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Private Accommodations for Islam Front Page Magazine April 18, 2008

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
IW News Brief: Rotherham Rape Horror, Shari'a Police, and More Islamist Watch Blog October 31, 2014
IW News Brief: Niqabs in Court, Jihad in Brussels, and More Islamist Watch Blog June 25, 2014
IW News Brief: Islamist Condos, Vaccine Lawsuit, and More Islamist Watch Blog February 27, 2014
IW News Brief: PC Counterterrorism, Brothers in Exile, and More Islamist Watch Blog January 31, 2014
IW News Brief: CAIR's Top Jew, Vaccine Squabble, and More Islamist Watch Blog December 31, 2013
IW News Brief: Shari'a Triangle, Burqa Banditry, and More Islamist Watch Blog June 20, 2013
IW News Brief: Hitler's Disciples, Islamic Flogging, and More Islamist Watch Blog March 22, 2013
IW News Brief: Welfare Jihad, Public School Da'wa, and More Islamist Watch Blog February 22, 2013
IW News Brief: Jews Leave Brussels, Sex Offender Walks, and More Islamist Watch Blog February 6, 2013
IW News Brief: Muslim Patrol, Halal Housing, and More Islamist Watch Blog January 28, 2013
Ham and Other Troublesome Topics in Class Islamist Watch Blog December 30, 2010
Informal Honor Police Use Taxis as Patrol Cars Islamist Watch Blog November 1, 2010
Muslims Are Not Monolithic Islamist Watch Blog July 31, 2009

External Articles

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Libs seek inquiry into halal certification Australian AP March 27, 2015
Restaurant victim of anti-Islamic abuse Illawarra Mercury March 13, 2015
Unlicensed drink-driver who was three times over the limit when he crashed his car avoids jail after court hears he has re-found Islam Daily Mail February 25, 2015
Former employee suing Costco for religious discrimination ABC New York February 24, 2015
Danish imam: It's fine to draw Muhammad The Local February 5, 2015
'Somali immigrants' cause pub closures, says minister Telegraph January 26, 2015
Burger joint opening with all-halal options in Milpitas San Jose Mercury News January 21, 2015
Halal Facebook post prompts online backlash towards WA cafe Australian AP January 20, 2015
No No-Go Zones? Really? FrontPage Magazine January 20, 2015
Fanning the flames of Pegida activists Deutsche Welle January 8, 2015
Why halal certification is in turmoil Sydney Morning Herald December 28, 2014
Longreach restaurant in trouble for anti-Islamic sign Brisbane Times December 22, 2014
Muslim disgusted to taste ale in her steak pie at Asda store cafe in Grimsby Grimsby Telegraph December 8, 2014
Tory peer blames Muslims for decline of pub industry Independent December 4, 2014
Pubs crisis: 'Teetotal Muslims to blame' Birmingham Mail December 3, 2014
Campaign to boycott halal food gains momentum in Australia after yoghurt company ditches certification ABC Australia November 20, 2014
Welcome to Hotel Sharia: No more bacon or booze as trendy venue bought out by a Muslim multi-millionaire Daily Mail November 14, 2014
East Lancs Muslims' shock at flu 'pig vaccine' Lancashire Telegraph November 10, 2014
Libyan cadet in Bassingbourn claims 'poor treatment' BBC News November 5, 2014
Byron Cookie Company breaks silence on anti-Halal ABC Australia October 24, 2014
A Made in France 'Halal test' to check for pork The Local October 20, 2014
Jihad Crow in America FrontPage Magazine October 17, 2014
KFC leaves Muslims baffled after branch drops alcohol hand-wipes in halal mix-up Telegraph September 29, 2014
KFC say ban on hand wipes at a Leicester outlet was a 'misunderstanding' Leicester Mercury September 29, 2014
Leicester KFC customer shocked as he is refused hand-wipe because of branch's halal policy Leicester Mercury September 28, 2014
When Progressives Consider Child-Rape Defensible FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2014
'Shariah Police' ditch vests and change name The Local September 12, 2014
