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Writings by Perry Chiaramonte

External Articles

Title Publication Date
FBI raises stakes in hunt for man wanted in '08 killing of daughters Fox News January 6, 2015
NJ man says ISIS flag flown on porch a misunderstanding Fox News August 14, 2014
Journalists' guide to Islam called cave-in to political correctness Fox News April 12, 2014
Boston Marathon bomber's mosque long a lightning rod for criticism Fox News April 24, 2013
Legal group comes to aid of Army instructor ousted over Muslim groups' complaints Fox News October 5, 2012
Detective calls on feds to take over 'honor killing' investigation Fox News July 12, 2012
Texas 'honor killing' suspect Yaser Said could be hiding in plain sight as NYC cabbie, private investigator says Fox News May 29, 2012
NYPD officer told to get Muslim leaders' blessing to honor cop killed in mosque Fox News May 14, 2012
Muslim Junior ROTC Student Wants to Wear Head Cover With Uniform Fox News October 20, 2011

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