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Writings by Jordan Fabian

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Trump slashes refugee admissions to 45,000 The Hill September 27, 2017
Trump weighs more targeted travel ban The Hill September 22, 2017
Trump urges 'larger, tougher' travel ban after London bombing The Hill September 15, 2017
Trump will ask Supreme Court to block judge's order on travel ban The Hill July 14, 2017
Trump lauds Supreme Court order on travel ban as 'clear victory' The Hill June 26, 2017
Trump changes travel ban expiration date ahead of high court decision The Hill June 14, 2017
Justice Department to seek Supreme Court review in Trump travel ban case The Hill May 25, 2017
Trump blasts court ruling blocking revised travel order The Hill March 15, 2017
WH: Trump disagrees with Steve King's 'somebody else's babies' remark The Hill March 14, 2017
Trump signs revised travel ban that excludes Iraq The Hill March 6, 2017
Administration: Nearly 750 people subjected to travel ban after court order The Hill February 23, 2017
Trump hints at new travel order coming next week The Hill February 10, 2017
Trump accuses Schumer of shedding 'fake tears' over refugees The Hill January 30, 2017
Trump defends order: 'It's not a Muslim ban' The Hill January 28, 2017
Trump bans Syrian refugees, restricts entry from Muslim states The Hill January 27, 2017
Kaine attacks Pence over Syrian refugees The Hill October 4, 2016
White House on track to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees The Hill August 5, 2016
Obama decries anti-Muslim discrimination The Hill July 21, 2016
White House: Gingrich call to test and deport Muslims 'un-American' The Hill July 15, 2016
Obama blasts Gingrich's Muslim test as 'repugnant' The Hill July 15, 2016
White House seeks distance from ISIS transcript edit The Hill June 21, 2016
Obama goes after Cruz for urging patrols of Muslim neighborhoods The Hill March 23, 2016
Obama slams 'inexcusable' anti-Muslim rhetoric at Baltimore mosque The Hill February 3, 2016
White House discusses Syrian refugee plan on call with governors The Hill November 17, 2015
Obama: GOP refugee opponents 'scared of widows and orphans' The Hill November 17, 2015
House rushes to halt refugees The Hill November 17, 2015
Obama invites suspended Muslim teen to the White House The Hill September 16, 2015
Muslim lawmaker: Mosque opponents are birthers, 'proponents of bigotry' The Hill September 7, 2010

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