jews FrontPage Magazine September 7, 2012
Plan for suburban Detroit mosque draws resistance from Christian group Fox News September 6, 2012
Siding with Savages FrontPage Magazine September 6, 2012
Protesters in White Plains urge Metro-North Railroad to denounce anti-Islam ad Journal News September 6, 2012
Minister cancels appearance at anti-radicalism conference Copenhagen Post September 6, 2012
Muslim leader says American-Islamic relations getting worse Oakland Press September 5, 2012
Young Dutch Muslims critical of Salafism Radio Netherlands September 4, 2012
Channel 4 documentary Islam: The Untold Story receives 1,200 complaints Guardian September 3, 2012
American Muslims are here to stay, says US official Dawn September 2, 2012
Islam TV show triggers deluge of Ofcom complaints Guardian September 2, 2012
The Huffington Post Whitewashes Sharia American Thinker September 2, 2012
CAIR: Censor or Free-Speech Champion? National Review September 1, 2012
Vilks cites KKK to defend talk to anti-Muslim group The Local August 31, 2012
Democrats Embrace Siraj Wahhaj: Supporter of Cop-Killer, Al Qaeda and Hamas, Part II FrontPage Magazine August 30, 2012
Citizen Khan may face Ofcom investigation Guardian August 30, 2012
Judge Criticizes M.T.A.'s Delay in Ad Case New York Times August 29, 2012
Shock at racist abuse sparked by Hereford mosque plan Hereford Times August 29, 2012
Websites hit by Islamist hackers The Local August 29, 2012
UC rejects anti-Semitism resolution San Francisco Chronicle August 28, 2012
Islam's critics won't be silenced Los Angeles Times August 28, 2012
Heavily made-up girl in a hijab provokes storm of complaints as BBC is accused of insulting Muslims with new sitcom Citizen Khan Daily Mail August 28, 2012
A Disturbing Event: The American Conservative Union Embraces an Islamist FrontPage Magazine August 27, 2012
Turkey slams France for promoting hate speech with genocide initiative Today's Zaman August 27, 2012
1001 Pieces of Islamist Propaganda: Fabricated Exhibit Comes to D.C. PJ Media August 25, 2012
Monitoring Islam-Critics in Norway FrontPage Magazine August 24, 2012
Muslim Dog Day Afternoon FrontPage Magazine August 23, 2012
Bacon Hate Crimes and Islamophobia Witch-Hunts Gatestone Institute August 22, 2012
Anti-Islamic ads target Metro-North commuters Stamford Advocate August 22, 2012
Hateful bus ads are free speech San Francisco Examiner August 22, 2012
Huma Abedin, Islamist Connections and Willful Blindness FrontPage Magazine August 22, 2012
Police hound counter-protesters at Al-Quds Day event Jewish Tribune August 21, 2012
Police 'overzealous' in handling of Al-Quds counter-protester: rights advocate Toronto Sun August 21, 2012
Unprecedented Sharia Enforcement by City Governments FrontPage Magazine August 21, 2012
NYPD Probing Hate Crime After Bacon Found At Staten Island Ramadan Site CBS News August 20, 2012
Italy: Politician who sparked Mohammed riot stripped of security detail to save cash Adnkronos International August 20, 2012
Dhimmi Officials Go Sharia-Compliant American Thinker August 20, 2012
Anti-Islam protest goes ahead in Germany Euronews August 18, 2012
Far-right activists stage anti-Muslim protest The Local August 18, 2012
Wilders' supporters don't really care about headscarves Radio Netherlands August 17, 2012
Anti-Islam group targets mosques and leftists The Local August 17, 2012
Far-right can show Mohammed cartoons at Berlin rally: court Expatica August 16, 2012
Muni Not Taking Down Controversial 'Jihad' Ads On SF Buses CBS San Francisco August 15, 2012
Mark Potok: Hatemonger FrontPage Magazine August 14, 2012
All-Russian Muslim Board opposes leniency for Pussy Riot Interfax August 13, 2012
Not For Conservatives Only — on The Brewster Gang FrontPage Magazine August 13, 2012
Christie's Embrace of Islamo-Fascists FrontPage Magazine August 13, 2012
Lena Dunham Muslim Hijab Joke Prompts Criticism, Not-Quite-Kristen-Stewart-Level Apology Hollywood Gossip August 12, 2012
We need to talk about Islam Index on Censorship August 10, 2012
Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood — My Speech in Washington PJ Media August 9, 2012
Hamas-linked CAIR tries to strong-arm Romney, demands he explain private meeting with pro-freedom General Jihad Watch August 9, 2012
Sergio Redegalli's "Say No to Burqas" mural defaced yet again Jihad Watch August 9, 2012
Adam Hasner: Islamophobe for Congress Salon August 8, 2012
What Are We Teaching Our Soldiers Besides the Shahada? Westminster Institute August 8, 2012
Forcing our all-volunteer force to fail Washington Times August 8, 2012
Banning 'Hate Speech' at UC? FrontPage Magazine August 8, 2012
Standing against left-wing fascists in Stockholm WorldNetDaily August 7, 2012
Mosques, Muslim Brotherhood and Murfreesboro — on The Brewster Gang FrontPage Magazine August 7, 2012
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DOJ Official Won't Say Whether Justice Department Would 'Criminalize Speech against Any Religion' CNS News July 26, 2012
Families angry as Breivik speech appears online The Local July 26, 2012
DOJ official refuses to promise that DOJ will NEVER advance an anti-blasphemy law PJ Media July 26, 2012
Brotherhood's American defenders Jerusalem Post July 26, 2012
Complaint against Cape Coral counter-terrorism instructor to be heard by directors Fort Myers News-Press July 26, 2012
CAIR Strikes Out PJ Media July 25, 2012
CAIR pushes DoD to drop ex-CIA operative lecturer, claims anti-Islam Daily Caller July 24, 2012
HBO show "True Blood" offensive to Muslim community Independent Florida Alligator July 24, 2012
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Top U.S. Islamic Group Calls for 'Gun Control' PJ Media July 23, 2012
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NY bus system can't bar pro-Israel, 'defeat Jihad' ads Reuters July 20, 2012
M.T.A. Violated Rights of Group, Judge Says New York Times July 20, 2012
Calls for a European First Amendment Grow FrontPage Magazine July 18, 2012
Defamation of Religion to Trump the 1st Amendment? CBN News July 17, 2012
'Islamorealism' ad claims '19,207 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11′ Daily Caller July 17, 2012
Anti-Muslim reporting fuelling hate crimes Asian Image July 17, 2012
American Atheists state director to desecrate Quran if state House doesn't drop "Year of Religious Diversity" resolution Patriot-News July 16, 2012
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Death threat to Belgian politician results in 48 hrs of community service Examiner July 6, 2012
Dutch lawmaker brings his crusade against Islam to conservative confab Colorado Statesman July 6, 2012
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LA Jewish Federation Cancels Event Citing Muslim Threats Algemeiner June 25, 2012
Investigate Radical Christianity! PJ Media June 25, 2012
Jewish group cancels speech by controversial author Pamela Geller Los Angeles Times June 25, 2012
European Islamic group praises Holocaust-denier Jerusalem Post June 24, 2012
Online books giant Amazon profits from £1 ebooks 'on terror, hate and violence' Daily Mail June 24, 2012
Conservative blogger Pamela Geller says L.A. federation nixed her speech JTA June 24, 2012
Man sentenced to 12 years in prison for threatening "South Park" creators, others CBS News June 22, 2012
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Media Release: Bruce Bawer Praises the Legal Project for its Critical Assistance in Anders Breivik Trial Legal Project June 19, 2012
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Finns Party MP mulls appeal against hate speech verdict YLE June 8, 2012
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Kan. gov. signs measure blocking Islamic law Fox News May 25, 2012
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Extremist behind 'gay-free zone' posters jailed for possessing al Qaeda literature Telegraph May 11, 2012
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Top U.S. Officer: Stop This 'Total War' on Islam Talk Wired May 10, 2012
U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use 'Hiroshima' Tactics for 'Total War' on Islam Wired May 10, 2012
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Dutch writer Hirsi Ali to receive German award CBS News May 10, 2012
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Rochdale child sex trial: Case 'has race element', says MP BBC News May 9, 2012
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Sharia4Belgium demonstrate for Mohammed Bouyeri on Liberation Day Islam in Europe May 7, 2012
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Councillor suspends herself after EDL Twitter comment BBC News May 7, 2012
North Rhine-Westphalia: Gov't wants ban on Muhammad cartoons Islam in Europe May 7, 2012
Smear Attack Against Israel Defenders at UC San Diego FrontPage Magazine May 7, 2012
Lawfare Reaches Germany Legal Project May 6, 2012
OIC chief: Global action to fight Islamophobia needed MENAFN May 6, 2012
Jews unwelcome on campus Ynet May 6, 2012
US teen admits to aiding Lars Vilks murder plot The Local May 5, 2012
Resisting threat of fanatical Islam Washington Times May 4, 2012
Appeals court rules for U of M in case over 'unreliable websites' Star Tribune May 4, 2012
Honor student pleads guilty in Jihad Jane plot Reuters May 4, 2012
Muslims upset as Wilders promotes new book Radio Netherlands May 3, 2012
Hill fears PC censors hobble FBI counter-terrorism Washington Examiner May 2, 2012
Danish court upholds cartoonist break-in sentence CBS News May 2, 2012
