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Writings by Andreas Jakobsen

External Articles

Title Publication Date
Danish imam encourages followers to kill Jews Copenhagen Post July 22, 2014
Denmark may enact French burqa ban Copenhagen Post July 2, 2014
Danish companies advertising during Islamist executions Copenhagen Post July 1, 2014
Mohammed delegation met with Hamas and Hezbollah Copenhagen Post April 4, 2014
Stand firm on slaughter ban, urges architect of the Cartoon Crisis Copenhagen Post March 8, 2014
Head of Free Press Society steps down Copenhagen Post February 28, 2014
Arabic media claims slaughter law could cause boycott Copenhagen Post February 25, 2014
Yahya Hassan not worried about racism charge Copenhagen Post December 2, 2013
Young poet threatened after TV appearance Copenhagen Post October 10, 2013
Hamas TV to broadcast from Copenhagen Copenhagen Post September 5, 2013
Islamists point their guns at Danish critics Copenhagen Post August 27, 2013

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