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Writings by Janene Pieters

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Title Publication Date
"Every Muslim is a bit of a Salafist": Rotterdam mayor NL Times December 26, 2017
Muslims not allowed in biggest Dutch nativity scene NL Times December 22, 2017
Anti-Islam Pegida getting more radical, but smaller: Cabinet Minister NL Times November 15, 2017
Maassluis swimming pool threatened after Wilders criticism NL Times October 25, 2017
YouTube takes down Wilders anti-Prophet Mohammed video; Wilders threatened NL Times October 5, 2017
Turkish politics possible motive in Amsterdam fast food murder NL Times September 12, 2017
Amsterdam youth worker accused of spreading jihad propaganda NL Times August 23, 2017
Islamic organizations criticize Justice Min.'s ban on controversial imam NL Times August 21, 2017
Anti-Islam Wilders wants parliament to return from recess for terrorism debate NL Times August 18, 2017
City council wants debate on Amsterdam's anti-radicalization policy after official's suspension NL Times August 7, 2017
Politician berated by anti-gay commenters for taking LGBT leadership role NL Times June 28, 2017
Anti-Islam leader Wilders excluded from new Dutch coalition talks; dismissed as "increasingly radical" NL Times June 16, 2017
Amsterdam top cop meeting rank-and-file officers over headscarf policy NL Times June 14, 2017
Dutch PM refuses 2nd try at governing with anti-Islam nationalist PVV NL Times May 16, 2017
Controversial websites deserve blame for rising Islamaphobia: Univ. Amsterdam researcher NL Times May 15, 2017
Geert Wilders' hate speech appeal set for October NL Times April 12, 2017
Four boys arrested at Pegida protest in Groningen NL Times April 10, 2017
Wilders plans sequels to anti-Islam film Fitna NL Times April 10, 2017
Gay couple beaten with heavy bolt cutters, seriously injuring one NL Times April 3, 2017
Anti-Islam PVV upset over Almelo's plan to celebrate Eid NL Times March 28, 2017
Anti-Islam banners hung at Weesp mosque construction site NL Times March 27, 2017
Politician accuses Dutch doctors of discriminating against ethnic minorities NL Times February 23, 2017
Total burka ban in Netherlands part of ruling VVD party's integration plan NL Times February 16, 2017
Pegida leader arrested at anti-Islam demonstration in Utrecht NL Times February 6, 2017
Amsterdam mosque pushing for minaret prayer call, breaking earlier deal NL Times November 22, 2016
Controversial Qatari Islam charity behind Rotterdam school financing NL Times August 25, 2016
No "Burkini" ban in Netherlands says Deputy PM NL Times August 19, 2016
Anti-Islam group Pegida heading to Breda NL Times June 7, 2016
Dutch voters want PVV in next cabinet, but not in PM seat NL Times May 16, 2016
Dozens arrested at Hague anti-Islam rally NL Times April 11, 2016
Dutch King drops in on traditional Muslim neighborhoods to show support NL Times March 23, 2016
Geert Wilders hate speech criminal charges revealed NL Times March 9, 2016
Dozens of hate speech victims seek compensation from Wilders NL Times March 4, 2016
Austria nears decision to also prosecute Wilders for hate speech NL Times February 29, 2016
Geert Wilders hate speech trial delayed to October NL Times February 29, 2016
Petting zoo owner not prosecuted for ejecting Muslim family NL Times February 25, 2016
Wilders vows to keep condemning Islam as PVV celebrates 10 years NL Times February 22, 2016
School's plan to give day off for Muslim holiday ruffles feathers NL Times January 7, 2016
"Not a house of prayer": Petting zoo owner defends ejecting Muslim family NL Times December 30, 2015
Women in burqas thrown out of petting zoo NL Times December 30, 2015
Mayoral leader calls Geert Wilders country's worst politician NL Times December 28, 2015
Netherlands considers banning Salafist Islam NL Times December 11, 2015
Wilders demands fair trial in race baiting court hearing NL Times November 26, 2015
Rotterdam mayor: "We must eradicate ISIS", be more inclusive towards Muslims NL Times November 16, 2015
Utrecht bans second "risky" anti-Islam, anti-refugee protest NL Times November 6, 2015
Wilders calls for binding referendums on populist issues NL Times November 6, 2015
Young Dutch Muslims against Zionism, not Judaism NL Times November 4, 2015
Wilders: No chance at fair trial in race baiting case NL Times October 29, 2015

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