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Writings by Neil Munro

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Islamic Radical Linda Sarsour Appears at DACA Amnesty Protest in DC Breitbart March 5, 2018
John Kelly Pushed Obama's Jihad Policy Chief Out of DHS Breitbart July 31, 2017
CAIR's 'Islamophobia' List Is a 'Hit List,' Say Critics Breitbart June 23, 2016
Jindal: Reform Immigration Rules To Exclude Islamic Radicals Daily Caller March 17, 2015
Obama Seeks Alliance With Islamic Groups Daily Caller February 5, 2015
White House: Obama Will Fight Media To Stop Anti-Jihad Articles Daily Caller January 13, 2015
Holder: Cops Must Pretend Some Facts Don't Exist Daily Caller December 8, 2014
Democrat Rep. Donates Cash To Hamas-Linked Group Daily Caller September 28, 2014
Catholic Cardinal McCarrick Embraces Islam Daily Caller September 11, 2014
US Muslim Groups Won't Move To Excommunicate Boko Haram Daily Caller May 12, 2014
Muslim advocates urge reduced FBI anti-jihad role Daily Caller May 29, 2013
Obama: Don't form opinions on Boston attacks until government decides Daily Caller April 20, 2013
US imam calls on Muslims in US to wage jihad Daily Caller February 26, 2013
Lawsuit forces Chicago to accept anti-jihad bus ads Daily Caller February 4, 2013
CAIR chief claims Muslims discovered America first Daily Caller January 4, 2013
Jihad is 'getting to a better place,' says CAIR campaign Daily Caller December 14, 2012
Butterball no longer halal Daily Caller November 21, 2012
Pelosi holds secret fundraiser with Islamists, Hamas-linked groups Daily Caller November 2, 2012
Romney tags jihadists as enemy, marking shift from Obama, Bush Daily Caller October 23, 2012
White House slams French cartoons, amid election-time threats from Islamists Daily Caller September 19, 2012
Report downplays Islamic role in Fort Hood jihadi attack Daily Caller July 20, 2012
Justice Dept. inspector general investigates FBI, CAIR ties Daily Caller June 12, 2012
Administration admits to 'hundreds' of meetings with jihad-linked group Daily Caller June 8, 2012
Times nixes anti-Islam ad, runs anti-Catholic ad Daily Caller March 14, 2012
Progressives, Islamists huddle at Justice Department Daily Caller October 21, 2011
Obama's Iftar guest list omits controversial attendees Daily Caller August 11, 2011
Anti-terror plan allies White House with Muslim groups Daily Caller August 4, 2011
Facebook upgrade spurs fears of political bias Daily Caller May 24, 2011
Islamists claim credit for Durbin hearing Daily Caller April 4, 2011
Hamas-associated CAIR applauded by White House Daily Caller March 18, 2011

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