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Writings by Anthony Deutsch

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Man with Palestinian flag smashes Jewish restaurant windows in Dutch capital Reuters December 7, 2017
Dutch PM Rutte says nationalist Wilders could win election Reuters March 13, 2017
Dutch Fin Min Dijsselbloem: Chance of Wilders being in new govt "very small" Reuters January 24, 2017
U.N. human rights chief says Trump, others fanning prejudice Reuters September 5, 2016
Dutch police investigate anti-immigrant group over asylum seeker assault Reuters July 20, 2016
Dutch far-right leader Wilders tells Turks: 'You will never join EU' Reuters December 4, 2015
Dutch coalition government split over asylum seeker policy Reuters April 16, 2015
Anti-Islam politician Wilders aims to "paralyse" Dutch govt Reuters January 23, 2015
U.S. groups helped fund Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders Reuters September 10, 2012
Rabbi warns Dutch populist Wilders over ritual slaughter ban Reuters August 29, 2012

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