Allegan: Federal lawsuit over alleged ex-terrorist's speech based on "conjecture" MLive May 1, 2012
New York Times Bows to Terrorism Accuracy in Media May 1, 2012
Lawmaker sues city, school officials alleging free speech violations Michigan Radio May 1, 2012
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German police arrest 30 Salafists after clashes Fox News May 1, 2012
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Party plans Mohammed cartoons 'election tactic' The Local April 30, 2012
England: It was Fun While It Lasted PJ Media April 29, 2012
Rectification of Names PJ Media April 28, 2012
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Sweden Democrats 'unchanged' in wake of Breivik terror: expert The Local April 17, 2012
Response to Charges of Hate Speech Gatestone Institute April 16, 2012
VVD drops support for scrapping blasphemy law, says D66 Dutch News April 16, 2012
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Witness for the Defense? FrontPage Magazine April 16, 2012
Irony of ironies: Cyrus McGoldrick of Hamas-linked CAIR complains that "dissent is becoming criminalized" Jihad Watch April 15, 2012
Norwich church banned from using market stall after complaints about 'hate-related' leaflets Norwich Evening News April 14, 2012
Muslim censorship or just plain decency? Radio Netherlands April 14, 2012
Islam has made London a more conservative place than it was 50 years ago Telegraph April 13, 2012
Four deny Denmark Jyllands Posten attack plot BBC News April 13, 2012
Rijksmuseum Distances Itself from Its Islam Cartoon NIS News April 12, 2012
Muslim woman's bra photo sparks controversy CBC News April 12, 2012
Hedegaard's Appeal to the Danish Supreme Court Legal Project April 12, 2012
Arab nudes defy taboos in Paris show Expatica April 11, 2012
Belgium must shut down anti-immigrant website: NGOs Expatica April 11, 2012
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Denmark to try four in plot on Mohammad cartoons paper Reuters April 11, 2012
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Failing to heed the 'Zombie Prophet Mohammed' warning UPI April 3, 2012
Trayvon Martin, Race Hustlers and Media Bias — on The Glazov Gang FrontPage Magazine April 3, 2012
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UCLA Honors Sharia Apologist Khaled Abou El Fadl FrontPage Magazine April 3, 2012
Robert Spencer, Bruce Thornton and Nonie Darwish on The Glazov Gang FrontPage Magazine April 2, 2012
Terry Jones files federal suit against Dearborn over free speech issues Detroit News April 2, 2012
The Hague mosque suspends radical sheikh Radio Netherlands March 31, 2012
Austrian far-right party probed over 'racist' poster slammed by Morocco as 'humiliating' Al-Arabiya March 30, 2012
FBI pulls flawed training aids related to Muslims CBS News March 30, 2012
Islamophobia as a political ploy Guardian March 29, 2012
Swiss racism on the rise: human rights chief The Local March 29, 2012
Going to court for the freedom of speech Jihad Watch March 29, 2012
Blazing Qur'ans and the Deception of Muslim Contrived Indignation FrontPage Magazine March 29, 2012
BBC refuses to screen play about Islamic threat to freedom of speech Telegraph March 28, 2012
Mullah Krekar arrested over new threats The Local March 27, 2012
Islamist cleric gets 5 years in prison in Norway CBS News March 26, 2012
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Hillsborough schools now a battleground over influence of Islam Tampa Bay Times March 26, 2012
No special appeal in Wilders case Radio Netherlands March 26, 2012
It's not Islamophobia to call a jihadist, a jihadist National Post March 24, 2012
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Freedom of expression under attack Canadian Lawyer March 19, 2012
Jewish Students Who Stand With Israel's Enemies and Call Them 'Brothers' FrontPage Magazine March 19, 2012
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A 'halal' version of Facebook coming soon New Straits Times March 18, 2012
Jewish students cancel 'controversial' lawyer's invite Jewish Chronicle March 15, 2012
How I Became a Hate Group FrontPage Magazine March 15, 2012
8 face charges for racist web comments YLE March 14, 2012
Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America Cautions Muslims Against Participating in American Legal System; Urges Them to "Hate It in Their Hearts" Translating Jihad March 14, 2012
Times nixes anti-Islam ad, runs anti-Catholic ad Daily Caller March 14, 2012
Where Has All the English Gone? FrontPage Magazine March 14, 2012
Campus Hate Groups Target Jews & Israel FrontPage Magazine March 14, 2012
Italy: Dante's 'racist' Divine Comedy 'should be banished' Adnkronos International March 14, 2012
U.K. Thought Police Send Man to Prison FrontPage Magazine March 14, 2012
Belgium's Muslims in shock after deadly mosque arson AFP March 13, 2012
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Newt Gingrich rips ABC's 'GCB': No network would run show if 'Muslim' used in place of 'Christian' New York Daily News March 10, 2012
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Letter to UCI Administrators on Rejection of Wallenberg Statue FrontPage Magazine March 9, 2012
Free speech under fire Los Angeles Times March 9, 2012
Chicago Police Head Raises Money for CAIR FrontPage Magazine March 9, 2012
Gainsborough man jailed over anti-Islam images in his flat window Gainsborough Target March 9, 2012
Bequeathers of Absolute Truth Crush Free Speech in Europe Stonegate Institute March 8, 2012
My mother wants me dead: Catholic convert speaks out after fleeing her Muslim family following 'honour killing' threat Daily Mail March 8, 2012
You Can't Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom by Nick Cohen: review Telegraph March 8, 2012
Florida religious leaders condemn 'anti-Sharia' bill Miami Herald March 8, 2012
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Will There Always Be an England? FrontPage Magazine March 7, 2012
Belgium: 'Welcome to Belgistan' Islam in Europe March 6, 2012
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Muslim social networking site set to launch Deutsche Welle March 5, 2012
Another Brick in the Wall FrontPage Magazine March 5, 2012
Ban of PI Demanded in Chancellor's Dialog Politically Incorrect March 4, 2012
Outspoken Norway Muslim praises killer Foreigner March 4, 2012
French minister under fire again for 'racist' remarks Expatica March 3, 2012
Suspects planned to 'kill as many as possible' The Local March 2, 2012
'When I came back, the Netherlands had completely changed' Radio Netherlands March 2, 2012
A 'Dictator' Mocks America's Enemies FrontPage Magazine March 2, 2012
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Denmark charges suspects in terror plot CBS News March 2, 2012
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Turkey warns France against new genocide law Deutsche Welle February 29, 2012
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Did the NYPD's Spying on Muslims Violate the Law? Pro Publica February 29, 2012
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French court overturns Armenian genocide denial law CNN February 28, 2012
Bizarre Verdicts Could Fuel Rep. Larry Metz's Anti-Sharia Bill Sunshine State News February 28, 2012
We must be crazy to want for Turkey to enter EU – Dutch MP News from Armenia February 28, 2012
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Hundreds of threats for assault victim in case dismissed by Quran-minded judge Daily Caller February 26, 2012
Cumberland County magisterial district judge berated over case dismissal Carlisle Sentinel February 26, 2012
Fireman Sam creator detained at airport for veil comment at security gate Telegraph February 26, 2012
Bradford and race: the TV experiment that aims to change perceptions and prejudice Guardian February 25, 2012
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Muslims, Atheists Pressure Military to Remove Christian Speaker Fox News January 31, 2012
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Trial opens for Mohammed cartoonist attack plot Deutsche Welle November 15, 2011
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Louisiana prisons can't ban Nation of Islam newspaper, appeals court says Times-Picayune November 10, 2011
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Prophet Mohammed to 'guest edit' French satirical weekly Expatica October 31, 2011
Muslims Stone Catholic Festival-Goers in France Islam versus Europe October 29, 2011
More political leadership and media engagement needed to confront anti-Muslim rhetoric, say OSCE meeting participants OSCE October 28, 2011
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Controversial author urges Muslim Canadians to defend their rights Calgary Herald October 27, 2011
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University forum with Israeli scientists 'offends Muslims' Australian October 25, 2011
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Ex- porn star awarded at Muslim Film Festival Russia Today October 10, 2011
Immigration officer forwards racially charged email to Muslim-American lawyer Great Falls Tribune October 8, 2011
Wausau Man Attacked With Tire Iron WSAU October 8, 2011
Terry Jones appeals conviction, ban from Dearborn mosque Detroit Free Press October 7, 2011
Filming Beginning on New Documentary About Pro-Islam Bias in Education Christian Action Network October 6, 2011
