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Writings by Patrick Goodenough

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Title Publication Date
CAIR Slams Trump's Move to Keep Gitmo Open; 'Exclusively Muslim-Populated Military Prison' CNS News February 1, 2018
Pence Says US and Allies Will 'Drive Evil of Radical Islamic Terror From Face of the Earth' CNS News August 17, 2017
CAIR Celebrates Rejection of Amendment Requiring Gov't to Evaluate 'Violent or Unorthodox Islamic Religious Doctrine' CNS News July 18, 2017
U.S. Has Admitted 46,371 Refugees So Far in FY 2017; Up 19% in May CNS News June 1, 2017
CAIR to Trump: Avoid 'Pejorative Terminology' and 'Anti-Muslim Stereotypes' in Your Saudi Speech CNS News May 18, 2017
2,070 Refugees Arrived in U.S. in March; 54% Drop From February CNS News April 3, 2017
CAIR Blames White House 'Islamophobes' and 'White Supremacists' for New Travel Order CNS News March 6, 2017
132 Syrian Muslim Refugees Admitted to U.S. in 4 Days After Inauguration CNS News January 25, 2017
15,479 Syrian Refugees Have Been Admitted This Year – 606% More Than 2015; 98.8% Are Muslims CNS News December 29, 2016
CAIR Unhappy With Trump's Reported Pick for National Security Adviser CNS News November 18, 2016
14,074 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US in Year Since Paris Attacks; 99.1% Muslim CNS News November 15, 2016
'American Muslims Are Here to Stay,' CAIR Tells Trump CNS News November 9, 2016
13,210 Syrian Refugees So Far in 2016; Up 675% from 2015; 99.1% Are Muslims CNS News November 1, 2016
12,587 Syrian Refugees Admitted in FY 2016: 12,486 Muslims, 68 Christians, 24 Yazidis CNS News October 3, 2016
Almost 100,000 Somali Refugees Admitted to US Since 9/11; 99.6% Muslim CNS News September 19, 2016
15% Over Target: 11,491 Syrian Refugees Admitted Already; 0.46% Are Christians CNS News September 12, 2016
10,000: Administration About to Hit Syria Refugee Target; Fewer Than 0.5% Are Christians CNS News August 29, 2016
Administration Nears Syrian Refugee Goal: 9,077 Muslims; 47 Christians CNS News August 22, 2016
2009-2014: 831,221 Green Cards to Migrants from Muslim-Majority Countries, 322,882 to EU Countries CNS News June 13, 2016
State Dept. Expects Syrian Refugees to U.S. to 'Increase Exponentially' This Summer CNS News June 8, 2016
1,037 Syrian Refugees Admitted in May: Two Christians, 1,035 Muslims CNS News June 1, 2016
Record 499 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US So Far in May Includes No Christians CNS News May 23, 2016
Ben Rhodes is Proud Administration Never 'Used Language That Suggests That America is at War With Islam' CNS News May 12, 2016
Syrian Refugee 'Surge' to U.S. in April: 440 Muslims, 10 Yazidis, 1 Christian CNS News May 10, 2016
Syrian Refugees Admitted to US Since Paris Attack: 1,070 Muslims; 4 Christians CNS News April 10, 2016
State Dept.: 'This Isn't About a Religion' CNS News March 22, 2016
Syrian Refugees Admitted to US Since Paris Attack: 602 Muslims, 2 Christians CNS News February 16, 2016
Kerry Calls ISIS 'Apostates'; Not Even World's Top Sunni Authority Has Done So CNS News February 3, 2016
Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Attacks: 525 Muslims, 1 Christian CNS News January 25, 2016
CAIR to Americans: 'Spread Love, Not Islamophobia' CNS News January 21, 2016
CAIR and Co. Warn 2016 Candidates: Spew 'Islamophobia' at Your Political Peril CNS News December 21, 2015
1 Christian: 236 of 237 Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Attacks Are Muslims CNS News December 7, 2015
No Christians: All 132 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Since Paris Attacks Are Sunni Muslims CNS News November 30, 2015
So Far: Syrian Refugees in U.S. Include 2,098 Muslims, 53 Christians CNS News November 17, 2015
