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Writings by Joseph Nasr

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Turkey will never be EU member under Erdogan: Germany's Gabriel Reuters August 24, 2017
Germany investigating 20 Turks on suspicion of spying: Die Welt Reuters April 5, 2017
Germany raids apartments of four Turkish imams suspected of spying Reuters February 15, 2017
Germany's top court rules Muslim schoolgirls must join swimming lessons Reuters December 7, 2016
In Germany, Syrians find mosques too conservative Reuters October 28, 2016
German birthrate hits 33-year high, boosted by migrant babies Reuters October 17, 2016
Merkel urges Turks not to bring conflicts to Germany Reuters August 28, 2016
German town reopens pool to asylum seekers after gender education drive Reuters January 18, 2016
Anti-migrant protest turns violent as German welcome cools Reuters January 9, 2016
'Follow the rules!': German TV show aims to help Arab refugees integrate Reuters December 16, 2015
Leader of German anti-immigrant party calls on Merkel to resign Reuters November 28, 2015
Refugee crisis resurrects German anti-immigration party Reuters November 27, 2015

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