'Shariah Police are testing our rule of law' The Local September 9, 2014
Germany's "Sharia Police" Gatestone Institute September 8, 2014
Police throw book at Shariah vigilantes The Local September 5, 2014
Nazir Afzal: 'There is no religious basis for the abuse in Rotherham' Guardian September 3, 2014
Poll: 95 Percent of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed Breitbart August 31, 2014
Violence, threats, prompt more Muslim women in Britain to wear a veil Reuters August 21, 2014
We must be intolerant of intolerance Guardian August 8, 2014
German nightclub offers 'free passes to Erdogan voters' BBC News July 24, 2014
Tesco apologises after Muslim checkout worker refused to sell customer ham and wine because it was Ramadan Daily Mail July 16, 2014
Breaking the Ramadan fast in the company of Jews Washington Post July 10, 2014
Ramadan ruined? Mosque and neighbors protest plans for new location of popular Houston bar CultureMap Houston July 9, 2014
Ohio taxpayers provide jobs to Turkish immigrants through charter schools Akron Beacon Journal July 5, 2014
Muslim foodies: Halal la carte Economist July 5, 2014
Insecurity FrontPage Magazine June 27, 2014
UCSD Jewish, Muslim students work together for more dining options Los Angeles Times June 27, 2014
US personnel in Bahrain prepare for Ramadan Stars and Stripes June 26, 2014
An Islamic Trojan Horse Inside of Britain FrontPage Magazine June 17, 2014
Islamic Awareness Day: Acknowledging Islamic achievements and discoveries Fort McMurray Today June 13, 2014
Jury finds Sami Osmakac guilty of terrorism Tampa Bay Times June 10, 2014
Spanish Muslims, or Moriscos, seek parity with Jews expelled from Spain Washington Post June 5, 2014
Health staff 'need cultural guide' Durham Times June 2, 2014
Sami Osmakac, accused of terrorism, continues refusal to stand for judge Tampa Bay Times May 27, 2014
Diversified dining: More options wanted at DePaul to meet student's religious dietary restrictions DePaulia May 18, 2014
Pupils shouldn't swim during Ramadan because swallowing pool water 'would break the fast' claims chair of governors at school accused of teaching Islamic extremism in Trojan Horse scandal Daily Mail May 14, 2014
From jail to jihad? The threat of prison radicalisation BBC News May 11, 2014
Top Paris hotel seeks to attract rich Arabs Arabian Business May 11, 2014
Members of Islamist group controlling local football club Copenhagen Post May 7, 2014
NZ should attract more Muslim tourists – expert 3 News May 4, 2014
Law aims to boost halal, kosher food for poor Associated Press April 26, 2014
Who is in More Trouble: Wilders or The Netherlands? Gatestone Institute April 24, 2014
Rev. Graham: Muslims Who 'Want to Practice Sharia Law' Should 'Go Back Where You Came From' CNS News April 17, 2014
Keeping the faith is no obstacle for Muslim Rangers player Mohsni Herald Scotland April 15, 2014
Bay Area Muslim panels try to shed a light on a diverse religious group San Jose Mercury News April 10, 2014
'Extremist' working as psychiatrist for NHS Telegraph April 6, 2014
Lessons from Leaving Islamic Tyranny FrontPage Magazine March 28, 2014
Judge allows word 'terrorist' at Osmakac trial in Tampa Tampa Bay Times March 27, 2014
Muslims Want Halal Food in NYC Schools – Kosher Not Option Jewish Press March 27, 2014
Haitham Al-Haddad says Islamophobia cancelled Legoland day BBC News March 17, 2014
Demand grows for halal food as industry evolves Associated Press March 13, 2014
'I am a Lesbian and I am a Muslim' Asian Image March 4, 2014
The Taste of Integration Gatestone Institute February 28, 2014
Young American & British Muslims American Thinker February 27, 2014
Students receive more food options Houston Daily Cougar February 19, 2014
Converts to Islam jailed for terrorising streets as 'Muslim Patrol' are banned from promoting Sharia law for five years Daily Mail February 14, 2014
