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Writings by Farzana Hassan

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Title Publication Date
Make no mistake, the M103 report still focuses on Islamophobia Toronto Sun February 8, 2018
The hijab hoax was a damaging incident Toronto Sun January 18, 2018
Iranian protesters are shunning the hijab - let's join them Toronto Sun January 4, 2018
Liberal unwillingness to condemn FGM is a sad political move Toronto Sun December 14, 2017
New book shines light on Muslim gender problems Toronto Sun December 7, 2017
Trudeau's famous inclusiveness shouldn't be extended to terrorists Toronto Sun November 30, 2017
The radical Islamists are very much a part of the problem Toronto Sun November 2, 2017
Quebec's niqab ban is a chance for women to embrace Western freedom Toronto Sun October 26, 2017
Scrapping the term Islamophobia from M103 is the best path forward Toronto Sun October 19, 2017
What this liberal Muslim will be saying before the M-103 committee Toronto Sun October 15, 2017
Edmonton terror attacks a reminder that we must take hateful ideology seriously Toronto Sun October 5, 2017
Vagueness of 'Islamophobia' is what makes it troublingly all-inclusive Toronto Sun September 28, 2017
Liberals are wrongly supporting a Muslim victimhood narrative Toronto Sun September 14, 2017
Western leftists need to stop supporting Islam's regressive elements Toronto Sun August 24, 2017
New book warns of Islamist dangers Toronto Sun July 27, 2017
Left needs to start critiquing Islamism, not defending it Toronto Sun July 20, 2017
Under Islamic beliefs, Omar Khadr was no child Toronto Sun July 6, 2017
Muslim women need to challenge the patriarchy in their own faith Toronto Sun June 22, 2017
Cultural traditions continue to hold back South Asian women in Canada Toronto Sun June 1, 2017
We must never accept terror as the new normal Toronto Sun May 25, 2017
Religious tolerance is no excuse for female genital mutilation Toronto Sun May 11, 2017
Parents have concerns about religion in schools Toronto Sun May 4, 2017
Where are Canada's motions condemning extremism and terror? Toronto Sun April 13, 2017
Liberals need to learn Islamophobia is a loaded term Toronto Sun March 22, 2017
Canadian values matter, but so do the details Toronto Sun March 16, 2017
I'm a liberal Muslim and I reject M-103 Toronto Sun February 16, 2017
When will women's march protest Shariah law? Toronto Sun January 26, 2017
The hijab and niqab are rooted in patriarchy Toronto Sun January 5, 2017
School boards must oppose rising Islamist ideology Toronto Sun December 8, 2016
Let's not turn our schools into mosques Toronto Sun December 2, 2016
Multiculturalism must be a two-way street Toronto Sun November 24, 2016
Muslim Toronto Police chaplain's views troubling Toronto Sun November 3, 2016
School boards shouldn't bow to Muslim fundamentalism Toronto Sun September 8, 2016
Muslims must advocate for a more tolerant world Toronto Sun June 23, 2016
A tale of two religions Toronto Sun May 26, 2016
Why the burka is sexualized dress Toronto Sun March 10, 2016
Niqab backers ignorant about Shariah, Islamism Toronto Sun October 1, 2015
Female mutilation is everyone's issue Toronto Sun September 24, 2015
Harper right to fight the niqab Toronto Sun September 17, 2015
Quebec's Bill 59 panders to Islamists Toronto Sun September 4, 2015
How the U.K. is countering Islamism Toronto Sun July 30, 2015
The niqab doesn't symbolize freedom Toronto Sun June 25, 2015
Muslims must respect free speech of others Toronto Sun May 7, 2015
Niqab is about our values, not race Toronto Sun March 19, 2015
Harper right to defend niqab ban Toronto Sun February 19, 2015
Muslims must confront Islamism Toronto Sun December 18, 2014
Why are imams silent? Toronto Sun November 20, 2014
Keep radical Islam out of Canada Toronto Sun August 14, 2014
Brandeis University bows to Islamism Toronto Sun April 17, 2014
Quebec's values charter is a good idea Toronto Sun April 3, 2014
Radical Islam is on the march in Canada Toronto Sun February 14, 2014
Predictable results from niqab study Toronto Sun January 30, 2014
Edmonton police blunder on hijab Toronto Sun November 28, 2013
Pipes is tolerated, Geller is not Toronto Sun May 16, 2013
Ideas About Modernizing Islam Huffington Post January 30, 2013
Why Muslims chose Obama, despite broken promises Toronto Sun November 8, 2012
Many Islamist men don't understand imperative of consent Toronto Sun July 16, 2012
Heritage Canukistan? Investigative Project March 23, 2009
Mark Steyn has a right to be wrong Maclean's December 12, 2007

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