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Writings by Duncan Gardham

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Imam 'used mosque sermons as recruit campaign for Isis' London Times September 12, 2017
Extremism unchecked in schools, secret briefing reveals Telegraph December 31, 2012
Radical Muslims 'target young inmates in prison' Telegraph February 6, 2012
Islamic radicals are in schools, government report says Telegraph June 7, 2011
Failed anti-terror campaigns 'waste of money', Prevent strategy admits Telegraph June 7, 2011
Help spot Islamic extremists, NHS staff urged Telegraph June 6, 2011
Terrorism works, preacher told students Telegraph June 6, 2011
Universities 'complacent' over Islamic radicals, Theresa May warns Telegraph June 5, 2011
Men who beat up RE teacher were terrorist suspects Telegraph May 26, 2011
University campuses are 'hotbeds of Islamic extremism' Telegraph April 27, 2011
Fears that university has been infiltrated by Islamist extremists Telegraph April 12, 2011
Terrorist cell 'radicalised in jail' Telegraph December 21, 2010
Mainstream Islamic organisations 'share al-Qaeda ideology' Telegraph August 5, 2010
Hardline Muslim clerics' books still publicly available Telegraph March 29, 2010
Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka says England is 'cesspit' of extremism Telegraph February 1, 2010
Controversial Islamist advises Crown Prosecution Service Telegraph November 1, 2009
Muslim man critical after 'honour attack' with acid Telegraph July 23, 2009
More Muslims identify themselves as British than rest of population Telegraph May 6, 2009
£90m anti-terrorism project is fanning the flames of extremism Telegraph March 9, 2009

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