Dhimmitude in Tennessee FrontPage Magazine February 13, 2014
Do Muslims Abuse Race Relations Law? American Thinker February 8, 2014
London: Far Right Militants Use Ex-Army Jeeps to Mount 'Christian Patrols' in Muslim Districts International Business Times February 6, 2014
Yard's plea to Muslims: Help stop children turning to terror Evening Standard January 23, 2014
Award shortlist for Blackburn mum's halal idea Lancashire Telegraph January 20, 2014
Build It, Because They've Already Come Muslim Link January 2, 2014
Five Signs of Hope (Maybe) for Europe FrontPage Magazine December 30, 2013
Islamic Banks, Stuffed With Cash, Explore Partnerships in West New York Times December 25, 2013
Call for understanding of Indigenous Muslims SBS December 23, 2013
M&S apology over Muslim alcohol refusal BBC News December 22, 2013
M&S faces furious backlash from customers over Muslim policy Telegraph December 22, 2013
Muslim staff at Marks & Spencer can refuse to sell alcohol and pork Telegraph December 21, 2013
Retail park owners dismiss claims it will be run by Sharia law Kidderminster Shuttle December 20, 2013
Australia's First Guardian to launch Islamic pension in January Reuters December 19, 2013
Laws against inciting hatred: funny how an Islamist hate preacher is never prosecuted Telegraph December 17, 2013
Anjem Choudary warns Muslim restaurateurs they face being flogged if they sell booze at Brick Lane rally Evening Standard December 16, 2013
Muslim protestors rally against alcohol selling East London Lines December 15, 2013
Segregation by gender has no place in our public realm Guardian December 14, 2013
London shopkeepers threatened with 40 lashes for selling alcohol The Way December 14, 2013
Muslim Anti-Alcohol Protest in Brick Lane Flops International Business Times December 13, 2013
'Fear Allah', hate preacher Anjem Choudary tells shopkeepers at anti-alcohol march East London Advertiser December 13, 2013
Muslim Anti-Alcohol Protest in Brick Lane: They're Living in Dreamland International Business Times December 12, 2013
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary to attend Brick Lane anti-alcohol march East London Advertiser December 12, 2013
Muslim Anti-Alcohol Protest in Brick Lane: Hundreds to Target London Revellers International Business Times December 11, 2013
Muslim group to march in Brick Lane against drinking and selling of alcohol East London Advertiser December 10, 2013
The UK Confronts Islamism FrontPage Magazine December 10, 2013
Anjem Choudary: Muslim vigilantes who terrorised non-believers 'deserve pat on back' Evening Standard December 9, 2013
What role can be played by Sharia Law in contemporary Britain? Catholic Herald December 9, 2013
Sharia's War on Music FrontPage Magazine December 6, 2013
Muslim vigilantes jailed for 'sharia law' attacks in London Guardian December 6, 2013
TV dragon James Caan swoops to buy £41m retail park Express & Star December 5, 2013
Convicted 'Muslim Patrol' attackers' views condemned Guardian Series November 19, 2013
Objections over plan for religious school at Clayton Telegraph & Argus November 11, 2013
Islamic converts threatened to 'kill non-believers' in vigilante patrol Telegraph November 11, 2013
How I was bullied when I wore a burka Spectator November 2, 2013
Should you buy into Islamic finance? Financial Times November 1, 2013
Britain: "A World Capital for Islamic Finance" Gatestone Institute October 31, 2013
Dearborn: Satirical website says city adopts Shariah law; city officials fuming Press and Guide October 30, 2013
Aussie firms paying inflated price to have Halal certification News Limited October 18, 2013
Pub rescue group 'delighted' at mosque refusal Guardian Series October 11, 2013
Islamic Finance: London Can Grab £1tn of Global Market Claims Ethical Asset Management's Saadat Khan International Business Times October 1, 2013
Burka ban 'would drive away our best customers' Swiss Info September 29, 2013
