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Writings by Lyssandra Sears

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Ban religious circumcision: Swiss The Local July 31, 2012
Woman told to accept abuse or leave country The Local July 13, 2012
Politician resigns over Kristallnacht tweet The Local June 27, 2012
Anti-Muslim Swiss tweet urges new Kristallnacht The Local June 26, 2012
Muslim women can be religious leaders: study The Local May 29, 2012
Priest who runs racist website faces probe The Local May 25, 2012
Court: Anti-Islam group must be protected The Local May 21, 2012
Father gets 17 years for killing daughter with axe The Local April 18, 2012
'I won't let my girls swim with boys': Muslim dad The Local April 4, 2012
Swiss racism on the rise: human rights chief The Local March 29, 2012
Muslim girls must swim with boys: Swiss court The Local March 27, 2012
Build villages for asylum seekers: Swiss party The Local March 7, 2012
Anti-minaret group mulls burqa ban initiative The Local March 7, 2012
Muslim refugees housed in Swiss brothel The Local February 13, 2012
Radical Muslim group to launch TV station The Local January 23, 2012

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