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IW News Brief: NYC Muslim Holidays, Corporate Speech Police
by David J. Rusin, Apr 13, 2015

IW News Brief: Cartoonophobia, Outspoken Mayor, and More
by David J. Rusin, Feb 13, 2015

About Those 14 "Muslim-American Leaders" Who Met with Obama
by Daniel Pipes, Feb 10, 2015

Does Europe Have No-go Zones?
by Daniel Pipes, Jan 20, 2015

New FBI Hate Crime Stats: Another Blow to Islamist Fictions
by David J. Rusin, Dec 15, 2014

IW News Brief: CAIR's Terror Disaster, Harrods Protest, and More
by David J. Rusin, Dec 6, 2014

Is CAIR a Terror Group?
by Daniel Pipes, Nov 28, 2014

IW News Brief: Rotherham Rape Horror, Shari'a Police, and More
by David J. Rusin, Oct 31, 2014

Islamist Campaign Donors Overwhelmingly Back Democrats
by David J. Rusin, Oct 31, 2014

André Carson, Islamist Choice for House of Representatives
by Daniel Pipes, Oct 7, 2014

Ben Affleck: Portrait of Islam's Clueless Apologetics
by Raymond Ibrahim, Oct 6, 2014

IW News Brief: Burqa Ban Victory, Islamic Pants, and More
by David J. Rusin, Aug 28, 2014

Mosque Controversy Follows Trudeau
by Tarek Fatah, Aug 13, 2014

IW News Brief: Niqabs in Court, Jihad in Brussels, and More
by David J. Rusin, Jun 25, 2014

Rahim Sabadia: Portrait of a Disgraced Defense Contractor
by David J. Rusin, May 28, 2014

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