Muslim Groups: Avoid 'One-Sided' Declarations on Armenian Genocide That Ignore Muslim Suffering CNS News April 21, 2015
CAIR on Paris Attack: Marginalize Both 'ISIS-Type Extremists and Anti-Muslim Bigots' CNS News January 7, 2015
State Dep't Asks UAE Why It Labelled CAIR a Terrorist Group CNS News November 18, 2014
Two US Islamic Groups, Including CAIR, Shocked to Find Themselves Designated As Terrorists CNS News November 16, 2014
US Envoy: To Defeat ISIS, We Must Highlight 'Our Profound Respect' for Islam CNS News October 29, 2014
Newly Formed Muslim Coalition Seeks Greater Clout in U.S. Elections CNS News March 13, 2014
Glenn Greenwald, Journalist Who Reported on NSA Surveillance Leaks, to Address Islamic Event CNS News October 3, 2013
Islam 'Helped to Shape' CIA Nominee John Brennan's World View CNS News January 9, 2013
Saudi King Opens Religious Tolerance Center in Europe to 'Spread the Message of Islam' CNS News November 27, 2012
Top Religious Freedom Advocate Refutes Claims of Anti-Muslim Bias CNS News June 12, 2012
'Talibuns'? Hot Cross Buns With Islamic 'Halal' Symbol Spark Debate CNS News April 6, 2012
U.N. Adopts 'Religious Intolerance' Resolution Championed by Obama Administration CNS News December 20, 2011
Clinton: Every Gov't Has Duty to Protect People From Discrimination and Intimidation Motivated by Religion CNS News December 15, 2011
State Dept. Aims to Denounce 'Offensive Speech' While Upholding Free Expression CNS News December 13, 2011
Obama Administration Welcoming Islamic Group to Washington for Discussion on 'Tolerance' CNS News December 9, 2011
New Name, Same Old Focus for Islamic Bloc CNS News June 30, 2011
Muslim Group Offends Some Christians With Jesus Advertisements CNS News June 3, 2011
Trial of Dutch Politician Who Sounded Alarm About Radical Islam Nears End CNS News May 31, 2011
U.N. Religious 'Defamation' Resolution is Not Dead, Says Islamic Bloc CNS News March 30, 2011
Council on American-Islamic Relations Launches 'Islamophobia' Division CNS News October 12, 2010
Citing Quran-Burning Threat, Islamic Body Wants U.N. to Outlaw 'Offenses Against Religion' CNS News September 10, 2010
U.S. Joins U.N. Initiative Whose Stated Goal Is to Bridge Islam-West Divide CNS News May 14, 2010
Activists Claim Free Speech Victory As 'Leaving Islam' Ads Return to Buses CNS News April 22, 2010
Waning Support for Defamation of Religion Resolution Undermines Defense of Islam, OIC Chief Says Patrick Goodenough April 16, 2010
Event Attended by Obama's Muslim Envoy Was Held by Group With Troubling Views, Ties CNS News February 18, 2010
Publication Denies Cover-Up on OIC Envoy, Implies Anti-Muslim Bias Lies Behind Story CNS News February 16, 2010
Obama's New OIC Envoy Defended Activist Who Aided Terrorist Group CNS News February 15, 2010
Dutch Critic of Islam Wants Extremist Killer to Testify at His Trial CNS News February 3, 2010
Obama State Department Cites Outreach to Muslims As Reason to Allow Two Muslim Scholars Into the Country CNS News January 22, 2010
OIC Slams 'Demonic' Portrayal of Islam, But Support for Religious 'Defamation' Measures Continues to Erode CNS News December 21, 2009
Swiss Vote to Ban Minarets Viewed by Some As Human Rights Violation, by Others As Catalyst for Muslim Assimilation CNS News November 30, 2009
US Tries to Break 'Religious Defamation' vs. Free Speech Deadlock at UN CNS News October 5, 2009
Video Game Featuring Jesus and Mohammed Fighting Is Reworked After Muslim Complaint CNS News April 29, 2009
NGOs Take Aim at 'Religious Defamation,' Urge Competitive U.N. Council Elections CNS News March 26, 2009
Islamic States Mark a Decade of 'Defamation of Religion' Measures With Another Success CNS News March 26, 2009
‘Defamation' of Islam Resolution Set to Pass, but Losing Ground CNS News November 25, 2008

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