Jihad in Kenya FrontPage Magazine September 23, 2013
Demand for US-born imams up in American mosques Associated Press September 21, 2013
Morrisons offered muslim family alcohol as apology for selling them non-halal meat Daily Star September 17, 2013
Veils are not appropriate in classrooms or airport security, says Nick Clegg Guardian September 16, 2013
Jeremy Browne: Ban Muslim women from wearing veils in schools and public places Telegraph September 15, 2013
Muslim Rapper Offers Virtuous Alternative to Mainstream Music Voice of America September 10, 2013
David Campese's 'bigoted' comments that Fawad Ahmed should 'go home' condemned by Cricket Australia Telegraph September 6, 2013
Doug Walters tells Pakistan-born Fawad Ahmed: if you don't like the VB uniform, don't play for Australia Daily Telegraph September 6, 2013
Muslim spinner given leave to keep a sponsor off his back Sydney Morning Herald September 3, 2013
Cricket Australia agree to Fawad Ahmed's request not to wear Victoria Bitter logo in England Fox Sports September 3, 2013
Islamic group urges sobriety – and invests in bar chain Independent August 23, 2013
California's Halal Food Fest, Victim of Success NBC Bay Area August 19, 2013
Muslim "Foodies" to Host California's First Halal Food Fest in Bay Area NBC Bay Area August 17, 2013
NewPark Mall to host first ever Halal Food Festival Fremont Bulletin August 15, 2013
Extremism Found in Journal During Huma Abedin's Tenure Clarion Project August 12, 2013
Majorca in booze crackdown to help attract wealthy Dubai tourists Arabian Business July 24, 2013
Britain wants to be hub for Sharia banking Marketplace July 18, 2013
Islamic group: Politician's comments were "sad and childish" Copenhagen Post July 15, 2013
Newcastle star Papiss Cisse's Wonga kit dispute set to come to a head Daily Mirror July 11, 2013
Observing Ramadan in uniform Deutsche Welle July 10, 2013
Popular Muslim Imam: Working Towards Sharia for America Clarion Project June 30, 2013
Mosque's design is OK'd by city council Hamtramck Review June 29, 2013
France: Butcher Terrorised and Driven Out by Muslims Because he Sold Pork Islam versus Europe June 29, 2013
Concerns rise over halal fraud Washington Post June 27, 2013
The Sound of (Muslim) Music FrontPage Magazine June 17, 2013
Hip-hop, poetry, singers, classical music to star in Muslim event Sacramento Bee June 15, 2013
Sydney sharia whipping case: man jailed for dishing out 40 lashes Sydney Morning Herald June 14, 2013
Allen West on Bill Cosby's pro-Muslim post: Are you crazy? Washington Times June 11, 2013
Islamic Law's Foothold in German Legal System Gatestone Institute June 7, 2013
University of East London opens Islamic Finance Research Hub Hackney Citizen June 6, 2013
Sharia Reigns in District of The Hague Clarion Project May 30, 2013
Halal Food Fest showcases diverse, exotic taste of halal food Toronto Star May 29, 2013
French firms see rising religious demands at work Reuters May 28, 2013
Sharia police in 'small caliphate' in The Hague: Neighborhood in The Hague dominated by orthodox Muslims Jihad Watch May 27, 2013
Halal business: Consuming passions Economist May 25, 2013
Optimism in struggle with radical Islam Ottawa Citizen May 24, 2013
Ribery confusion over beer soaking Nine News May 14, 2013
Profs on Boston Bombing: Blame Right-Wingers, 'Islamophobia,' and Blowback FrontPage Magazine May 7, 2013
The Muslim Student Association and the Boston Terrorist Connection FrontPage Magazine May 7, 2013
This is a war.. they should be thankful that more didn't die Irish Sun April 28, 2013
Female impersonator robs liquor store wearing burqa ABC Baltimore April 20, 2013
CUNY's Despicable Anti-Pinkwashing Conference FrontPage Magazine April 15, 2013
Pigs can't fly - Qantas bans pork on in-flight menu to respect Islam Daily Telegraph April 5, 2013
'Non-halal' McDonald's is target of boycott Press and Guide March 29, 2013
