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Writings by Eugene Volokh

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Title Publication Date
Court refuses to recognize Saudi custody decree, because Saudi Sharia law is inconsistent with American public policy Washington Post October 19, 2015
Council on American-Islamic Relations says anti-Muslim college speakers "create a hostile learning environment for Muslim and Arab-American students" Washington Post April 28, 2015
The Vermont Bacon Affair: Is there a there there? Washington Post August 29, 2014
Charges Dismissed in Pennsylvania Prosecution for Attack on "Zombie Mohammed" Atheist Parader Volokh Conspiracy February 24, 2012
"Ensure That All Islamophobic Incidents … Either Verbal, Physical or Online Are Dealt with Swiftly and Effectively" Volokh Conspiracy February 1, 2012
Did the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office Fail to Adequately Defend the Oklahoma Ban on Use of Foreign Law? Volokh Conspiracy January 10, 2012
"Islam Is of the Devil" T-Shirts in Junior High School and High School Volokh Conspiracy October 31, 2011
Discussion of the Mohammed Cartoons Not "Speech Involv[ing] Matters of Public Interest or Concern"? Volokh Conspiracy August 12, 2011
Will Calls for Distribution "According to Islamic Laws and Sharia"; Pennsylvania Court Gives Twice as Much to Each Son as to Each Daughter Volokh Conspiracy April 29, 2011
Court Rejects Attempt to Order Search Engines to Block Access to Certain Nude Images to Children and Muslims Volokh Conspiracy February 7, 2011
Why American Courts Should Sometimes Consider Islamic Court Rulings (and Islamic Law) Volokh Conspiracy November 26, 2010
Cultural Defense Accepted as to Nonconsensual Sex in New Jersey Trial Court, Rejected on Appeal Volokh Conspiracy July 23, 2010
Is the Obama Administration Supporting Calls to Outlaw Supposed Hate Speech? Huffington Post October 1, 2009

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