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Islamist Money in Politics

Donations from Individuals Associated with American Islamist Groups

Donor Name: Larry Shaw

Affiliation: Former Chair, National, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Donations History

Date Recipient Name Amount Recipient's Party Office Sought State Confidence
1988-10-13 DNC Services Corp. $500 Democratic N/A Medium
1989-10-24 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $1500 Democratic N/A Medium
1989-10-26 Bill Bradley $250 Democratic U.S. Senate NJ Medium
1989-12-08 Bill Heffner $250 Democratic U.S. House NC Medium
1998-04-28 Eva McPherson Clayton $200 Democratic U.S. House NC High
1999-03-18 Al Gore $1000 Democratic President N/A High
2002-03-29 Daniel Blue Jr. $1000 Democratic U.S. Senate NC High
2002-08-15 Bob Etheridge $500 Democratic U.S. House NC High
2010-08-10 Bob Etheridge $250 Democratic U.S. House NC High

Total amount of donations listed above: $5,450

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