Halal Easter eggs and cat food: where big money meets religion Sydney Morning Herald March 28, 2013
Muslim-friendly, halal makeup on the rise in Canada CBC News March 27, 2013
Being Muslim in Las Vegas Guardian March 9, 2013
Men accused of flogging followed sharia, court told Sydney Morning Herald March 1, 2013
Sharia flogging breaks the law - four guilty of assaulting Muslim convert Daily Telegraph March 1, 2013
Sydney sharia victim whipped 'out of love' Australian AP February 28, 2013
Horsemeat scandal companies can learn from Halal Financial Times February 22, 2013
'Muslim Patrols' prompt backlash in the UK The National February 22, 2013
When burqas become accessories to crime Washington Times February 21, 2013
As Islam Grows, U.S. Imams In Short Supply NPR February 10, 2013
A meaty question Economist February 9, 2013
Chicago is ground zero in U.S. Muslim renaissance Washington Post February 5, 2013
Minority German children bullied by Muslims in their own schools Jihad Watch February 4, 2013
"Christianity can go to hell" says NEW Muslim Patrol video Commentator February 4, 2013
Muslim patrols could become more prevalent and more violent, warns anti-extremist Telegraph January 30, 2013
'I feel like a stranger where I live' Telegraph January 29, 2013
British Muslims Act Like 'Idiots' Because Of Isolation Huffington Post January 27, 2013
Trio held over Whitehall Muslim vigilante attacks released on bail Evening Standard January 26, 2013
Five held in London over 'Muslim vigilante' videos AFP January 25, 2013
Muslim Patrol: thugs abuse man in second 'vigilante' video Telegraph January 22, 2013
Hooded 'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes remove alcohol from drinkers and tell women to cover up as they stalk London suburb Daily Mail January 17, 2013
'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes attempt to control London streets Commentator January 16, 2013
Western hoteliers cater to Muslim travelers Hotel News Now January 15, 2013
Blackburn woman's breast cancer battle leads to Halal cosmetics business Lancashire Telegraph January 14, 2013
Norway's Happy Lies on Muslim Immigration FrontPage Magazine January 14, 2013
Growing number of Mid East Islamic funds launch in Luxembourg CPI Financial January 13, 2013
Ship out Sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah, says Queensland Liberal MP Steve Ciobo Daily Telegraph January 11, 2013
How Muslims Created Islamophobia Huffington Post January 8, 2013
France: Women Beaten up for Her Western Lifestyle, Attackers Tell Her to Wear Veil Islam versus Europe January 7, 2013
Christmas wish appears in sky over mosque ABC Australia December 23, 2012
No merriness here: mosque puts fatwa on Christmas Sydney Morning Herald December 23, 2012
Islam: Fastest-Growing Religion in Britain Gatestone Institute December 18, 2012
Memphis launches first of its kind halal food pantry Commercial Appeal November 25, 2012
2013: The Death of Free Speech PJ Media October 31, 2012
France Euromillions site hit by religious hackers BBC News October 28, 2012
Muslim man lashed because of sharia 'love' Australian AP October 22, 2012
Colorado State dining halls now serve Halal meat Rocky Mountain Collegian October 22, 2012
Hijab Controversy Arrives in Russia RIA Novosti October 19, 2012
Annual Hijab Week gives students insight into Islamic daily life Central Michigan Life October 18, 2012
Ease laws to allow Islamic finance to flourish BRW October 18, 2012
Muslim players 'may boycott Newcastle shirt' Irish Examiner October 10, 2012
Nîmes: Muslims Threaten Market Vendors Who Sell Wine, Pork and Light Clothing Islam versus Europe October 8, 2012
Drunk man who threatened to slit pregnant girlfriend's throat with Stanley knife unless she converted to Islam is spared jail Daily Mail September 14, 2012
Germany could get first Islamic Bank The National September 5, 2012
