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Writings by Mark Hensch

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Sanders hits Trump nominee who called Islam 'a deficient theology' The Hill June 7, 2017
Dem party boss rips Trump's 'religious discrimination' of Muslims The Hill March 6, 2017
Muslim group files lawsuit against Trump order The Hill January 30, 2017
Dem urges Trump to disavow supporter's remarks on internment camps The Hill November 17, 2016
Muslim group to Trump: Drop 'anti-Islam conspiracy theorist' as adviser The Hill November 16, 2016
Justice Ginsburg dodges on whether Trump's Muslim ban is constitutional The Hill October 10, 2016
Poll: Few support Syrian refugees entering US The Hill August 15, 2016
Gingrich calls for deporting Muslims who believe in Shariah The Hill July 14, 2016
Advocacy group: Trump putting Muslim women in 'danger' The Hill July 1, 2016
White House: Debate over what to call terrorism 'a political talking point' The Hill June 21, 2016
Trump: Check mosques 'respectfully' The Hill June 15, 2016
GOP rep: Trump's Muslim ban 'unconstitutional' The Hill June 3, 2016
Clinton: Trump's Muslim rhetoric makes beating ISIS harder The Hill May 16, 2016
DOJ civil rights head: US Muslims facing 'trying times' The Hill May 16, 2016
GOP senator 'glad' Trump is 'walking back' Muslim ban The Hill May 12, 2016
Carson: Muslim group invited to SOTU 'not pro-American' The Hill January 12, 2016
Carson clarifies Muslim remarks, focusing on extremists The Hill September 22, 2015
Muslim group distributing Quran over Carson flap The Hill September 21, 2015
Obama invites suspended Muslim teen to the White House The Hill September 16, 2015
O'Malley: 'We must do more' for Syrian refugees The Hill September 4, 2015
'The enemy is radical Islam,' Rand Paul says The Hill April 9, 2015

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