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And a FOURTH Foreign Imam Promotes Hatred—Cancel His Visa!
by Oren Litwin, Jan 12, 2018

American Islamist Charity Openly Partners with Designated Terrorists

by Sam Westrop, Jan 4, 2018

Muslim Groups' Gathering in Atlanta Troubling
by David M. Swindle, Dec 29, 2017

Bigoted bedfellows: American Islamist Groups AMP and CAIR
by Oren Litwin and Samantha Rose Mandeles, Dec 26, 2017

Congressional Candidate Tied to Pakistani Terror Group
by Oren Litwin, Dec 22, 2017

Silicon Valley Philanthropists Embrace Islamist Hate
by Samantha Rose Mandeles, Dec 20, 2017

Time to Deport New Jersey's Genocidal Imam
by Oren Litwin, Dec 20, 2017

CAIR Condemns Anti-Semitism...Or Not
by Samantha Rose Mandeles, Dec 20, 2017

A Surprising Statement from CAIR-New Jersey
by Oren Litwin, Dec 13, 2017

New Jersey Mosque Imam Calls for Genocide
by Oren Litwin, Dec 12, 2017

Montel Williams Abandons CAIR for Blasting NYPD after Terror Attack
by David M. Swindle, Dec 12, 2017

Islamic Center of New England Gives Platform (Again) to Deobandi Imam
by Sam Westrop, Dec 8, 2017

CAIR Doesn't Care About Hate Speech
by Samantha Rose Mandeles, Dec 5, 2017

Why Is A Harvard University Student Group Honoring Islamist Extremist Nihad Awad?
by Samantha Rose Mandeles, Dec 1, 2017

Leading American Islamist Endorses Violent Anti-Ahmadi Group
by Sam Westrop, Dec 1, 2017

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