Halal toothpaste, anyone? Religious observance has become a global brand Guardian August 31, 2012
Haslam aide: Tennessee not promoting Islamic code Chattanooga Times Free Press August 19, 2012
LCBO serves underage boy wearing burka, face veil Toronto Sun July 24, 2012
Pearson airport rules can take the bark out of your trip home Toronto Sun July 15, 2012
Britain Ruled by Political Correctness Gatestone Institute July 11, 2012
Radical Islam Spreading in Spain Gatestone Institute July 3, 2012
Halal market 'missed chance' Fairfax NZ News July 1, 2012
Lt.-Cmdr. Wafa Dabbagh: 'A trail-blazing team player' Ottawa Citizen June 10, 2012
If You Don't Stand Up for Western Civilization It Will Fall: A Case Study PJ Media June 9, 2012
Memorial Day with Muslims Telegram and Gazette June 6, 2012
Shafilea Ahmed's sister denies making up 'wicked' murder evidence Telegraph May 30, 2012
How to Attack the Critics of Islam: A Primer FrontPage Magazine May 29, 2012
Financial shock would never have happened under sharia Irish Times May 21, 2012
Ireland is becoming a hub for Islamic finance – but what exactly is it? Journal Ireland May 12, 2012
Malaysians to bring Islamic banking to Germany Deutsche Welle May 12, 2012
Former Shotton Colliery pub to be turned into Muslim education centre Northern Echo May 9, 2012
Somalis In City Heights Lead Fight Against Liquor License KPBS May 9, 2012
We Get Exclusive Access to UK's Hidden Sharia Courts Daily Star May 6, 2012
'It is only a matter of time before a Muslim student is physically assaulted' - Muslim students condemn university alcohol ban Telegraph April 30, 2012
Muslim students condemn 'divisive and irresponsible' university alcohol ban Telegraph April 30, 2012
England: It was Fun While It Lasted PJ Media April 29, 2012
'I'm Arab, a Muslim, and I vote Marine Le Pen' France 24 April 27, 2012
Whoever is President There: France Fries While Its Leaders Avert Eyes PJ Media April 24, 2012
Don't ban alcohol — we'll get blame, say Muslim students Evening Standard April 19, 2012
The Deadly Consequences of Being Pro-Israel in the U.K. FrontPage Magazine April 16, 2012
Muslims on Wall Street, Bridging Two Traditions New York Times April 14, 2012
Muslim Cabbie Kicks Out Family for Carrying Wine Daily Express April 14, 2012
Islam has made London a more conservative place than it was 50 years ago Telegraph April 13, 2012
'Islam-lite' Kosovars determined to stay secular Irish Times April 12, 2012
London university considers stopping sale of 'immoral' alcohol on campus because it offends their Muslim students Daily Mail April 12, 2012
University to have alcohol-free areas for Muslims Telegraph April 12, 2012
'Talibuns'? Hot Cross Buns With Islamic 'Halal' Symbol Spark Debate CNS News April 6, 2012
Update: Sign at Wegmans draws attention WHEC April 2, 2012
Sign at Wegmans draws attention WHEC March 30, 2012
Danish school fined for forcing Muslim student to taste pork World Bulletin March 23, 2012
What Happened to Harvard's 'Veritas'? FrontPage Magazine March 20, 2012
A 'halal' version of Facebook coming soon New Straits Times March 18, 2012
Muslim cleared of being drunk during Ramadan Western Morning News March 16, 2012
All's halal that ends halal for Muslim cook Copenhagen Post March 9, 2012
Muslim Shelf Stockers Can Refuse to Handle Alcohol Der Spiegel February 25, 2012
Muslim group asks stores to remove alcohol, tobacco Delaware County Times February 16, 2012
The Right to Build a Mosque in America — on The Glazov Gang FrontPage Magazine February 15, 2012
Copenhagen: Culinary school requires Muslims to taste pork Islam in Europe February 12, 2012
Party Like It's A.D. 632 FrontPage Magazine February 10, 2012
German Bank Offers 'Islam-Compliant' Investment Weekly Standard February 7, 2012
Kosovo: Risk of radical Islam, says ambassador to Italy EMG January 11, 2012
Terror in Tampa- CAIR Denial Investigative Project January 9, 2012