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Never Submit: Bosch Fawstin's Uncompromising Vision FrontPage Magazine September 26, 2011
Silence won't solve the problems with a multicultural society The Local September 26, 2011
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Lawyers at 'town hall': UC Muslims will appeal Orange County Register September 25, 2011
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Saudi threats a SLAPP in the face Toronto Sun September 24, 2011
The truth about polygamy: A special investigation into how Muslim men can exploit the benefits system Daily Mail September 23, 2011
'Irvine 11': 10 students sentenced to probation, no jail time Los Angeles Times September 23, 2011
Breaking News: Irvine 11 Convicted Investigative Project September 23, 2011
'Not wrong' to move aide after Islam slur: ruling The Local September 22, 2011
'Vilks was target of Gothenburg attack' The Local September 21, 2011
'Irvine 11' case goes to jury Los Angeles Times September 21, 2011
'Mideast' battle on subways New York Post September 21, 2011
Jury Gets Irvine 11 Case Investigative Project September 21, 2011
Ground Zero Mosque Opens for Business FrontPage Magazine September 21, 2011
Reeve Explains 'Muhammad' as Dog's Name San Juan Capistrano Patch September 20, 2011
Blogger Pamela Geller vows to sue MTA if subway ad calling Israel's enemies 'savages' isn't approved New York Daily News September 20, 2011
Universities to Teach Journalists Even More Islamic Favoritism Human Events September 20, 2011
Europe's Moral Decadence Fuels Spread of Islamic Fundamentalism Pajamas Media September 19, 2011
Atty: Muslim students' speech rights not absolute Fox News September 19, 2011
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I'll Do It Myself: Fighting To Publish in 'Multicultural' Canada Pajamas Media September 19, 2011
The Wages of Multiculturalism in the Democratic West Pajamas Media September 18, 2011
'Ethical oil' ad campaign riles Saudis Toronto Sun September 18, 2011
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Don't airbrush Islamist threat Toronto Sun September 16, 2011
F.B.I. Chided for Training That Was Critical of Islam New York Times September 16, 2011
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'Dog Named Muhammad' Comment Irks Councilman San Juan Capistrano Patch September 15, 2011
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Competing Speech Rights Debated at Irvine Trial Investigative Project September 15, 2011
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Rosenthal distances himself from PVV Erdogan monkey jibe Dutch News September 14, 2011
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Smear, Inc.: Silencing the Critics of Islamic Supremacism FrontPage Magazine September 14, 2011
Irvine 11 – Jurors See Emails Plotting Disruptions Investigative Project September 13, 2011
Danish cartoonist scraps Oslo trip, fearing attack AFP September 13, 2011
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America must get beyond myths about Islam Washington Examiner September 10, 2011
Ten Years Later, Radical Islam Still a Taboo Subject Investigative Project September 8, 2011
Denounce radicals, Bernardi tells Muslim The Age September 8, 2011
New Pew Poll Undercuts Left's "Islamophobia" Card FrontPage Magazine September 8, 2011
Congressman Allen West says 9/11 lessons unlearned, sees threat from radical Islam South Florida Sun-Sentinel September 7, 2011
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Calls for Cory Bernardi's scalp over Geert Wilders Australian AP September 7, 2011
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Bolkestein: West threat to Islam Dutch News September 7, 2011
Outrageous: NY Times Op-Ed Defends Sharia Law … in America Pajamas Media September 6, 2011
'We Shall Never Forget'--a 9/11 Coloring Book--Commits Thoughtcrime Human Events September 6, 2011
What The Playland Hijab Incident Tells Us About America Ten Years After 9/11 Forbes September 6, 2011
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Spanish Town Becoming "New Mecca of the Most Radical Islamism" Hudson NY September 1, 2011
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Fear, Inc.: The Business of Saving Jihad From 'Islamophobia' Human Events August 30, 2011
Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism FrontPage Magazine August 29, 2011
All traces of Perry/Aga Khan curriculum removed from web Jihad Watch August 28, 2011
Ground Zero imam gives Scotland his recipe for successful multiculturalism Herald Scotland August 28, 2011
US Muslim leader backs march ban Press Association August 28, 2011
Copenhagen: Religiously motivated vandalism of election posters Islam in Europe August 28, 2011
The Soros-supported Center for American Progress blames rich Jews for stoking Islamophobia American Thinker August 27, 2011
The Perry/Aga Khan curriculum: Ace folds, presents as the curriculum material that isn't the curriculum at all Jihad Watch August 27, 2011
The Islamic supremacist propaganda machine cranks out another "Islamophobia" report Jihad Watch August 26, 2011
Canada's Growing Islamic Radicalism FrontPage Magazine August 26, 2011
Tolerance grows for a wide variety of groups, except for Muslim extremists EurekAlert August 25, 2011
Attack on Muslim author may be hate crime Toronto Sun August 25, 2011
Reading Between The Lines Jihad Watch August 25, 2011
Canadian Author dragged into woods and beaten by Muslim extremists Wire Service Canada August 23, 2011
N.J. Murder the Latest Outrage in the Islamic Blame Game Human Events August 23, 2011
European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating Hudson NY August 22, 2011
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Silencing dissent Jerusalem Post August 21, 2011
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Woman disables anti-Islam websites Arab News August 18, 2011
Jihadist calls on US Muslims to cut off Letterman's tongue New York Post August 18, 2011
'Censored' box set gets South Park fans animated Sydney Morning Herald August 18, 2011
Norway Attacks Reinforce Need for United Stand Against Intolerance Turkish Weekly August 17, 2011
County Liberals Protest Republican Club's Choice of Speaker Chevy Chase Patch August 17, 2011
Liberal intellectuals are frightened of confronting Islam's honour-shame culture Telegraph August 17, 2011
Scandinavian Politics After the Norway Massacre Pajamas Media August 17, 2011
Progress Party official shows more Islam prejudice Foreigner August 17, 2011
Bat Ye'or: 'The universal caliphate stands before us' American Thinker August 16, 2011
Norway Culture Minister calls Hagen's bluff Foreigner August 16, 2011
Former Progress Party Chairman in Muslim quarrel Foreigner August 15, 2011
2UE host's remarks on prophet investigated Sydney Morning Herald August 14, 2011
Amid Rise of Multiculturalism, Dutch Confront Their Questions of Identity New York Times August 13, 2011
Discussion of the Mohammed Cartoons Not "Speech Involv[ing] Matters of Public Interest or Concern"? Volokh Conspiracy August 12, 2011
The CIA should be a bit more 'CAIR' less Jewish World Review August 12, 2011
Scapegoating the anti-jihadists Family Security Matters August 10, 2011
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German Interior Minister: 'German Identity Is Shaped by Christianity' Der Spiegel August 9, 2011
Bribing American Muslims Investor's Business Daily August 9, 2011
Norway, Free Speech, and the Counterjihad American Thinker August 8, 2011
Ayatollah of the RAF: Academic 'university' head is Muslim convert who claims Nazi gas chambers were British propaganda and criticises Libya air strikes Daily Mail August 7, 2011
Sharia: a law unto itself? Telegraph August 7, 2011
Brussels: Muslim woman attacked for having relationship with non-Muslim Islam in Europe August 5, 2011
Councillor's racist 'joke' falls flat The Local August 5, 2011
Creeping Islamism in Scandinavia FrontPage Magazine August 4, 2011
Deafening silence greets honour killing Toronto Sun August 4, 2011
Mad march of political correctness Australian August 3, 2011
Albania Muslims protest over nude exhibition near mosque The Province August 3, 2011
Jihad at Fort Hood, again – where are media? WorldNetDaily August 2, 2011
Islamophilia and Judeophobia FrontPage Magazine August 2, 2011
Yonge-Dundas smackdown Toronto Sun August 2, 2011
OIC Observatory warned since 2009 against the growth of the extreme right in Europe IINA August 1, 2011
Hatred, smears and the liberals hell-bent on bullying millions of us into silence Daily Mail August 1, 2011
No Dutch Ramadan Festival this year Radio Netherlands August 1, 2011
Muslim teenagers convicted of criminal damage after spraying burkas onto scantily-clad models in Lynx poster Daily Mail August 1, 2011
Harvard instructor under fire for anti-terrorism op-ed attacking Muslims Daily Caller August 1, 2011
Netherlands: 52% think Wilders shouldn't moderate tone on Islam Islam in Europe July 30, 2011
After Norway Massacre, the Debate Will Go On Pajamas Media July 29, 2011
Mumbai vs. Oslo American Thinker July 28, 2011
When Is an Ideology Responsible for Murder? FrontPage Magazine July 28, 2011
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Suspect admired bloggers who believe Europe is drowning in Muslims CNN July 27, 2011
Islam Set to Become the Dominant Primer of Future Non-Muslim Extremist Violence? Jihad Watch July 26, 2011
AP misrepresents Bat Ye'or as "regretting" her supposed role in inspiring Norway murderer Jihad Watch July 26, 2011
