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Writings by Philip Chrysopoulos

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Migrants Day: More than 2,500 Refugee and Migrant Children Attend Greek Schools Greek Reporter December 18, 2017
Constantinople Expats Reply to Turkish President's One-Sided Allegations Greek Reporter December 14, 2017
Greek PM Tsipras Limits Sharia Law in Western Thrace Greek Reporter November 16, 2017
Greek Gov't Fails to Respond to Turkish Vice President's Irredentist Behavior Greek Reporter November 6, 2017
Greek Justice Minister Withdraws Amendment That Would Recognize "Turkish Minority" Greek Reporter September 20, 2017
Greece Reacts to New Muslim Prayer, Koran Reading in Hagia Sophia Greek Reporter June 22, 2017
Turkish PM Addresses Greek Muslims of Thrace as Being Turks Greek Reporter June 20, 2017
Over 30,000 Migrants Arrived in Greece Since Turkey-EU Deal in March 2016 Greek Reporter April 12, 2017
Education Ministry to Put Turkish Language Lessons in Thrace Kindergartens Greek Reporter March 4, 2017
Greek PM: Coexistence of Christians and Muslims Always Productive Greek Reporter November 25, 2016
Bill for First Mosque Building in Athens Tabled in Parliament Greek Reporter August 3, 2016
Muslim Minority Party in Northeast Greece Provokes With Pamphlet Greek Reporter July 20, 2016
Three Legal Mosques Operating in Athens, Many More Illegally Greek Reporter November 23, 2015
Council of State Opens Way for Erecting Mosque in Athens Greek Reporter October 7, 2015
Construction of First Mosque in Athens to Start Soon Greek Reporter August 5, 2015

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