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Writings by John Bingham

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Justin Welby: It's time to stop saying Isil has 'nothing to do with Islam' Telegraph November 18, 2016
Sharia law being administered in shop basements, MPs told Telegraph November 1, 2016
Hijab-wearing Muslim women being passed over for jobs in last form of 'acceptable' discrimination – MPs Telegraph August 11, 2016
One in three Muslims do not feel 'part of British culture' Telegraph May 26, 2016
Women should not travel more than 48 miles without a male escort – Muslim group Telegraph May 4, 2016
London 'more Islamic' than Muslim world – scholar Telegraph March 9, 2016
Vicars should grow beards to reach out to Muslims, bishop suggests Telegraph January 22, 2016
Fear of Muslims tearing British society apart – Welby Telegraph October 2, 2015
Muslim women should be allowed to wear the veil in court, top judge suggests Telegraph April 16, 2015
Christianity on course to be minority religion in UK Telegraph April 2, 2015
Youths turning to Jihad because mainstream religion not 'exciting' enough – Welby Telegraph March 11, 2015
Oxford grooming: Whistleblower obstructed by senior council officers Telegraph March 3, 2015
Oxford grooming: How young victims were ignored Telegraph March 3, 2015
Oxford grooming: social workers and police 'turned blind eye to sexualised culture' Telegraph March 3, 2015
BBC scraps ban on depicting Prophet Mohammed Telegraph January 12, 2015
Mass polygamy in UK Muslim community – claim Telegraph December 10, 2014
Sharia law guidelines abandoned as Law Society apologises Telegraph November 24, 2014
Church alarm at 'danger' of Government's 'British values' test in wake of Trojan Horse row Telegraph November 13, 2014
No need for Muslim primary teachers to wear full-face veil – Islamic scholar Telegraph November 12, 2014
Let Muslim primary school teachers wear full-face veil in class – Rowan Williams Telegraph November 10, 2014
Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded 'extremists' under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn Telegraph October 31, 2014
Christian school 'downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly' Telegraph October 19, 2014
KFC leaves Muslims baffled after branch drops alcohol hand-wipes in halal mix-up Telegraph September 29, 2014
Rotherham: politics 'imported from Pakistan' fuelled sex abuse cover-up – MP Telegraph August 31, 2014
Role of religion in schools under pressure after Trojan Horse scandal Telegraph August 14, 2014
Trojan Horse: new rules 'could curtail teaching of Christianity', warns Christian group Telegraph August 12, 2014
Welby: let's not get 'hysterical' about Islamic radicalisation Telegraph July 13, 2014
Halal meat row: faith leaders call for clear food labelling Telegraph May 7, 2014
Sharia law in UK: calls for Parliamentary inquiry Telegraph March 23, 2014
Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs Telegraph March 22, 2014
Muslim boys' school bans women from applying for job as science teacher Telegraph February 27, 2014
Bishop fears sharia bonds pave way for more Islamic law Telegraph November 2, 2013
Banning veil would be like outlawing miniskirts, says Baroness Warsi Telegraph November 1, 2013
Christianity declining 50pc faster than thought – as one in 10 under-25s is a Muslim Telegraph May 16, 2013
Muslim free school plans on hold over 'extremism' claims Telegraph April 29, 2013
Second university sounds alarm over segregation at Muslim student events Telegraph April 15, 2013
Sharia courts 'as consensual as rape', House of Lords told Telegraph October 20, 2012
Forced marriage: criminalisation could deter victims, claim charities Telegraph June 9, 2012
Forced marriage: 120 cases a month this year as David Cameron outlaws 'virtual slavery' Telegraph June 8, 2012
Gay marriage: Pope representatives calls for Catholic alliance with Muslim and Jewish groups Telegraph April 27, 2012
University to have alcohol-free areas for Muslims Telegraph April 12, 2012
Secularists using Christianity as 'surrogate' for Islamic radicals, says bullish Rowan Williams Telegraph March 19, 2012
Terrorist cell 'radicalised in jail' Telegraph December 21, 2010
Muslim walks free as court told Osama bin Laden graffiti 'not religiously motivated' Telegraph May 1, 2010
Honour killing: Mehmet Goren tried to murder his family before Telegraph December 18, 2009
Honour killing: father convicted of murder of Tulay Goren Telegraph December 17, 2009
Blind man's guide dog barred from restaurant for offending Muslims Telegraph December 15, 2008
NHS doctor held captive by family in Bangladesh facing forced marriage Telegraph December 7, 2008
Radical Islamic clerics warn of further attacks after publisher is firebombed Telegraph September 28, 2008

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