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Islamophobia and Mass Murder National Review July 25, 2011
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Inside the Mind of the Oslo Murderer Wall Street Journal July 25, 2011
CAIR Wants Muslim-Turned-Christian Minister to Stop Training Immigration Officials Christian Post July 23, 2011
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What Really Lies Behind The Oslo Attacks – And Why It May Happen Again Forbes July 23, 2011
The Cartoonphobia War Goes On FrontPage Magazine July 22, 2011
Britain's "Islamic Emirates Project" Hudson NY July 21, 2011
Russia's Muslim leader wants less coverage of terrorism RIA Novosti July 19, 2011
Rep. Peter King eyes protecting terror tipsters from lawsuits New York Daily News July 17, 2011
Berkeley-CAIR Islamophobia Report: 'No There, There' American Thinker July 17, 2011
OIC, West pledge to combat intolerance Arab News July 16, 2011
Wilders aide suspended over burqa "scum" Radio Netherlands July 16, 2011
Clinton: Islam, West can agree on tolerance CBS News July 15, 2011
French Socialist Leader Combats 'Rumors' of Husband's Closeness to Islamists Pajamas Media July 13, 2011
Former Czech Leader Charged for Calling Islam an Enemy Israel National News July 11, 2011
Thousands back Tulsa officer ordered to Muslim worship WorldNetDaily July 10, 2011
Lib adviser sacked after anti-Islam web posts Sydney Morning Herald July 10, 2011
Is Simple Attention the Islamists' Greatest Enemy? Pajamas Media July 8, 2011
Former Czech PM sued over statements on Islam Prague Monitor July 8, 2011
Are researchers allowed to call Muhammad a paedophile? Jihad Watch July 7, 2011
Oslo: Green activist says she will only protest against non-violent religions Islam in Europe July 5, 2011
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New Name, Same Old Focus for Islamic Bloc CNS News June 30, 2011
Freedom Collapses in Europe – So We're Taking It to the Seas Breitbart June 29, 2011
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Geert Wilders Acquitted FrontPage Magazine June 24, 2011
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The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism Hudson NY June 23, 2011
Wilders extremely happy with acquittal Radio Netherlands June 23, 2011
Dutch populist Geert Wilders acquitted of hate speech Reuters June 23, 2011
Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Wilders acquitted AFP June 23, 2011
Denmark stiffens sentence for cartoonist attacker Reuters June 22, 2011
Danish cartoonist attacker found guilty of terror Straits Times June 21, 2011
Christian missionaries take on Muslims, Catholics at Arab International Festival Detroit Free Press June 19, 2011
Romney's Religion Problem National Review June 18, 2011
Denmark: Only 14 percent of Muslims identify themselves as democrats Jihad Watch June 17, 2011
Holland: Professional "Moderate Muslim" Turns Out to be Radical, Pro-Terrorist Jihadist Pajamas Media June 17, 2011
Britain Admits Failure of Anti-Terrorism Program FrontPage Magazine June 17, 2011
Tensions high as protestors arrive at Dearborn Arab International Festival WXYZ June 17, 2011
Van Impe ministry abandons TBN in clash over Islam WorldNetDaily June 16, 2011
Danish cartoonist describes hiding in panic room during break-in Monsters and Critics June 16, 2011
East London Mosque promises to turn over a new leaf. Again Telegraph June 15, 2011
Georgetown U. Received $325,000 Funneled Through Terror Front Group Pajamas Media June 14, 2011
Controversy Erupts over Yale's Closing of YIISA FrontPage Magazine June 14, 2011
Islam and Anti-Semitism at Yale FrontPage Magazine June 13, 2011
Astonishing lawsuit: Make exposé vanish WorldNetDaily June 12, 2011
Police 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic' Telegraph June 12, 2011
Nottingham University films students suspected of extremism Guardian June 11, 2011
The Great Canadian Mystery: Who Suffers 71 Percent of Religious Hate Crimes and Who Is Doing It? Pajamas Media June 10, 2011
Chicago man acquitted in Mumbai attacks, convicted in Danish plot Chicago Sun-Times June 9, 2011
Concerns rise about ADC move, but Justice Department will attend Politico June 9, 2011
Shuttering of Yale program on anti-Semitism raises hackles JTA June 8, 2011
Jury Deliberates Chicago Businessman's Ties to Mumbai, Denmark Plots Investigative Project June 8, 2011
Spencer: "We will never surrender" PI News June 8, 2011
Arab-American group blocks musician over 'freedom' song Politico June 8, 2011
UK security revamp aims to uproot Islamist threat Reuters June 8, 2011
Spain: 'Islam' band posts musical death-threat against journalist Islam in Europe June 7, 2011
Updated anti-extremism strategy published BBC News June 7, 2011
Help spot Islamic extremists, NHS staff urged Telegraph June 6, 2011
Palestinian groups threaten Italian 'Israel Week' Ynet June 6, 2011
Yale's latest gift to anti-semitism New York Post June 6, 2011
Anger at HIGNFY's Mecca joke Chortle June 6, 2011
Germany on the Brink Human Events June 6, 2011
Universities 'complacent' over Islamic radicals, Theresa May warns Telegraph June 5, 2011
Erie County judge apologizes for e-mail joke Erie Times-News June 4, 2011
It's time to confront this taboo: First cousin marriages in Muslim communities are putting hundreds of children at risk Daily Mail June 3, 2011
Final Remarks of Geert Wilders at His Trial FrontPage Magazine June 3, 2011
UC Irvine "Awards" MSU Legitimacy Investigative Project June 3, 2011
Intellectual Disgrace at Ohio University American Thinker June 3, 2011
UK delays release of anti-terror cartoon movie Dawn June 1, 2011
Shariah Schools Accuracy in Academia June 1, 2011
Missionary Has Right to Leaflet Muslim Festival Courthouse News May 31, 2011
Trial of Dutch Politician Who Sounded Alarm About Radical Islam Nears End CNS News May 31, 2011
Belgium Muslim organization sues sociologist for making link between Islam and antisemitism Ahlul Bayt May 31, 2011
12 years for bomber who targeted Danish newspaper Reuters May 31, 2011
The Totalitarians Within FrontPage Magazine May 31, 2011
'Bradford is very inbred': Muslim outrage as professor warns first-cousin marriages increase risk of birth defects Daily Mail May 30, 2011
Muslim convert arrested in 'South Park' case CNN May 30, 2011
Danish court finds Chechen guilty over bombing Reuters May 30, 2011
Scotland Goes Mad for Islam FrontPage Magazine May 30, 2011
David Horowitz at UC Santa Barbara FrontPage Magazine May 30, 2011
First Amendment Trumps Sharia in Dearborn American Thinker May 29, 2011
Hay Festival 2011: Professor risks political storm over Muslim 'inbreeding' Telegraph May 29, 2011
Court Upholds Evangelist's Right to Pass Tracts to Muslims Christian Post May 27, 2011
Federal court rules against city's Arab Fest leaflet restrictions Press and Guide May 27, 2011
Mumbai massacre terrorist tells court of second scheme to hit Danish newspaper Globe and Mail May 27, 2011
Islamophobic shooter game triggers trial Austrian Independent May 26, 2011
CAIR & Imam Rauf Confront 'Islamophobia' FrontPage Magazine May 26, 2011
Men who beat up RE teacher were terrorist suspects Telegraph May 26, 2011
Testimony Details Mumbai, Denmark Plots Investigative Project May 25, 2011
Another protest of 'radical Islam' planned Saturday in Dearborn Detroit News May 25, 2011
Find Wilders not guilty of inciting hatred, says prosecution Dutch News May 25, 2011
Facebook upgrade spurs fears of political bias Daily Caller May 24, 2011
Britain reaffirms its ban on Michael Savage WorldNetDaily May 24, 2011
Dutch debate whether to scrap blasphemy law Fox News May 24, 2011
Indicted Terror Supporter Still Broadcasts Online Violence Investigative Project May 24, 2011
Expert witness in Wilders trial: "The Dutch will, from now on, have to live with unpredictable limitations of the freedom of speech" Jihad Watch May 23, 2011
Dutch court rejects anti-Islam MP's bias claim AFP May 23, 2011
Rue Frontenac Newspaper Sued by Dar al-Iman School Point de Bascule May 20, 2011
Raymond Ibrahim 1, CAIR 0 (by KO) FrontPage Magazine May 19, 2011
Suppressing Speech at UC Santa Barbara FrontPage Magazine May 18, 2011
UC Irvine Speaker Stands with Hamas Investigative Project May 17, 2011
Boxer pleads innocent in Danish terror trial Fox News May 16, 2011
"South Park" Threat Leads to New Charge Investigative Project May 16, 2011
Civil Libertarians and Academics Who Support Censors FrontPage Magazine May 16, 2011
A $2-million gift that UWO might want to turn down National Post May 13, 2011
Pakistan's ISI suspected in terrorism plan Politiken May 13, 2011
War for American hearts and minds rages over Islam MSNBC May 13, 2011
Palestinian Wall of Lies: A Genocidal Campaign on America's Campuses FrontPage Magazine May 13, 2011
Is conservative student group preaching white nationalism? MSNBC May 12, 2011
Discussion of radical Islam is not Islamophobia and bigotry Tennessean May 12, 2011
To fight the xenophobic populists, we need more free speech, not less Guardian May 12, 2011
Police: Hakkarainen's Foreigner Comments Not a Crime YLE May 12, 2011
Censored! Bikini advert blacked out with spray paint by 'Muslim extremists who object to women in swimsuits' Daily Mail May 12, 2011
Despite adviser's warnings, Obama calls bin Laden 'jihad' leader Politico May 12, 2011
Tide of Muslims changes EU's old order Washington Times May 11, 2011
Dutch anti-Islam speech in Ottawa angers Muslims CBC News May 10, 2011
Radical Islam issues hit here, too Winnepeg Sun May 10, 2011
