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Censoring Moderate Muslims
by Ahnaf Kalam, Jul 19, 2017

Karim Abuzaid and the letter they didn't want you to see
by Sam Westrop, Jul 19, 2017

ICNA Supports Imprisoned Senior Al Qaeda Leader Muhammad Rahim
by David M. Swindle, Jul 13, 2017

U.S. Trinidad Embassy Invites CAIR for a Visit
by Oren Litwin, Jul 10, 2017

Excuses Fail an Islamist "Charity"
by Sam Westrop, Jul 3, 2017

Senior Islamic Relief Official Praises Killing of Jews
by Sam Westrop, Jun 30, 2017

The 50 Most Important Islamism Stories For June 2017
by David M. Swindle, Jun 30, 2017

Nouman Ali Khan & Friends
by Charlie Hastings, Jun 19, 2017

How CAIR Shaped San Diego's Public Schools
by Susan Ouellette, Jun 15, 2017

Tariq Ramadan Defends Female Genital Mutilation: 'Part of Our Tradition' and an 'Internal Discussion' for Muslims Only
by David M. Swindle, Jun 14, 2017

ISNA Shows Its Colors
by Oren Litwin, Jun 9, 2017

How Sex Slavery Apologists Subverted America's Wealthiest Community Foundation
by David M. Swindle, Jun 7, 2017

Are Interfaith Dialogues Being Exploited To Promote Islamist Bigotry In The West?
by Sam Westrop, Jun 7, 2017

What do the British Elections Mean for Counter-Extremism Efforts?
by Sam Westrop, Jun 7, 2017

Hardline Salafist Yasir Qadhi Headlines Islamic Society of Boston's Ramadan Fundraiser
by David M. Swindle, Jun 2, 2017

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