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Writings by David Barrett

External Articles

Title Publication Date
BBC is 'too Christian' and 'could broadcast Muslim prayers' to reflect growing multi-culturalism Telegraph May 15, 2016
Authorities are more interested in being PC than stopping forced marriages, equality chief says Telegraph January 25, 2016
Teachers must take over classroom deradicalisation lessons, says top policewoman Sara Thornton Telegraph July 24, 2015
Immigrants who beat their children should get special treatment, says judge Telegraph June 9, 2015
Missing father was 'member of banned extremist group' Telegraph April 19, 2015
Oxford grooming: Whistleblower obstructed by senior council officers Telegraph March 3, 2015
Oxford grooming: How young victims were ignored Telegraph March 3, 2015
'Somali immigrants' cause pub closures, says minister Telegraph January 26, 2015
Rotherham child sex scandal: watchdog says police tried to 'disprove' victims Telegraph August 28, 2014
NHS worker who 'bullied' Muslim by praying for her Telegraph June 28, 2014
Outlawing forced marriage will not work, say campaigners Telegraph June 16, 2014
FGM: Britain's first ever criminal charges could be brought as cases reopened Telegraph December 12, 2013
Backlash grows over university gender segregation guidelines Telegraph December 11, 2013
Woman, 21, charged in 'niqab' acid attack Telegraph April 30, 2013
Preachers of hate on British TV: what they said that broke the broadcasting rules Telegraph February 9, 2013
Preachers of hate who spread their violent word on British TV channels Telegraph February 9, 2013
Muslim with intimate 7/7 links works for Scotland Yard Telegraph May 7, 2011
Radical Muslims given Channel 4 slot Telegraph November 28, 2010
British schools where girls must wear the Islamic veil Telegraph October 2, 2010
Ramadan used as defence by cabbie groper Daily Telegraph December 4, 2009
Education in hate for 'tender hearts' Daily Telegraph December 10, 2008
Muslim police chef claims religious discrimination over sausage and bacon breakfasts Telegraph November 2, 2008
Nine-year-old Midlands girl rescued from forced marriage Telegraph September 28, 2008
Top Muslim policeman preparing for race tribunal Independent June 24, 2008

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