NY mosque leaders object to neighbor's 'bomb' sign Boston Globe May 10, 2011
French far-right MP stripped of EU parliamentary immunity Expatica May 10, 2011
Chancellor Angela Merkel Charged FrontPage Magazine May 10, 2011
France acquits man who urinated on Qur'an News 24 May 9, 2011
State Department Ignores Christian Slaughter FrontPage Magazine May 9, 2011
Geert Wilders' problem with Islam National Post May 8, 2011
Islam Needs Reformists, Not 'Moderates' Wall Street Journal May 7, 2011
Denmark: Free Speech is for Muslim Hate Groups, Not Their Critics NewsReal May 6, 2011
Judge Files Complaint against Merkel over Bin Laden Comments Der Spiegel May 6, 2011
Statement by Lars Hedegaard on his conviction for "hate speech" International Free Press Society May 5, 2011
ABC Bleeps Osama bin Laden Joke From 'Happy Endings' But It Airs in Canada Hollywood Reporter May 5, 2011
Tajikistan urges UN to try to stop republication of Muhammad cartoons Interfax May 5, 2011
Everett college officials decline to cancel talk by writer Raymond Ibrahim Seattle Times May 4, 2011
Protecting Muslim Girls From Rape is Now a Crime in Europe NewsReal May 4, 2011
Chechen charged with terrorism for allegedly assembling letter bomb for Danish daily Fox News May 3, 2011
Free speech advocate guilty of racism Copenhagen Post May 3, 2011
Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones cuts short rally after Muslim protesters pelt him with shoes Daily Mail May 1, 2011
Dearborn, Michigan: America's First Sharia-Compliant Muslim Enclave? American Thinker April 30, 2011
Florida pastor's rally ends after brief fracas Detroit News April 29, 2011
Slurs against Muslims harm American values Orange County Register April 29, 2011
Iran Urges UN Action against Spread of Islamophobia in West Fars News Agency April 29, 2011
Fund the Truth About Islam or Lose the War of Ideas NewsReal April 28, 2011
WikiLeaks: fear of offending Muslims allowed extremists into Britain ahead of 7/7 London bombings Telegraph April 27, 2011
Being too PC led us to shelter terrorists, says ex-minister Evening Standard April 27, 2011
Muslim Liars: How the Muslim Students Association Deceives the Naive FrontPage Magazine April 27, 2011
University campuses are 'hotbeds of Islamic extremism' Telegraph April 27, 2011
Arrest of Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Brings Freedom of Speech Into Focus NewsReal April 26, 2011
Terrorist who planned Copenhagen attack had European supporters Copenhagen Post April 26, 2011
Koran-Burning Pastor Jailed for Thoughtcrime Human Events April 26, 2011
Terry Jones says he'll sue over his arrest Detroit News April 25, 2011
"Free Speech Zone" Follies FrontPage Magazine April 25, 2011
Jordan begins trial of Danish Mohammed cartoonist France 24 April 25, 2011
Wilders' trial 'extremely complicated,' says expert Hurriyet April 24, 2011
Pastor Turns Focus to City Hall Wall Street Journal April 23, 2011
Jones plans suit against Wayne Co. prosecutor with Ann Arbor law firm Detroit News April 23, 2011
Mosque protest barred by Michigan court Reuters April 23, 2011
Firebrand Politician Can Remain a Social Democrat Der Spiegel April 22, 2011
Pastor Is Jailed in Michigan Over Planned March at Mosque New York Times April 22, 2011
Derek Fenton, Koran-burning transit worker fired from his job after Ground Zero protest, re-hired New York Daily News April 22, 2011
Social Democrats Go After Islam-Critic Sarrazin Der Spiegel April 21, 2011
Jury to decide if pastor can protest at Dearborn mosque Detroit News April 21, 2011
SLC church distributes free copies of Quran Salt Lake Tribune April 21, 2011
"Anti-Islam Extremist" Begs You to Read the Koran NewsReal April 20, 2011
Making sense of Norwegian anti-Semitism Jerusalem Post April 19, 2011
Michigan prosecutor files to stop Koran-burning pastor Reuters April 19, 2011
Petitioning Congress on Qur'an Burning MWC News April 19, 2011
Man who burned Koran jailed for 'theatrical bigotry' Telegraph April 18, 2011
Man faces court for burning Koran Lytham St. Annes Express April 18, 2011
Anti-Islam lawmaker's trial on hate speech charges to continue; move to dismiss judges fails Associated Press April 18, 2011
'Wear a headscarf or we will kill you': How the 'London Taliban' is threatening women and trying to ban gays in bid to impose sharia law Daily Mail April 17, 2011
Why It's OK for the U.S. Govt. to Burn Bibles But Condemn Burning the Koran Pajamas Media April 16, 2011
Jordan to try Danish artist over Mohammed cartoon AFP April 15, 2011
'Irvine 11' plead not guilty to disrupting UCI speech Orange County Register April 15, 2011
Rotterdam's Moroccan mayor: Ahmed Aboutaleb Radio Netherlands April 14, 2011
Finnish pastor defrocked for speaking out against terrorists Russia Today April 14, 2011
Apology for performance stop over Koran quotes Radio Sweden April 14, 2011
Turkey protests anti-immigrant poster in Belgium World Bulletin April 13, 2011
Dutch anti-Islam hate speech trial resumes Fox News April 13, 2011
Koran and Bible-burning trio acquitted Swiss Info April 12, 2011
When Muslims burn Korans Washington Times April 11, 2011
'Koran burning' charge dropped Irish Times April 11, 2011
BNP candidate Sion Owens faces 'Koran burn' charge BBC News April 10, 2011
More on the Finnish Pastor Supposedly Charged with Hate Crime for Calling a Terrorist a Terrorist Tundra Tabloids April 9, 2011
Tea party group suing Mansfield City Schools Mansfield News Journal April 8, 2011
Qur'an Burnings and Muslim Murders FrontPage Magazine April 7, 2011
Why burning a book is not a good idea Pajamas Media April 7, 2011
Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls by Asian takeaway workers linked to murder of 14-year-old Daily Mail April 7, 2011
Is the Koran Burner an American Patriot? Pajamas Media April 7, 2011
The Fire This Time Pajamas Media April 6, 2011
Ban Ki-moon condemns desecration of Quran Dawn April 6, 2011
Finnish priest persecuted for speaking out against terrorists Russia Today April 6, 2011
U scores academic victory in court case Star Tribune April 5, 2011
Radical Muslim Falsely Labels Israeli Official a War Criminal Hudson NY April 5, 2011
A Koran, and Free Speech, In Flames Human Events April 5, 2011
Muslim row over minister's speech Connexion April 5, 2011
French interior minister facing legal action over Muslim comments Telegraph April 5, 2011
Terry Jones and Preemptive Capitulation Pajamas Media April 4, 2011
Islamists claim credit for Durbin hearing Daily Caller April 4, 2011
Lawmakers condemn burning of Koran Washington Times April 3, 2011
Gunshots prompt prayers for peace Sydney Morning Herald April 3, 2011
Showing of controversial film canceled Observer & Eccentric April 3, 2011
Our Principles? The Libyan Insurrection and the Mohammed Cartoons Pajamas Media April 1, 2011
US judge rules for Muslim defector bus ads Miami Herald April 1, 2011
U.N. Religious 'Defamation' Resolution is Not Dead, Says Islamic Bloc CNS News March 30, 2011
ACLU: Mansfield City Schools impeded free speech Mansfield News Journal March 30, 2011
Court orders trial of Dutch anti-Islam MP Sydney Morning Herald March 30, 2011
Senate Hearing Juggles Rights, Terror Concerns Investigative Project March 29, 2011
Anti-terrorism training draws scrutiny Washington Times March 29, 2011
Durbin Examines Muslim Civil Rights Violations, King Calls Hearing Nonsense Fox News March 29, 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood Heads North Hudson NY March 28, 2011
Congressman Conyers' Speech at Anti-Ist Amendment Conference CounterContempt March 28, 2011
The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide FrontPage Magazine March 26, 2011
OIC commends resolution on religious discrimination Arab News March 26, 2011
Islamic bloc drops U.N. drive on defaming religion Reuters March 25, 2011
The Inquisition of Melanie Phillips FrontPage Magazine March 25, 2011
The Misuse of "Never Again" FrontPage Magazine March 24, 2011
Pakistan takes up Florida Quran desecration with UN ANI March 23, 2011
Was It Something We Said? Pajamas Media March 23, 2011
Protesters Outraged Over Councilwoman's Anti-Muslim Rant KTLA March 23, 2011
Muslim women often victimised, report says Austrian Times March 22, 2011
Muslim supporters protest Villa Park councilwoman Orange County Register March 22, 2011
University Downplays Student Jihad Threat Fox News March 21, 2011
Muslim Student Group a Gateway to Jihad? CBN News March 20, 2011
Imam Sues NY Post for Defamation Courthouse News March 18, 2011
PCC investigates Melanie Phillips' Spectator blog Guardian March 18, 2011
Canadian Islamophobia Hysteria Reinforced by Media's Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda NewsReal March 16, 2011
Sunday Telegraph sued over 'extremist' claim Press Gazette March 16, 2011
Swedish court: naked Muhammad pics legal The Local March 16, 2011
MoJ unveils proposals for libel reforms: comment and reaction Legal Week March 15, 2011
UK gov't prepares to offer changes to libel law Fox News March 15, 2011
A Muslim Reformer Calls Out the Feminists FrontPage Magazine March 15, 2011
Weeping and Other Hysterics: Have Muslim Apologists Nothing More to Offer? Hudson NY March 14, 2011
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'Gopher' Plotting New Radio Show to Tackle Radical Islam Fox News March 12, 2011
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Muslim Students Want DA Off Speech Disruption Case New York Times March 11, 2011
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Bill Pushes Immunity for Reporting Suspected Terrorism Legal Times March 8, 2011
