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Is Canada's Anti-Islamophobia Motion As Benign As It Seems?
by Josh Lieblein, Apr 20, 2017

Boston Islamic Seminary to Host Hate Preacher Siraj Wahhaj for Ramadan Fundraiser
by David M. Swindle, Apr 18, 2017

Worst of the ICNA-MAS Conference 2017
by Sam Westrop, Apr 18, 2017

With Friends Like These...
by Sam Westrop, Apr 17, 2017

A Changing of the Guard For CAIR-Dallas/Fort-Worth
by David M. Swindle, Apr 14, 2017

ICNA Relief Banquet Features Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Preachers
by Sam Westrop, Apr 6, 2017

Where's Wahhaj this Week? A Preacher of Hate Comes to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania…
by David M. Swindle, Apr 4, 2017

The 33 Most Important Islamist Stories in March 2017
by David M. Swindle, Mar 31, 2017

Won't Get April Fooled Again By CAIR's Banquets
by David M. Swindle, Mar 15, 2017

Tariq Ramadan and the Next Generation of American Muslims
by Sam Westrop, Mar 14, 2017

CAIR To Bring Its Message Of Illiberal Islamism To The Springfield Country Club
by Chris Queen, Mar 10, 2017

The Springfield Country Club Should Cancel CAIR-Philadelphia's Fundraising Banquet
by David M. Swindle, Mar 6, 2017

The 20 Most Significant Stories on Islamism In February 2017
by David M. Swindle, Mar 2, 2017

6 Arab Spring Photos Keith Ellison Definitely Doesn't Want You To See (Courtesy of His Islamist "BFF")
by David M. Swindle, Feb 25, 2017

Keith Ellison Risks Legitimizing Extremists
by Sam Westrop, Feb 23, 2017

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