Area Muslims: TV show doesn't reflect reality of Islam Gaston Gazette December 25, 2011
Muslims' anger over off-licence go-ahead - Community leaders say they have "not been listened to" Islington Tribune December 22, 2011
Oslo: Immigrant families account for 70% of domestic abuse cases Islam in Europe December 15, 2011
Dhimmitude in the UK: Muslims Freed after Race Attack FrontPage Magazine December 12, 2011
Sharia Law Already Devouring UK PJ Media December 12, 2011
French Far-Right Group Has Message in Menu ABC News December 10, 2011
Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling 'kill the white slag' freed after judge hears 'they weren't used to drinking because they're Muslims' Daily Mail December 6, 2011
Norway: Muslim colleagues pressured to drink Islam in Europe November 27, 2011
'All-American Muslim' hides the truth about Islam WorldNetDaily November 15, 2011
Another no-go area in Londonistan Daily Mail October 31, 2011
Fears and Smears National Review October 22, 2011
Islamists call for 'Sharia zones' Copenhagen Post October 21, 2011
Sharia zones in Copenhagen? Politiken October 18, 2011
The Islamization of London: A Photo Tour FrontPage Magazine October 14, 2011
Landlords face no punishment for discrimination in online ads National Post October 6, 2011
Terror at the Beach Daily Beast September 30, 2011
Students participate in Hijab Week to broaden perspectives of Muslim culture Central Michigan Life September 28, 2011
Bikinis and hijabs contrast on Albanian beach AFP September 22, 2011
Islamic Sharia Law Proliferates in Germany Hudson NY September 8, 2011
Kosovo Votes for Secularism Pajamas Media September 7, 2011
Workers on Russky Island organized disorders as they were not allowed to have alcohol on Eid al-Fitr Interfax August 30, 2011
Bosnia's 'Euro-Islam' on show during Ramadan AFP August 30, 2011
Hoodlums who happen to be Muslim have no respect for Islam Daily Telegraph August 15, 2011
Sharia law in the West goes against fight for reforms Australian August 9, 2011
Paris Muslims offered disused barracks to stop prayers in the streets Radio France August 8, 2011
Sharia: a law unto itself? Telegraph August 7, 2011
Probe into secretive Sharia law courts scrapped as Muslim leaders close ranks Daily Mail July 29, 2011
'Sharia-Controlled Zones' Sweep UK FrontPage Magazine July 29, 2011
'No porn or prostitution': Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities Daily Mail July 28, 2011
Troops in Mideast given guidance on Ramadan Stars and Stripes July 27, 2011
Denmark: Opposition wants health campaigns in Arabic Islam in Europe July 25, 2011
Second sharia law whipping suspect bailed ABC Australia July 20, 2011
Next generation of doctors vote on right to refuse treatment Sydney Morning Herald July 19, 2011
Men charged over 'Sharia Law' lashing during Sydney home invasion Australian AP July 19, 2011
Russia's Muslim Chechnya to ban energy drinks Reuters July 18, 2011
Intruders whip Silverwater man, 31, for drinking Australian AP July 18, 2011
Fundamentalists pledge to apply Shariaa in Britain Asharq Al-Awsat July 13, 2011
Qatari Investors: Huge Downtown Development Project Must Conform to Shariah Washington City Paper June 23, 2011
Sports Clubs Seek to Attract Young Muslim Women Der Spiegel June 16, 2011
Scotland Goes Mad for Islam FrontPage Magazine May 30, 2011
Muslims in France Ask to Use Empty Churches Hudson NY March 31, 2011
Former Muslims Excluded From King Hearings FrontPage Magazine March 17, 2011
Episcopal cleric tries Islamic rituals for Lent St. Louis Post-Dispatch March 12, 2011
Islamic Awareness Lecture: "Sharia: a threat to the west" Chicago Flame February 28, 2011
Muslim Shelf Stockers Can Refuse to Handle Alcohol Der Spiegel February 25, 2011
Battle for alcohol in Muslim Russia is deadly business Reuters February 2, 2011
Muslim Student Files Complaint Against Teacher … for Talking About Ham Pajamas Media December 21, 2010