NPR President Says Juan Williams Firing Handled 'Badly' Fox News March 7, 2011
In Defense of Uncivil Speech Pajamas Media March 6, 2011
Ex-Rep, 'Gopher' Leaves Radio Show After Alleged Pressure Over Islam Comments Fox News March 5, 2011
'Jihad Jane' conspirator to plead guilty: lawyer Philadelphia Inquirer March 4, 2011
Eternal Vigilance in the Defense of Free Speech Legal Project March 3, 2011
Did Muslim Lobby Force Firing of Popular Radio Host? Accuracy in Media March 3, 2011
Capitol Hill Alarmed Over Intimidation By Islamist Groups Preceding King Hearings Pipeline News March 3, 2011
Censorship at the Boston University Daily Free Press FrontPage Magazine March 3, 2011
Politician on trial for nude Muhammad poster The Local March 3, 2011
Poet Fears Jail Over Manezh Riot Rhyme Moscow Times March 2, 2011
A Misguided Petition Campaign to Ban the Muslim Students Association FrontPage Magazine March 2, 2011
The Greek Tragedy of Campus Censorship Pajamas Media February 26, 2011
Suit filed over evangelists' arrests at festival Press and Guide February 25, 2011
Prosecutors: Chesser's Threats will Outlast his 25-Year Sentence Investigative Project February 24, 2011
University of Central Florida Stifles Discussion of Terrorism and Muslim Brotherhood Breitbart February 23, 2011
Police deny prior knowledge of teacher face slash plot East London Advertiser February 23, 2011
The Left's Hand in Fort Hood FrontPage Magazine February 23, 2011
Candidly Speaking: Where are the voices of moderate Islam? Jerusalem Post February 22, 2011
European Free Speech Under Attack Wall Street Journal February 22, 2011
Four men slashed teacher's face and left him with fractured skull 'for teaching other religions to Muslim girls' Daily Mail February 21, 2011
David Cameron: 'Multiculturalism Has Failed' Pajamas Media February 18, 2011
Austria: Illegal to say Muhammad was a pedophile Islam in Europe February 18, 2011
France: Commentator Convicted for Inciting Racial Bias New York Times February 18, 2011
How Multiculturalism Killed Europe FrontPage Magazine February 18, 2011
The world's most dangerous broadcaster Spectator February 17, 2011
Lecturer fined for calling Koran 'evil' Austrian Times February 16, 2011
CAIR rebukes criticism from Libertarian writer Delaware County Times February 16, 2011
Major Hasan, 'Star Officer' Wall Street Journal February 16, 2011
Gov. Christie says he didn't object to firing of Quran-burning NJ Transit worker February 15, 2011
Dutch court ponders halt to lawmaker's hate trial Fox News February 14, 2011
Judges Rule Case Against Dutch Anti-Islam MP To Continue Voice of America February 14, 2011
American Islamists Find Common Cause with Pamela Geller American Thinker February 13, 2011
French Provocateur Enters Battle Over Comments New York Times February 11, 2011
Reclaiming Our Rights FrontPage Magazine February 9, 2011
100 UC Irvine faculty members ask district attorney to drop charges against Muslim students Los Angeles Times February 9, 2011
Muslim Threat to Sue David Cameron for Libel Daily Express February 9, 2011
CAIR's Self-Serving Third Jihad Complaint Investigative Project February 8, 2011
The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe FrontPage Magazine February 8, 2011
How the U.N. Encourages Religious Murder Wall Street Journal February 7, 2011
Governor Christie's Islamist Problem Pajamas Media February 7, 2011
Wilders' inciting hatred trial resumes in front of new judges Dutch News February 7, 2011
Protesters who distrupted Israeli ambassador at UC Irvine charged by prosecutors Los Angeles Times February 4, 2011
Denmark sentences cartoonist attacker to 9 years Reuters February 4, 2011
Senate Fort Hood Report Blasts Defense Timidity Investigative Project February 3, 2011
Cartoon trial: Kurt Westergaard's attacker convicted BBC News February 3, 2011
Voting reformer gets the sack for 'anti-Islam tweet' Evening Standard February 3, 2011
Yes, Islamists Are Coming Through Mexico Pajamas Media February 2, 2011
Will the real moderate Muslims please stand up? Washington Post February 2, 2011
Free speech advocate acquitted on racism charges Copenhagen Post February 1, 2011
Attack on Danish cartoonist was act of terrorism, court hears Earth Times January 31, 2011
Danes say men plotted to cut throats UPI January 31, 2011
Lawyer: Muslim students called before grand jury NECN January 28, 2011
Tyler Clementi Act a Serious Threat to Free Speech Pajamas Media January 27, 2011
Obama Does Not Mention 'Islam' in State of the Union Speech CNS News January 27, 2011
Men avoid Koran-burning charges Selby Times January 27, 2011
The Kevin Bacon of American Jihad Pajamas Media January 26, 2011
Why CAIR is Going After Peter King Breitbart January 26, 2011
Border authorities arrest controversial Muslim cleric east of San Diego Los Angeles Times January 26, 2011
Decision in Denmark FrontPage Magazine January 26, 2011
Prison Chaplain Claims NY Post Defamed Her Courthouse News January 25, 2011
Dialogue and Deceit FrontPage Magazine January 25, 2011
Islam and the State of the Union National Review January 24, 2011
WikiLeaks: US courted Dutch Muslims after Van Gogh murder Radio Netherlands January 21, 2011
Free Speech on Trial in Austria … and Europe Pajamas Media January 21, 2011
"Islamophobia" Pajamas Media January 21, 2011
Judge censures cartoonist over court outburst against 'terrorist attacker' Australian January 21, 2011
King Abdicates American Thinker January 20, 2011
Europe's Muslim Lobby Hudson NY January 20, 2011
Man held in Koran burning inquiry Press Association January 20, 2011
Thou Shalt Not Offend Islam City Journal January 19, 2011
Artist defies 'bullies' over burka mural Australian January 19, 2011
Somali attacker 'only aimed to scare Danish cartoonist' AFP January 19, 2011
Heritage Minister orders Library and Archives Canada to show controversial film National Post January 19, 2011
US pastor Terry Jones banned from entering UK BBC News January 19, 2011
Though Europe Rots, We Must Defend the West Pajamas Media January 18, 2011
Obama adviser says politics roused Muslim anger towards US Gulf News January 18, 2011
National Archives cancels screening of documentary on Iran after threats National Post January 18, 2011
Thou Shalt Not! The WaPo's 'On Faith' Blog Spikes a Regular Contributor When He Writes on Islam Pajamas Media January 17, 2011
Governor Christie's Dirty Islamist Ties Sultan Knish January 16, 2011
DA drops Tulsa man's hate-crime charges Tulsa World January 15, 2011
Punishing the Victims of Islamic Gender Apartheid? FrontPage Magazine January 13, 2011
The latest terrorist tactic: litigation Daily Caller January 11, 2011
Will Conservative Media Elites Defend Lars Hedegaard? Pajamas Media January 10, 2011
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Muslim Halal Food Sales Supporting Terrorism? CBN News January 9, 2011
Man says message about Islam misinterpreted Tulsa World January 8, 2011
Disappointing Silence on Pakistani Blasphemy Murder Investigative Project January 7, 2011
Italy: Protection urged for journalist after suspected radical Muslim gunman targets his car Adnkronos International January 7, 2011
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "Submission II is too risky" Radio Netherlands January 6, 2011
Muslim girls are covertly prepared for forced marriage. Yet the feminists stay silent Irish Independent January 6, 2011
Islamic Group Declares War on Religious Films Media Line January 5, 2011
The invention of Islamophobia Sign and Sight January 3, 2011
Islamists Blame Jews for Coptic Church Bombing Investigative Project January 3, 2011
Hockey referee suspended by the Swedish Hockey Association over cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on his Facebook page Aftonbladet January 2, 2011
Leaks OK, but don't cross Islam Orange County Register January 2, 2011
The Olive Tree Initiative: A Fig Leaf for Anti-Semitism? American Thinker January 2, 2011
Muslim Council head condemns extremism The Local January 1, 2011
Tulsan accused of hate crime Tulsa World December 31, 2010
Cartoon Rage in Denmark FrontPage Magazine December 30, 2010
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Muslim ham complaint thrown out Olive Press December 25, 2010
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Muslim Student Files Complaint Against Teacher … for Talking About Ham Pajamas Media December 21, 2010
Spain: Muslim Ham-o-phobia update Tea and Politics December 21, 2010
MPAC Whitewashes Terror Threat While Condemning Law Enforcement Investigative Project December 20, 2010
Spain: Muslim family denounces teacher for talking about ham in class Jihad Watch December 18, 2010
Where Islamism Starts, Interfaith Dialogue Stops Pajamas Media December 16, 2010
Austrian man convicted for yodelling while Muslim neighbours prayed Telegraph December 16, 2010
Radical State FrontPage Magazine December 16, 2010
MPAC Conference Features Radicals Investigative Project December 15, 2010
Sweden: Suicide Bomb Against Free Speech Human Events December 14, 2010
Realism About Islam Is Hate Speech in Denmark Breitbart December 13, 2010
Why Sweden? FrontPage Magazine December 13, 2010
Legal Group Demands Community College Reinstate Canceled Islam Class Christian Post December 12, 2010
Justice denied for former DePaul Professor Thomas Klocek Marathon Pundit December 10, 2010
The United (Muslim) Nations? Washington Times December 10, 2010
CAIR's "Hate Crime" Campaign Thoroughly Consistent With Policy Of Advancing Shari'a Pipeline News December 10, 2010
