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Prominent Islamists

Individuals Associated with: Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)

The Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) is a now-defunct nonprofit that ostensibly created awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, chiefly by publishing allegedly factual news items that were supposedly blacklisted by hostile Western media. In fact, IAP was a media-relations arm of Hamas in the U.S. It was founded in 1981 by Musa Abu Marzook, the Hamas operative who would later finance HLF, and Sami al-Arian, who would become the North American leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Islamist Watch acknowledges Citizens for National Security for making a significant contribution to the following list.

Name Affiliation Record of Political Donations
Riad Abdelkarim IAP: Former Founder of "KindHearts", IAP front later shut down for supporting Hamas View Donations Record
Osama Abu Irshaid IAP: Former Editor of IAP newspaper Al-Zaytounah None
Omar Ahmad IAP: Former President for two years View Donations Record
Mohammed Akram IAP: Former Shura Council, North American Muslim Brotherhood None
Sami Al-Arian IAP: Former Head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad View Donations Record
Amer Al-Shawa IAP: Former President None
Yaser Bushnaq IAP: Former Past president; currently a fugitive for immigration fraud View Donations Record
Ghassan Dahduli IAP: Former Manager of Tuscon IAP information office None
Hatem El-Hady IAP: Former Chairman of "KindHearts", IAP front later shut down for supporting Hamas None
Ghassan Elashi IAP: Former Co-founder None
Abdelbaset Hemayel IAP: Former Director, Secretary General None
Rafeeq Jaber IAP: Former President from 1994-2005 View Donations Record
Aly Mishal IAP: Former Founder, Registered Agent for corporation in Illinois None
Basher Nafi IAP: Former Arrested for ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad View Donations Record
Sabri Samirah IAP: Former Chairman, board member None
Emad Sarsour IAP: Former Board member View Donations Record
Jihad Smaili IAP: Former Board member of "KindHearts", IAP front later shut down for supporting Hamas None
Khaled Smaili IAP: Former President of "KindHearts", IAP front later shut down for supporting Hamas None

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