Muslim Woman Won't Remove Scarf For Jail Photo CBS Denver December 4, 2010
Islamist hate books inquiry call Channel 4 December 3, 2010
Civil-rights suit alleges Muslim was fired for refusing to haul beer, though company had agreed to accommodate his religion Philadelphia Daily News October 22, 2010
Chechnya Coerces Women on Dress, Activists Say New York Times September 27, 2010
Nightclub forced to change its name from Mecca after threats from Muslim extremists Daily Mail September 16, 2010
Spain Muslims outraged at Mecca discotheque Al-Arabiya September 2, 2010
Sharia law threatens Moscow control in Muslim Chechnya Reuters August 26, 2010
Blurred identities for Muslim émigrés in Germany Jordan Times August 25, 2010
Women without headscarves targeted in Muslim Chechnya Reuters August 21, 2010
Muslim integration 'easier in Scotland than England' BBC News August 9, 2010
Russia's Muslim south triples sharia bride price Reuters July 7, 2010
Muslim liquor store owners get help with moral dilemma Chicago Tribune June 20, 2010
Banned Paris "sausage and wine" party goes ahead Reuters June 19, 2010
French police ban planned street party serving pork and wine in heavily Muslim neighborhood Fox News June 15, 2010
Anti-Islamisation 'pork and wine' Paris party slammed Expatica June 14, 2010
9/11 Sacrilege FrontPage Magazine May 31, 2010
Cabbie 'banned me over lager' Oxford Mail May 10, 2010
Lawsuit claiming firing was retaliation is headed for trial Plain Dealer April 17, 2010
Female Muslim doctors allowed to wear disposable sleeves for modesty: official guidance Telegraph March 27, 2010
Somali League takes up fight against intoxicants Helsingin Sanomat March 9, 2010
Muslims' Fury at 'Holy City' Boozer Scottish Sun March 3, 2010
Muslim revival brings polygamy, camels to Chechnya Reuters December 16, 2009
Spotted Piglet Hiccups: Boozy Breslin Clashes With Mosque New York Observer October 27, 2009
Muslims refuse to use alcohol-based hand gels over religious beliefs Daily Mail July 25, 2009
Muslim ban on Peppa Pig Croatian Times June 11, 2009
Minneapolis Imam Decries 'the Hell of Living in America' Pajamas Media May 22, 2009
The Hill to sell alcohol next week despite mosque concern Knoxville News Sentinel May 8, 2009
Cultural divide: Mosque doesn't agree with restaurant's plan to serve alcohol Knoxville News Sentinel April 5, 2009
Mosque disputes sale of alcohol at nearby Knoxville restaurant WATE March 25, 2009
Muslim woman critical of Gilbert police treatment Arizona Republic March 23, 2009
Swilling beer, smoking dope and leering at porn, the other side of hate preacher 'Andy' Choudary Daily Mail March 14, 2009
Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary calls for people who get drunk to be flogged Telegraph February 19, 2009
Waitrose's delivery company goes Islamic Telegraph February 2, 2009
Muslim cleric says Australians addicted to alcohol, gambling Courier Mail January 22, 2009
Muslim worker loses out in Tesco booze bid Evening Telegraph October 29, 2008
Devout Muslim sues Tesco for making him carry alcohol Daily Mail September 29, 2008
Muslims oppose Tesco booze bid Bedford Today September 23, 2008
Winnipeg grads ban alcohol to open door for valedictorian Winnipeg Free Press June 6, 2008
Islamization crept in a long time ago Trouw April 25, 2008
Harvard Goes Halal Investor's Business Daily April 18, 2008
Welcome to the Halal Inn: Britain's first alcohol-free Islamic pub The Daily Mail April 10, 2008
Halal food lands on menus The Detroit Free Press March 30, 2008
Muslims shocked to learn that crisps contain alcohol The London Times February 22, 2008
Bacon gift to Muslim officer costs Pc's job The Telegraph January 14, 2008
Muslim checkout staff get an alcohol opt-out clause The Sunday Times September 30, 2007
Fredi: Logo's a Sin Daily Mirror September 6, 2006

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