UK: Anti-Semitism Rampant in Muslim Schools Hudson NY December 9, 2010
Islamists raise fears of violent 'clash of cultures' in Europe MSNBC December 8, 2010
Activating Jihad FrontPage Magazine December 6, 2010
Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Trains Airport Screeners Human Events December 6, 2010
Islamic states push for global anti-blasphemy resolution Catholic News Agency December 3, 2010
World's cartoonists thrash Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders Radio Netherlands December 3, 2010
UC, Irvine's Toothless Suspension Investigative Project December 3, 2010
No charges for Koran burning teen Belfast Telegraph December 2, 2010
American Muslim Group Calls for 'Common Decency' and 'Mutual Respect' -- But Not Removal of Exhibition Depicting Ant-Covered Jesus CNS News November 30, 2010
Yodelling offends praying Muslims, say judges Austrian Times November 29, 2010
Norway reopens Satanic Verses shooting case CBC News November 27, 2010
Anti-Allah outburst earns EDL supporter £200 fine after protest in Leicester Leicester Mercury November 27, 2010
Complaint lodged over burqa mural Sydney Morning Herald November 26, 2010
Blasphemy Resolution Passes U.N. Committee Huffington Post November 25, 2010
Girl, 15, arrested over 'Facebook Koran burning video' BBC News November 25, 2010
German doctor sanctioned for anti-Muslim sign Earth Times November 25, 2010
Cultural Sensitivity and America's Continuing Crisis Pajamas Media November 24, 2010
Moderate Muslim Watch: How the Term "Islamophobia" Got Shoved Down Your Throat Ricochet November 24, 2010
Local Labour leader quits after anti-immigrant slur Dutch News November 24, 2010
Debate looms for Sydney 'burqa' mural SBS November 23, 2010
Evangelists may sue University after Penn Police arrest Daily Pennsylvanian November 22, 2010
U.N. Anti-Blasphemy Proposal Meets Firm Resistance Christian Post November 20, 2010
'We will fight you' World Magazine November 20, 2010
Vodafone drops Muslim scientist ad after complaints AFP November 17, 2010
The West and the Guest Pajamas Media November 17, 2010
U.S. Left: Onward Muslim Soldiers New American November 16, 2010
The Law as Weapon Human Events November 16, 2010
Changes made to controversial book criticizing Muslims Deutsche Welle November 14, 2010
Bullying dispute erupts at Wayne school over 'Taliban' comment Bergen Record November 12, 2010
With Words on Muslims, Opening a Door Long Shut New York Times November 12, 2010
Army's Fort Hood Report Draws Criticism Investigative Project November 10, 2010
De Facto Shariah Law in America American Thinker November 9, 2010
CAIR Double Standard Alert Investigative Project November 8, 2010
Suit Challenges Koran Firing Wall Street Journal November 6, 2010
OIC slams pandemic of Islam vilification Khaleej Times November 6, 2010
N.J. ACLU to sue NJ Transit for firing employee who burned Quran on 9/11 anniversary November 4, 2010
The Canadian Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood Presents a Conference on Islamophobia Point de Bascule November 2, 2010
Jon Stewart Doesn't Regret Inviting Fatwa-Endorsing Singer to Rally Newsbusters November 2, 2010
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Fired NPR analyst slams former employer CNN October 25, 2010
CAIR's Firing of Juan Williams FrontPage Magazine October 25, 2010
Williams: NPR Firing Over Muslim Remark 'Amounts to Censorship' Fox News October 24, 2010
PBS Sends Senior Editor As Presenter To CAIR Conference On 'Defaming Islam' Breitbart October 23, 2010
Centre refuses to host Steyn lecture on free speech National Post October 22, 2010
Italy's MP Fiamma Nirenstein:"Islam Does Not Like Christians" Israel National News October 22, 2010
Dutch court orders retrial in anti-Islam hate speech case Deutsche Welle October 22, 2010
Prominent Muslims fear NPR analyst's firing may fan hostility Los Angeles Times October 22, 2010
Juan, I Know Just How You Feel Investigative Project October 22, 2010
NPR's Disgrace FrontPage Magazine October 22, 2010
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Judges told to step down in Wilders trial BBC News October 22, 2010
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NPR's Firing of Juan Williams Was Poorly Handled NPR October 21, 2010
NPR Funding Under Fire After Williams Ouster Fox News October 21, 2010
I Was Fired for Telling the Truth Fox News October 21, 2010
Muslims speak out against NPR's political correctness Daily Caller October 21, 2010
NPR fires Juan Williams over anti-Muslim remarks Washington Post October 21, 2010
NPR Ends Williams' Contract After Muslim Remarks NPR October 21, 2010
If Islam were truly equal, wouldn't Muhammad be fair game, too? National Post October 20, 2010
US man guilty of urging attack on South Park writers BBC News October 20, 2010
The extremes of moderate Islam Australian October 20, 2010
BBC denies that its new religion guidelines will change coverage Daily Caller October 19, 2010
Wilders has already been found guilty, says his lawyer in 14 hour speech Dutch News October 19, 2010
Wilders is dangerous, Muslims tell court Expatica October 18, 2010
Wilders: One Step Closer to Victory FrontPage Magazine October 18, 2010
Wilders Is Right: Europe Needs a First Amendment Pajamas Media October 17, 2010
The Mosque and the Mythical Backlash Commentary October 2010
Wilders off the hook Radio Netherlands October 15, 2010
Acquit Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker: prosecutors AFP October 15, 2010
O'Reilly Comments Lead to Walk Off at 'The View' New York Times October 14, 2010
Egypt says Espersen apologises Politiken October 14, 2010
Wilders' Trial: Win One, Lose One FrontPage Magazine October 14, 2010
Danish official apologises for offensive drawings Gulf News October 13, 2010
Where's Muhammad? Not on many comics pages Los Angeles Times October 13, 2010
Danish FM meets top Muslim cleric to defuse cartoon tension AFP October 13, 2010
Council on American-Islamic Relations Launches 'Islamophobia' Division CNS News October 12, 2010
Blogger who backs runaway Christian convert cites First Amendment in defamation suit response Fox 59 October 12, 2010
The Washington Post's Moral Collapse Human Events October 12, 2010
Prosecutors sum up in Dutch politician's case Fox News October 12, 2010
Dutch prosecutors seek 'insult' acquittal for anti-Islam MP Expatica October 12, 2010
The Failure of Moderate Muslims FrontPage Magazine October 12, 2010
Lawfare in Austria: Is Truth Illegal? Hudson NY October 11, 2010
Cartoonist Seeing Red After 'Muhammad' Cartoon Yanked Fox News October 11, 2010
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Where was the 'Where's Muhammad?' cartoon? Washington Post October 10, 2010
Is This Our Intelligence Community? Townhall October 7, 2010
Far-right Belgian could face massive fine for Mecca slur Expatica October 7, 2010
Allegations of "incitement" increasingly used to attempt to quash criticism of Islam Jihad Watch October 6, 2010
Netherlands' Court Hears Muslims' Complaints Against Lawmaker Geert Wilders Fox News October 6, 2010
Lars Vilks, Artist, Hero of the Free World FrontPage Magazine October 6, 2010
Lethal Engagement FrontPage Magazine October 6, 2010
Rashad Hussain Reportedly Yanked From OIC Chicago Conference Investigative Project October 5, 2010
Dutch Court Rejects Wilders Push to Change Judges at Muslim-Insult Trial Bloomberg October 5, 2010
Dutch Courage, Liberal Cowardice FrontPage Magazine October 5, 2010
Truth On Trial FrontPage Magazine October 5, 2010
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French police arrest man over Koran-burning video Radio France October 4, 2010
Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders goes on trial BBC News October 4, 2010
We Allow Them to Blackmail Us -- Islam vs. the West American Thinker October 3, 2010
'Muhammad' does -- and does not -- appear in today's 'NON SEQUITUR' comic Washington Post October 3, 2010
German president welcomes Islam during unity speech Reuters October 3, 2010
Norwegian Publisher Cancels Biography of Muhammed Pajamas Media October 2, 2010
Speech Geert Wilders Berlijn PVV October 2, 2010
OIC condemns publication of Danish book Khaleej Times October 2, 2010
Guide for Western journalists covering Islam Canadian Journalism Project October 1, 2010
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somali Feminist Appearing at Town Hall, Draws Veiled Protesters Seattle Weekly September 30, 2010
Mohammed cartoons book goes on sale in Denmark AFP September 30, 2010
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Some smoke, but barely a fire Australian September 29, 2010
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Terror Plot Targeted Danish Paper for Muhammad Cartoons Fox News September 28, 2010
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New FIRE Video 'Portraits of Terror' Takes on Censorship of Art Examining Palestinian Terrorism FIRE September 27, 2010
It's time to fight back against death threats by Islamic extremists Los Angeles Times September 27, 2010
Candidly Speaking: Islamophobia and the Jews Jerusalem Post September 27, 2010
Attorney: Acquitted Christian missionaries plan to sue Dearborn over arrests at Arab festival MLive September 27, 2010
Counter Islamophobia, Muslim nations urged Khaleej Times September 26, 2010
Prosecutor Drops Case against Dutch Cartoonist IFPS September 25, 2010
Radical Islam gets the better of free speech Star Tribune September 25, 2010
Muslims demand apology for New Zealand minister's joke AFP September 25, 2010
Raheel Raza vs. Tariq Ramadan FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2010
'We are English nationalists acting out of frustration': Defiance of yobs who set fire to the Koran Daily Mail September 24, 2010
Missionaries acquitted in festival incitement case Detroit Free Press September 24, 2010
Criticism of Islam Is New Front in PC War, Media Expert Says Fox News September 24, 2010
Australian Muslim Cleric Calls for Beheading -- Who Cares? Townhall September 23, 2010
Ban the burqa mural 'not anti-Muslim' says artist Daily Telegraph September 23, 2010
Britons arrested for Qur'an burning Toronto Sun September 23, 2010
Arab fest volunteer testifies Detroit Free Press September 23, 2010
A Fugitive from Jihad FrontPage Magazine September 23, 2010
CAIR tries to squash criticism of agenda through intimidation and lawfare, critics say Daily Caller September 22, 2010
No Prosecution of Cartoonist Nekschot after All NIS News September 22, 2010
No charges in Quran burning in East Lansing Detroit Free Press September 22, 2010
Islamic states push UN to condemn Koran burning Reuters September 22, 2010
Right-Wing Sentiment, Ready to Burst Its Dam New York Times September 21, 2010
The Road to Sharia FrontPage Magazine September 21, 2010
Reduced Punishment Still Angers Irvine Muslim Student Union Investigative Project September 21, 2010
SPD Boss Calls for Tougher Integration Measures Der Spiegel September 21, 2010
Christian missionary group in court in Dearborn Detroit Free Press September 21, 2010
Government and journalists cower at threats to cartoonist Washington Examiner September 20, 2010
Why Is America Curbing Free Speech, and Giving Extremists What They Want? Fox News September 20, 2010
Qur'an burning: what American law is violated? Jihad Watch September 20, 2010
Majority approve debate following Sarrazin's claims Austrian Independent September 20, 2010
There Oughtn't Be a Law National Review September 18, 2010
Missionaries to stand trial on Dearborn Arab fest conduct Detroit Free Press September 18, 2010
City plans to bill pastor for security around planned Quran burning CNN September 17, 2010
Islam and the American Public American Thinker September 15, 2010
Lessons of the Koran's non-burning Boston Globe September 15, 2010
Germany Debates Muslim Immigration Hudson NY September 15, 2010
Block-I chant portrays 'neither patriotism nor remembrance' Daily Illini September 15, 2010
$10,000 Reward In Koran Burning Case WLNS September 15, 2010
Islam's Burning Rage FrontPage Magazine September 15, 2010
Justice Breyer Suggests That Burning a Quran Could be Like Shouting 'Fire' in a Crowded Theatre--Thus Not Protected by 1st Amendment CNS News September 15, 2010
On the Advice of the FBI, Cartoonist Molly Norris Disappears From View Seattle Weekly September 15, 2010
Shariah a danger to U.S., security pros say Washington Times September 14, 2010
More Credibility Problems For the Ground Zero Mosque Imam NewsReal September 14, 2010
Second opinion needed on Shariah Washington Times September 14, 2010
Koran burner Derek Fenton booted from his job at NJ Transit New York Daily News September 14, 2010
Australian lawyer smokes pages of Bible and Koran, asking 'Which is best?' Telegraph September 13, 2010
Surrendering to the Nameless Enemy Human Events September 11, 2010
Man ignites Koran near Ground Zero, apparently prompted by Terry Jones; crowd appalled by zealot New York Daily News September 11, 2010
Florida pastor calls off Quran burning CNN September 11, 2010
Citing Quran-Burning Threat, Islamic Body Wants U.N. to Outlaw 'Offenses Against Religion' CNS News September 10, 2010
Political Correctness Is Silencing an Important Debate Der Spiegel September 10, 2010
The Eternal Flame of Muslim Outrage FrontPage Magazine September 10, 2010
Pastor: Koran Burning Plan Merely 'Suspended' Fox News September 10, 2010
Coverage of Koran Case Stirs Questions on Media Role New York Times September 9, 2010
Host company pulls plug on Florida pastor's website Reuters September 9, 2010
Victimizers Play the Victim Human Events September 9, 2010
Merkel honours Danish Muhammad cartoonist Westergaard BBC News September 8, 2010
Merkel to honor Mohammed cartoonist at press award Reuters September 8, 2010
Obama weighs in as plan to burn Qurans sparks debate USA Today September 8, 2010
Get Over the Quran Burning Daily Beast September 8, 2010
Attorney General Eric Holder calls Rev. Terry Jones' 'International Burn-a-Koran Day' 'idiotic' New York Daily News September 8, 2010
Mohammed cartoonist awarded Copenhagen Post September 8, 2010
Imam: We are proceeding with NYC Islamic center CNN September 8, 2010
Bary-case lawyer files $10M defamation lawsuit Columbus Dispatch September 7, 2010
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Planned Quran-burning could endanger troops, Petraeus warns CNN September 7, 2010
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Whether or not Ground Zero mosque is built, U.S. Muslims have access to the American Dream New York Daily News September 5, 2010
Muslim youth violence is a problem in Germany, says Merkel Deutsche Welle September 5, 2010
UC Irvine upholds suspension of Muslim group, bans it for one quarter Los Angeles Times September 4, 2010
Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politician Reuters September 3, 2010
Two-thirds of Germans disagree with Sarrazin The Local September 3, 2010
Sarrazin sparks calls for new integration debate The Local September 3, 2010
Opposing Hassan al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood Is Not Some Kind of Racism Point de Bascule September 2, 2010
Bundesbank backs Sarrazin's dismissal The Local September 2, 2010
Trial against evangelist preachers delayed Daily Pennsylvanian September 1, 2010
Germans split over fate of race row banker - polls Reuters September 1, 2010
Man Jailed for Delivering T-Shirt at Town Hall NIS News September 1, 2010
Judge in Dearborn considers trial for 4 Detroit Free Press August 31, 2010
Anti-Muslim Rhetoric: Free Speech or Hate Speech? ABC News August 31, 2010
'German Wilders' sees Islam submerging his country Radio Netherlands August 31, 2010
FBI defends invitation to Islam critic Politico August 31, 2010
Spirit One pastor arrested outside Wichita Islamic Society KWCH August 30, 2010
Three Danes on al-Qaeda death list Copenhagen Post August 30, 2010
Sarrazin: Muslims not compatible with Germany The Local August 30, 2010
The Left's Unlikely Alliance with Islam American Thinker August 28, 2010
Turkish community demands more government pressure on Sarrazin The Local August 28, 2010
Man Who Posted Anti-Islamic Fliers Won't Be Fined WCCO August 27, 2010
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Danish Mohammed cartoons to reappear in new book: editor AFP August 26, 2010
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Yellow Cab to stop running anti-Islam ads Chicago Breaking News August 25, 2010
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Free Speech Wins A Narrow Victory In New York Fox News August 12, 2010
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Obama signs 'libel tourism' bill AFP August 11, 2010
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Controversial Danish cartoonist Westergaard to publish memoirs Earth Times August 10, 2010
Fury over Richard Dawkins's burka jibe as atheist tells of his 'visceral revulsion' at Muslim dress Daily Mail August 10, 2010
Director Mueller, Say No to CAIR National Review August 10, 2010
Real Blog War: CAIR Goes After Robert Spencer Pajamas Media August 9, 2010
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Gingrich defends 4 arrested trying to convert Muslims to Christianity Detroit News August 4, 2010
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Campus Apostate: Former UC Irvine Muslim Student Union Member — and Former Muslim — Speaks Out Pajamas Media August 1, 2010
In Defense of Moderation Weekly Standard July 26, 2010
Rachel Ehrenfeld: America's Patron Saint of Free Speech Pajamas Media July 26, 2010
Right-wing group clashes with Muslims in Luton Telegraph July 23, 2010
Hamas-linked group behind 'Muslim' day at Six Flags WorldNetDaily July 22, 2010
2.5 Million Muslims Threatening to Leave Facebook Fox News July 15, 2010
US networks refuse to air anti-mosque ad: reports AFP July 15, 2010
Europe's Backlash Against Islamization FrontPage Magazine July 15, 2010
Brothers jailed for Vilks arson attack The Local July 15, 2010
Preachers to take U. to court Daily Pennsylvanian July 14, 2010
Obama Departs from Revised Policy, Links 'Radical Islam' to Terror Groups Fox News July 14, 2010
FBI warns Seattle cartoonist about threats from radical cleric CNN July 14, 2010
US Senate committee moves to curb libel tourism Guardian July 14, 2010
Media Obfuscates Jihad FrontPage Magazine July 14, 2010
Terror Experts Blast Obama for Dropping References to Islamic Extremism Fox News July 12, 2010
Obama at odds with Petraeus doctrine on 'Islam' Washington Times July 11, 2010
Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitlist New York Daily News July 11, 2010
What You Can't Say About Islamism Wall Street Journal July 10, 2010
Cops accused of erasing street preacher's evidence WorldNetDaily July 9, 2010
UK government plans major review of libel law Guardian July 9, 2010
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Brothers deny Lars Vilks arson attack The Local July 7, 2010
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